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    That is definitely *not* a FRFR. That's a guitar cabinet built to go with Yamaha's THR modeling amps. The speakers will add their own character. It's also very likely that you'd want to turn the cab section off in the Profiler when using this.

    Also: This cabinet is UNPOWERED. You'll need a Powerhead KPA, or a power amp to drive it.

    For that sort of money, I'd buy a Kemper Kabinet, which is also unpowered but built specifically for the KPA.

    FRFR is something like the Headrush FRFR112 or 108. I'm sure others will chime in on suggested models.

    Still trying to digest this so sorry if its a stupid/obvious question...

    Will speaker imprints be sent via the main outs? If not, does this mean that the Kone "only" give benefit to amp in the room/monitor?

    That also means the sound will be different for your monitor to FOH ?

    Interesting (and very good) question. FOH never expects anything except a mic’d cab or an IR.

    With the imprint meant to remove the mic from the equation, how do you deal with that? 🤔

    I'm considering a Camplifier, possibly one of the Quilter amps and if I decide size isn't an issue a Crown XLi800 rack mount.

    The Crown is a comparatively inexpensive option $269 USD, new. The downside is that its big.

    What you get from current FRFR solutions is the sound of a mic'd cabinet. IRs always include the response from the microphone along with the speaker. A speaker with a SM57 alone will sound different than one mic'd with a 57 and a ribbon mic, which will sound different if you add a room mic. They're all the same speaker, but you will get *wildly* different results.

    The Kone is meant to give you the sound of *just* the speaker in a cabinet. The same as you would with a regular amp and speaker.

    To me, the Kone makes direct profiles more valuable. You can remove the cabinet from a merged profile and it'll work great. But having an amp-only profile coupled with the Kone? That should be epic.

    When I was playing at church I went directly into the church sound system (they had monitors as part of it). Otherwise, the Headrush 108 has been getting good reviews here, and is fairly inexpensive.

    For the money, the Headrush 108 is hard to beat.

    Does your church have a PA system they use? You could use that and have your guitar in the monitors. If your church uses in-ear monitors, you don't need anything else. This is exactly how I run my Kemper when I play at church.

    I always struggle to figure out the really shimmering cleans he gets too. Obviously uses delay and the 2290 in particular but does anyone have any specific delay settings that a muppet like me could try out.

    I believe a good portion of that shimmer isn't so much in the delay. It's in his subtle use of chorus on those tones. I've found the micro pitch quite satisfying.

    Also - he recorded a lot of his stuff doubled with a Nashville tuned guitar. Basically the octave strings from a 12 string on a 6. There's a LOT of your shimmer.

    For Presto he was using Carvins and Roland amps. Likely a JC120. The GK stuff was really only used for Grace Under Pressure through Hold Your Fire. Even then a JCM 800 showed up. The Twin or Club & Country were also there.

    Generally, Marshall ‘ish dirt, Fender ‘ish cleans

    Hemospheres is HiWattts and a Twin. Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures were HiWatts, Twin (or Marshall Club & Country - their swing at a Twin.)

    CE-1 chorus

    EHX Electric Mistress



    Rush and Lifeson are of the main reasons I play.

    I think it’s important to recognize that it’s not accurate to call Kemper’s speaker imprints an IR of any sort.

    IRs by definition involve a microphone. They have to. Which is the one criticism of FRFR speakers. Good as it is, an IR with an FRFR is still a mic’d cabinet sound.

    The Kone and Kemper’s DSP aim to remove the mic from the equation to give a real amp-in-the-room sound.

    *That* is what has me excited.

    when the Kone is 4 ohm can i use it with a 8 Ohm Amp ?

    No. 4ohm is half the resistance. The amp would effectively run at twice the power. Which will fry it.

    You could go 4ohm amp into an 8ohm. The amp would run at half power, though.

    Yes....I run the first beta of the editor and has done so ever since it was released, but I’m not interested in more betas, since I see a lot of people with different issues. I have no real issues now and don’t need to upgrade the editor until it’s finished. So, that’s why I asked if there were any news about the release of the finished editor.

    Software is so difficult to predict when it’ll be ‘ready’.

    My 100% guess is that both the OS and Editor will exit beta before the Kone ships.

    The Kone requires the new OS, so a new product with beta OS doesn’t make a lot of sense. As I said, total guess.