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    Thanks for the reply. Appreciated. I’ll stick to 16ohms for safety purposes.

    I just wish I knew how loud I could go if needed without having to worry about blowing speakers. I keep it around -13db at 16ohms and I’ve come to the conclusion my drummer must be deaf. He is the one that complains the most, and the cabinet is directly next to him.

    I wish the Kemper had a 4/8/16 selector switch like my 5150, but the Kemper is just better overall (and lighter!)

    Searched the forums but unfortunately can’t find a thread.

    Was experimenting with the Kemper the other night. My cabinet can run 4,8,16 ohms.

    I understand the Kemper is 600w at 8ohms and 300w at 16ohm.

    I know the whole gallon of milk into a half gallon jug thing, where you obviously can’t fit the milk theory.

    Switching to 8ohms gave the Kemper more “guts”, drive and power over the 16ohm option, but my concern is will I destroy my cabinet if I play at 8ohms?

    Trying to keep up with a guitarist who has a 5150, a drummer who bashes the drums and a bassist who brings an 8x10 to shows. Past 2 shows the crowd asked me to raise my volume, but I was at -13db!!

    Thanks for the assistance!

    I did a reset, and unfortunately nothing changed. Cables are fine due to using the same with the Mesa / 1960 cab combo

    Almost makes me not want to use the Kemper for practice and stick to the tube amp, whereas I would just use the Kemper for recording.

    Very frustrating. Literally did a 180 from competing with tube amps and a whole band to this.

    Have had the Kemper (power head) for about 5 months now.

    I play in a 5 piece band (2 guitars, bass, drums, singer)

    Other guitarist uses a 5150. Since we started playing, I used to blow him away to where he had to always turn up a tad.

    Last 2 practices my Kemper has no “oomph” anymore and the band can hardly hear me. I had the volume up to -11db

    Band suggested I plug in my old Mesa boogie head to make sure the speakers were not blown (Marshall 1960A).

    The Mesa sounded huge. Plugged the Kemper back in to get a very thin whimsy sound. The tone is there, just not the push.

    I haven’t changed any settings on the Kemper.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


    It’s a powered.

    Looking more into the events - this seemed to happen only after I laid down ideas into my audio interface. If I unplugged the cab, obviously it stopped and did not have any effect on the recording whether it was plugged in or not to the cabinet.

    Could recording have triggered this in some way shape or form?

    470bpm! Haha

    So was at practice and about an hour into playing i started to hear a very low "ticking" noise coming from my cabinet, which is hooked up to my kpa rack - very low and about 470bpm (yes, i metronomed the beat)

    swapped out cabs and cables - was still there. upon shutting down and turning back on it came back -

    suggestions? ideas?