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    You can’t really expect a different room, speakers and amp to sound the same or universally good. Not without some tweaking.

    The same pa in a different room will sound different.

    The same everything can (and will) sound different depending on where you stand, how many people are in the room…..

    The Kemper by itself isn’t responsible for good sound everywhere.

    What the Kemper offers is ruthless consistency.

    If it sounds great in one place, but not another - it’s not the KPA’s fault.

    Like MANY people here . I have the same problem . Headphones with kemper WOW . FRFR or Studio monitor NAH .

    #1 - the headphone out is stereo. If you’re not running stereo n your other setups, you’re not listening to the same thing.

    #2 - Pretty sure you picked the wrong forum to complain on in such a critical manner.

    Can’t hurt, but you see the KPA mounted with no spaces all the time.

    Class D amps run very cool. To the point that the powered Kabinet has no air vent nor a fan for its amplifier.

    I’d say read the manual, but you’re fine either way.

    As I'm sure you did yourself, cover to cover, and never asked a question here?:)

    I see nothing wrong with his comment. We all ask questions. But a great many *are* answered with the manual, and in far greater detail.

    Many, many times I was referred to the manual when I was new to the unit , asking questions and learning. I still reference it often when building sounds. It’s a deep box.

    Your question is hard to answer, because at least to me, it’s a bit vague with the terminology.

    Rigs and presets are two very different things in Kemper-speak.

    A preset here is a single item. An amp, a dirt box, a delay setting, a cabinet etc. Never an entire signal path.

    A Rig is an entire signal chain. Effectively a ‘preset’ of the entire signal path. Adding an amp Profile means adding a Rig.

    Is that what you’re trying to do?

    For speakers, you want to match the amps ohm rating or go higher. That’s fine.

    Going lower can cause problems. However, the Powerhead and rack can be used with the Kone speaker - which is 4 ohms.

    As far as wattage goes, you’re fine there, too. The Kone speaker is 200’watts - but fine to use with the Powerhead/rack.

    The volume required to melt the 300 watt cabinet you’re considering would shatter eardrums across town. Under normal use, I wouldn’t give it another thought.

    Just because you have 600 watts doesn’t mean you’ll ever use them. 😁

    Unless I'm missing something, Kemper's approach is entirely different from those you mention. I don't disagree that these features would be nice, but they're way outside Kemper's wheelhouse or focus.

    Neural, STL, GGD, Amplitube all come at this from a plug-in perspective. Software built to digitally emulate each piece in the chain and run in someone else's DAW. They almost always run on someone else's hardware. Even Neural's Quad Cortex relies heavily on existing plugin technology.

    Kemper's approach and focus couldn't be a lot farther from this. The Kone is one way to get away from the microphone. Zero application in the studio, of course. But Kemper doesn't digitally 'emulate' a microphone/speaker etc. It...well.....profiles.....what's already there.

    He may be playing a Clapton Strat in that video.

    I'd bet money on that. You know Clapton is.

    With this recorded in '90 the Clapton model was only 2 years old, and Torino red was an option. If he's backing up Clapton with a red Strat loaded with Lace Sensors and a 6-screw bridge? That's a Clapton model. Period.

    It was a long time ago....but I believe the Clapton model was the only Strat with a 6 screw bridge and Lace Sensors at the time. The 2 point trem was on the higher-end models. Lace Sensors only came on the upscale stuff as well.

    Also - pay close attention to where the pickup selector is. The tone isn't the nasally sound associated with the 2 and 4 positions.....but he's clearly using the 2 position. Clapton *gasp* is using the middle pickup alone. Rather uncommon.....but dang that sounds good.

    Use the Lead Booster but you don't have to necessarily crank the gain of the amp. You can also try using a Wah but leave it in one position for lead solos.

    Keep in mind that the Lead Booster will sound like a dramatic change in tone when playing alone. In the context of a band mix, it helps the guitar 'poke out' and doesn't sound nearly as different as you think.

    In reality, a LOT of iconic guitar sounds are somewhat.....awful, when isolated. Some Brian May stuff sounds horrid by itself. Then in the mix it's like "OH......I see..."

    I've actually been using this adapter to power a small, MIDI-switchged pedalboard that sits on top of my KPA. I think I'm going to get a second one of these and daisy chain it to the first. That'll give me options to run 2 or 3 ends depending on the need.

    Plus, if a cable fails I only need 1 standard wall to IEC C13 (the most common type) regardless of which one goes down.