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    I'm following this thread (non-owner. maybe later). I believe you should get usable tones right out the box. Why buy something on the hopes you "might" get usable tone later? I though Kemper was a "guaranteed" tone maker. I've never had so much optimism and pessimism over a product before. UHG!

    You can (and should expect to) get solid sounds out of the box. It *is* a guaranteed tone maker.

    Some people don't bond with a certain thing.....and tell everyone they hated it. The ones who like and promote it are generally fewer. We're too busy having fun.

    Admittedly a little exaggerated but also you get the point.

    To return to topic again: my whole point maybe was that a Kemper mini makes a lot of sense for me but I am torn between saying I want it immediately with this generation (parts should be already small enough (?) to put them into a smaller green box) or to better say no, from a business point of view it makes no sense to NOT put all the extra money, research and efforts into the next generation instead of messing with the (although successful) past generation. Competitors do not sleep but Kemper, I guess, also does not. We will see, spoke the blind.

    You’ve made *your* point, but completely missed mine.

    (As it already has become somewhat off topic and I heard this from very few people, let me add:) Maybe CK is a business world exception (maybe not) but let me ask: How do you know? Surely you have strong evidence for knowing what he exactly thinks. I suspect that it in this case it is rather you who is delighted by your own thought of not giving a shit yourself but this again is speculation and would be totally fine if it was true. I own a rather small business myself and from what I have learned so far businessmen give a whole damn lot of shit, tons of it, if they get positive feedback about their current products. Not because their ego gets smeared but because this is one of many hints that they are doing the right thing. And businessmen also give tons of shit about what greater numbers of their customers and the market desires in future products. This whole section of this forum is exactly about this: giving shit on what customers think and want. Is everything relevant? Does every little request, emotion and thought count? Of course not. But chances are that, yes, CK gives a lot of shit. I can understand why ge remains silent, though. I think (again speculation) that as a good engineer AND businessman he is able to distinguish between comments and requests that are useful for him and comments that are for mere entertainment, thought expression etc. ;).

    Man....the word count alone......

    If you’d bother to read the comment in-context, you’d see I was being *very* specific with it.

    Does the Boss switch change state on press or release? I have one I bought for my HX Stomp but honestly I've never used it.

    Also, there's a couple settings somewhere in the system menu to deal with lag between patches. One talks about cross-patch blending or something like that, and the other one is constant latency, which I understand to mean there is a default "time gap" between patches, or if the change can be made faster, it will. Now, since I don't have my Kemper in front of me, I can't point you any closer, but it may at least be something to look into. Good luck!

    The constant latency soft button has nothing to do with switching as far as I know. It only comes into play in things like playing through multiple Profilers at once to avoid phase issues.

    IMHO, "Everything" points in neon lights towards a new and more modern, multiple form factor generation of the Kemper. I am so tired wishing for the obvious in my eyes. Everything else, all my many mere wishes for all those major and minor "improvements" of this generation are simply tiring. They are only dragging my patience and making me squint and crave towards the quad cortex and praying every night that it will sound like my Kempers. Until then: I am very satisfied with this generation as it is,it is perfect as it is, like an old Mercedes-Benz us perfect. Maybe I will keep one Kemper and enjoy its good sound forever. But... you know...

    New and shiny is its own draw. I found the Quad Cortex ads terribly annoying. "Most powerful blah, blah, blah....." It'll probably be very good, but to me, they've already oversold it. To the point I don't care. Reminds me of Flavor Flav of Public Enemy "Don't believe the hype...."

    As for Kemper's continued upgrades, one need only look at his development of the Virus keyboards prior to entering the guitar market. He did almost exactly the same thing. He may be trying your patience, but in crass terms - he doesn't give a shit. This is how he works and always has.

    The Gator Transit. I had the Kemper-branded bag at the same time. Instantly sold the Kemper-branded bag.

    The Gator is designed to hold the Head and Remote, where the Kemper bag isn't. It also doesn't say Kemper on the outside, so it doesn't advertise "A couple grand of easily sold audio gear here!!!"

    Depending on where you find it, it can be had for a little less money than the Kemper offering as well.

    If the profile is fizzy, I'd be searching for a different profile.

    The Kemper isn't really 'adding' that in. Plenty of tube amps can be (and are) fizzy.

    ...and that the stock profiles suck....

    This is a terrible misnomer.

    There are some *really* good profiles on Rig Exchange. There are also some horrible ones. There is a thread on here discussing hidden gems on Rig Exchange. Lots of exceptional choices. Technically, Kemper doesn't even make their own profiles. They have factory content, but the profiles are from others.

    You do not, and in my opinion should NOT initially throw money at profiles. People rave about Michael Britt's profiles. For whatever reason, I don't care for them. Same goes for Tone Junkie. You might love them - and plenty of people do. But there are free trial packs available and buying a bunch of commercial profiles before you're comfortable with the Kemper generally means wasted time and money.

    Even a half-way decent profile can be made very good with a modest number of tweaks. Doesn't take a lot - but you need to learn the unit. Same as any tube amp when dialing it in.

    I've got a number of profiles from various sources. As it turns out - my current goto clean and crunch profiles are from Rig Exchange. On RE, author HAYS has this killer '67 Champ profile that is so clean an punchy it's criminal. I swap the cab out for a Marshall 412 and it gets even better for me.

    Some suggestions that may help (or not all all...)

    Simple approach:

    1. Make a recoding of the chord(s) heavily affected of what you dislike.
    2. Loop that recording.
    3. Put a parametric EQ after the recoding.
    4. Start with an inverse notch filter: high gain (~12dB), high Q (~12)
    5. Sweep that thing through all the frequency range and see if you can identify the missing sound.
    6. Decrease gain and Q to your liking.

    Advanced approach:

    1. Make a recoding of one chord heavily affected of what you dislike.
    2. Make a recoding of said chord but in a fretboard area where it sounds good.
    3. Compare those two recordings with a Match EQ.
    4. Try to recreate the resulting curve with your favourite Profiler EQ type.

    This is gold for digging in and finding offending frequencies.

    What V8guitar said is spot on. Volume affects the sound by way of physics and there is no way around that.

    At TV level - I see zero point in buying a Kone and power amp or powerhead. You'll just be frustrated and when you turn up enough to not be - your neighbors will become frustrated. That, and the investment for what amounts to a (most likely) sub-par experience is considerable.

    Personally, I'd skip the power amp/Kone. Save the money and get a good set of headphones. You do NOT have to spend a lot to get studio-grade quality. Sony's MDR-7506's are an example. For around $100, you get what is basically the headphone equivalent to the Shure SM57/58 microphones.

    This is what I primarily use at home. When my family is around, there is NO WHERE in the house you could hide from a 'reasonable' volume. Especially if you include a backing track, drum machine etc.

    To me - the right headphones are a great option.

    I grabbed a Fishman Performer profile from Rig Exchange. Put the acoustic sim in the D stomp. Turned off the amplifier and left the EQ and Cab.

    Plug a Tele in, neck pickup and......voila. Clean as clean is ever going to get. Perhaps the most unforgiving sound I've found yet. You can't make *any* mistakes or (like any decent acoustic) *everyone* is going to hear it.