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    I have usually found the sound quite the same as seller demos. Any change that you run the Kemper output too high? I did at first saturate my pre-amp inputs with the very hot master output from the Kemper. Kemper gives some +16dB at zero level, if I recall correctly.

    Is there an API for Rig Manager or the USB interface? I just had an idea of creating a simple backup script for the Kemper. It would be very nice, because I couple of times have accidentally ended replacing some performance from my Kemper when drag-dropping stuff with Rig Manager.

    The API would also enable some other enthusiasts to write other nice additional tools.

    I bought a pair of 6,3mm plug - RCA adapters and then used an 3,5mm stereo plug to RCA - cable to connect the player to the KPA aux input. (check the manual which jacks are the AUX input.) I bet you also have an extra plug-rca cable lying around.

    These are the adapters you are looking for. At least for me, cheap ones did the job just fine:…s/8956-ad-pm63-rca-n.html

    BTW, I like the detail how the aux input left and right jacks are in the same order and arranged together like the main output jacks. Makes it easy not to confuse connectors.

    What is the preferred way to report bugs? I did a quick search on the forum but did not find any articles.

    I'm running Beta

    Tried to use looper in performance mode and the amp crashed. Ui still worked with a massive delay, but there was no sound. After Off-On cycle from the chicken knob the KPA and looper worked again. After the power on, there were still issues with the performance, the reverb and delay was reset to a previous state, but they were more correctly reloaded after I briefly switched to a different performance. In addition to that, there was some repeated hissing noise, which disappeared after changing rig again.