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    I'm using reaper right now, guitar straight into input 1 on the interface. Reaper is setup to use a mono in from input 1 and stereo out back through the interface. I'm using a single cable to connect the kemper to the interface and I had it set to stereo out. I switched the master to mono out and it sounds somewhat better. It's not on par with the Kempr by any stretch but this might be the best it's capable of. Mix is full on daw otherwise I can't monitor other tracks when recording.

    USB? no audio cards?

    I think you should get a good audio card first of all you know... And its not a question of using Spdf or not. Your problem is the lack of a decent audio card My humble opinion...

    I'm not sure I'd even have enough room on my motherboard with how big my graphics card is. Shouldn't audio over usb be sufficient in most cases?

    I'm running my interface via usb into my PC and using my sennheiser hd280 pro headphones to monitor via the ur22mkii headphone out. My only connection is using a guitar cable to run from the left main out on the kemper to the first input on the ur22mkii.

    I'm currently using this interface and it sounds horrible. Low, muffled and icepick highs but the headphone out from the Kemper is fine. I'm using a ts cable from the main out into the first input on the ur22mkii. Has anyone gotten a decent headphone sound out of this unit?

    Is this a limitation of the headphone amp on the interface and should I look at a new one or would an xlr cable improve the sound? This interface does not have spdif.

    Hi all, I've owned my Kemper for about a week and am loving it so far. One minor issue I'm having is high gain tones cause a static-like digital distortion in my headphones (sennheiser hd280 pro 64 ohm). I've tried playing with the clean and dist sens and it helps somewhat but it's still there. Seems like it high frequency related, turning down the presence and treble lessen the problem but then I lose all definition and I get that "blanket over cab" sound. I play occasionally through my rectifier power amp section and I don't think the same issue is there. I tried a second set of headphones, a cheap pair of Kingston gaming headphones, and the problem is actually worse. The distortion isn't constant, just pops up occasionally on a few notes I play. Any idea what might be causing this to happen?

    I'm having a very similar problem. I'm fairly certain it's power or earth grounding related, moving my kemper to another room clears the static significantly. My kemper is in the same outlet as my PC and 2 monitors. Any high gain profile causes what sounds like digital distortion/fuzz/static even though my dist and clean sense are at -12 and both my input and output lights are green. This is with headphones straight into the kemper headphone jack.