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    I have a toaster/remote. Two friends have the Stage. One didn't have a Kemper and bought the Stage. The other had a rack/remote setup, sold it and bought a Stage to 'downsize' for traveling. Both are quite happy.

    As for the question of 2012 technology *shrug*. As a counterpoint, what is it with Fractal, Line6 and others that they need to release new 'better' units every couple of years to keep up? Granted, their approach is different. But it's especially relevant when a design from 2012 not only competes, but continues to thrive? Then they release a brand-new form factor with the same 'old' tech?

    Quite amazing.

    I'm on 7.0.9, which is the current stable release. No issues.

    Having used the new preset management system for a few weeks, it's *really* good. Since they added back the lower 'eq' knobs for selection, I think it's pretty killer. I ain't goin' back. was a joke *in response* to a joke.

    I realize many here derive a living from it. But, this is music, folks. If we can’t have some fun and enjoy laughing at ourselves, what’s the point?

    I have limited opportunity to play guitar these days, so tweaking my (already great, if I do say so myself) tone is the last thing I care about.

    When the editor releases I'll find myself wanting to mess around with it and waste time. So the longer it takes, the better for me.

    So, everyone who’s dying for the editor really just wants a new excuse to not practice. :S:?::S:!:

    Thanks for clarifying- I feel the same and did the same. :)

    I’m not alone on saying that I’ll be *thrilled* when the editor ships.

    In no small part so we don’t have to eat our heads discussing what life would (or wouldn’t) be like with the editor.

    I dont think so. This wasn't an attack and I meant no disrespect, it was however an opinion that what you don't want or need might not fit the needs or wants of others. Thats how what you wrote came across to me, and Im probably not alone in that. Hope you are not upset that I point that out. Peace brother. :)

    No disrespect felt. But I do believe you misinterpret my statement.

    Kemper as a company does an would likely continue to do just fine in revenue and profit without the editor. It has zero to do with me or my opinions.

    Since 2011 the company has successfully existed and thrived without the editor. There is no reason to think that continuing sans-editor would be markedly different.

    I want the editor. But made the decision to purchase one before it was announced and regret nothing.

    I guess options don't mean much when a person doesn't want or need them. I think the right way to state the above woulda been, but Kemper could do (and does) just fine without it "for me". And then add, "as always, YMMV". ;) Sure you don't even need a guitar to own a Kemper and it will power on just fine without one. As always, YMMV- lol....

    You completely misinterpreted.

    The company that is Kemper could do (and does) just fine without it.

    That’s not an opinion.

    Actually the editor is generating revenues by increasing sales of Kemper hardware. Few electronic companies are providing free updates during 7 years but also few products are still selling well 7 years after release, with a price tag higher than art the start (althought manufacturing cost has probably decreased and investments have been répand). The dsp has no replacement available, the profiling process won’t have an upgrade in the near future.

    This is a (good) business model, not philanthropy.

    My point is not philanthropy. It’s the fact that others have unreleased products that will instantly and directly generate revenue. A new pedal, a new guitar, amp....whatever. They all come with a price tag.

    The editor cannot and will not generate revenue on its own. It will assist.....but Kemper could do (and does) just fine without it. Even the Stage would do fine without it. Better with, for sure.