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    As long as the outputs are turned down enough to prevent clipping, it's not a big deal to do.

    Pedals like the Atomic Firebox have no effects loop. The only way you get effects post amp is using them after the output. It's output isn't as hot as the Profiler's, but the principle is the same. Most any amp sim pedal that includes a cab sim operates this way. Even something like the time-honored (and analog) SansAmp pedals.

    You're passing a fully-realized signal (amp, cab and with a Profiler, any post effects you include) into the pedal.

    It's not conventional, but not unheard of whatsoever and works fine.

    They are interchangeable.

    In my opinion, the cable the unit came with is part of the deal. Your Stage should have one with it, and the Head you’re buying should come with its own.

    There is nothing special about either one. But selling something without a cord makes it unusable. it came with one and should be sold with one.

    Weight? Really?

    A video is really needed here. You can submit a ticket, but they’ll almost certainly ask for a video to see what you see.

    If no one else is having this issue - and they aren’t - we’re blind and can’t help.

    Yes - it’s supposed to be a simple thing. For some reason it isn’t for you.

    A video of your process would be good. Your issue is one I’ve never heard of, and I’d guess it’s the same for most others.

    We want to help, but this is like asking a dentist why your tooth hurts……over email.

    It doesn’t work.

    The reality of this situation is that no one is going to get sued for transferring profiles when selling their KPA. There’s no money in it and a pathetic amount of work involved to accomplish.

    The music industry gave up on DRM and at least with Apple, purchased files have freely changed hands since 2009 with no DRM.

    Is it legal? No.

    You don’t hear anything about pirated music these days, though.

    So we’re down to the honor system.

    If you feel it’s OK according to your personal ethics, knock yourself out. The only people that *might* scream about it have no authority beyond online shame, and you’d have to tell them.

    Disabling the amp section takes out what makes a Profiler a Profiler. It's the amp that matters here. If I'm not mistaken, the power amp simulation is *in* the Amp section of the Profiler. Just using the cab section means you'd be going preamp-cabinet with no power amp involved.

    Additionally, you're not going to use the Profiler's effects!?!? So, you'll use the Profiler only for the cab section?

    If anyone has done this, the question is "Why?"

    I mean, yeah. You can do what you're asking. But it's a colossal a waste of money. Like pulling the engine out of a Ferrari and putting something else in. It looks like one, but its not a Ferrari anymore. Enzo Ferrari cared most about his engines. The rest was necessary. Beautiful, but just necessary.

    You'd be much better off with something from Two Notes or similar.

    I'm not sure what you're asking.

    An amp profile includes the preamp. So adding a preamp in front of that seems redundant, as well as limiting. You can do it, I just don't know why you'd need to.

    You can also used any effects you want by placing them in front of the input, or in the Profiler's effects loop.

    The other factor of course is factories and the whole supply chain has been hit with COVID limitations as well. So both demand and availability have bene impacted.

    That is exactly why you don't see an F150 in UK :). 50mpg is no longer seen as "good" but as a low average...

    Here in the US, we claim to care about the cost of gas, the environment and efficiency. But we don't, and I don't think we're unique.

    Look at the new Ford Bronco. No electric or hybrid option and utterly craptacular fuel mileage........yet Ford can't meet demand to the point that they're offering $2,500 if customers will switch to a different model! They'll *pay* you to buy something else in their line.

    The mainstream would have you believe that such a neanderthal-like vehicle can't be successful. The Market is screaming a different story.