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    The definition control is the first place I would start.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that if it's a true representation of David Gilmour's amp settings - that amp was set to LOUD. Like 7 or 8. That's part of it. Hiwatts are known for having a fast attack and being less forgiving than other amps. Its just how they are.

    I'm afraid, this might be a trap.

    Let's assume, your expression pedal currently controls volume. You leave it at maximum and switch over to Morphing. This might immediately be interpreted as Morph Sound position. Not only, that you hear the parameters in their Morph position, in case any are set up for Morphing already. Even if there are no morphed parameters yet, all changes of continuous parameters are now related to the Morph Sound instead of the Base Sound and stored that way, when you press STORE.

    There is a reason why we don't offer to share one expression pedal for both: Volume Pedal and Morph Pedal. Volume Pedal in toe position is very common, Morphing Pedal in toe enables Morph Sound entry. This creates logical conflicts.

    I knew there had to be more to it than I was thinking. Better to run two pedals OR set the one pedal to morph and adjust function per rig.

    Thanks Burkhard

    You cannot set a single pedal into one pedal input to volume AND morph. This makes sense because volume *is* a morph. One pedal can't distinguish which parameter (volume or morph) you want to control. So, you can't do it unless you have two separate pedals. But what about this.....

    Using one expression pedal, take the TRS out from the pedal into a TRS A/B/Y box, then from the A/B/Y box to two pedal inputs on the Remote. One input would be assigned to Volume, then the other to Morph. You would then use the A/B/Y box to discreetly switch between the two functions. When set for volume, only the pedal input assigned to volume sees activity and vice versa.

    Any reason why this wouldn't work?

    Or.....I suppose you could set the single pedal to morph and not volume. On a per-rig basis you would then assign the appropriate morph per rig.

    Actually I don't think you can. There is a mix: pre/post option but that is a different thing. The issue is I want the booster before my OD so it can just boost or drive more input to the green scream. If anything had to be sacrificed before the stack, it would prob be the tremolo, but the sound post stack is not good to my ears and I would rather just put it in a different rig. Maybe this is one for the Kemper guys to implement? Thanks for all the replies everybody.

    I'd look at what Burkhard suggested or morphing. You can do what you want, just not in the manner most would if the KPA were a pedalboard and amp. No reason to be married to one rig.

    Pushing air is literally hearing the guitar amp in the room. Unless its a Kone - the sound you hear most often is one with a mic in the signal path.

    It does sound different.

    Personally, I would never call the sound a KPA makes to be 2D vs 3D.