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    If your pedal has even the slightest mechanical "slop" it's difficult to get proper behavior. In my opinion the Kemper firmware needs a way to specify span of the "off" zone as does, e.g. Helix. Gave me fits trying to make a converted Dunlop wah work properly. The mission pedals have far less mechanical lash and aren't generally an issue.

    These Neutrik Ethercon housings are mounted around a standard RJ-45 connector which is already connected to the cable. You could do this with any RJ-45 cable/jack. As part of this process you have to break off the nose of the RJ-45 connector. Perhaps this has been forgotten in this case!? In that case you could simply unmount the housing, break the nose off, and mount the housing again. If you need instructions/illustrations you can find those on the web provided by Neutrik.

    Doesn't the RJ-45 insert go into the shell from the rear? If that's the case, there'd be no way to slide the housing past the RJ-45.

    It's possible the RJ-45 insert on your cable still has a detent tab (like a conventional network cable). That would cause precisely the symptoms you describe. If such a case I can't think of any elegant way to remove it without destroying the cable connector.

    Those dunlop pots also can also come with different value ranges. The main point of mission, aside from aesthetic, is the values are prematched to the device. No calibrations needed, ever. That makes them worth a few extra bucks for me. Also dunlop makes crappy treads.

    Take it from someone who just converted a Dunlop CryBaby to a compatible expression pedal. There is far more to Mission than aesthetics. There's a huge difference in mechanical tolerance, particular in the pivot tension mechanism. It took me quite a bit of effort to get the Dunlop stable enough at heel-down to avoid turning the wah back on when I lift my foot. The Mission stays exactly where you leave it. Of course, this is nothing that a hysteresis setting on the KPA wouldn't fix, but I'm not holding my breath for this feature.

    If I understand you correctly, the lockup is due to a sysex feedback loop. The iConnectivity configuration software allows you to block sysex at input or output. Maybe worth trying that.

    No problems here. When I click the orange button Donate it takes me to a Paypal link and it works perfect.

    That sends me to a PayPal "pool" page with a "Chip in" button. The "Chip In" button sends me to a PayPal error page. I ended up PM'ing the author on Facebook and was able to send him $$$s directly. All's well now :-)

    Is anyone else having problems making a donation to Damian? When I clock on the donate button in the app, it sends me to a PayPal "pool" page with a "Chip In" button. Unfortunately, that button sends me to an error page:



    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

    There ARE no "links below" and I have no idea what I'd be searching for...

    I have a EurekaPROM2 version 3.2, purchased about 3 weeks ago directly from Eurekasound. I'll check again, but when I have the FCB1010 in the loop (Kemper --> FCB --> Computer --> Kemper or Kemper --> Computer --> FCB --> Kemper) neither controller functions properly.

    Closest I can get is to run the FCB in "output only" mode (no status feedback) and merge that together with computer USB output. That allows both units to control the Kemper, although the FCB indication is not updated. Communication between ToastME (computer) and Kemper is very, very "busy" and that traffic appears to utterly confuse the FCB.