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    Not sure what you mean.

    Sweep picking is a technique. Some profiles may make it sound more articulate. But unless I misunderstand, there is no ‘sweep picking profile’.

    I would be surprised if someone doesn't make an IR that serves to flatten the EQ of the Kone, and use that to allow the Kone to work with other modelers. Feed that IR into one of the small pedalboard IR loaders (like the Nux Studio or ridiculously low priced Sonic IR cab simulator), put that between your modeler and the powered Kab, and off you go.

    Awful lot of effort (and money) to buy and use the Kone for something it was never remotely intended for.

    There is no replacement for displacement.


    Growing up in America, where my dad was part of the very first generation of Hot Rodders (early post WW2)......this phrase says more to me than anything else. Bravo.

    A more engine-focused variant of this phrase is "The only substitute for cubic inches is more cubic inches."

    Looking forward to actually hearing this thing. I really hope that it can hold up in a gig situation with a full band and horn section. Could be a game-changer for a lot of us.

    I can't imagine 200 watts with the speaker generally pointed toward you wouldn't work on anything except the loudest of loud stages. If it doesn't.....I (genuinely) hope you're using ear protection. :)

    I've routinely used half that wattage with a solid-state power amp with a 112 and had zero trouble hearing myself. Didn't have to push the amp past 4.

    Now if I decided to stay with kemper brand, being a Canadian I can expect to pay more for future products for no explainable reason. I know shipping is more but and I understand those extra costs but I’m not paying more because they decided to charge us more than other countries. I see a small markup on other brands but this is to much for me. I want to clarify I am not bashing kemper products though they are certainly good.

    Has the something as dramatic as this happened with any other Kemper product? I'm asking as I do not know.

    If not, then the question becomes why is this *one* item so much more? It makes little sense for Kemper to single out Canada and screw them over 'just because'.

    or the 200AS1 (designed for guitar cabs)

    The ICEpower 200AS1 features an extremely capable fly back power supply with a continuous power capability of 160W and a short-term power of 300W, combined with a 200W class D amplifier.

    The 200AS1 is designed for use in guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, subwoofers and active speakers without the need for forced cooling. The 200AS1 is pin compatible with the 100AS1 and 100AS2 and shares the same mechanical dimensions and mounting holes.

    It certainly is a possibility. The only negative in this application is that the AS1 requires a balanced input, which the KPA does not send. It isn't a problem, but does require a small (but necessary) extra bit of circuitry to function in this application.

    The 200ASC accepts an unbalanced signal with nothing extra. It's literally plug-n-play with no added circuitry.

    Regardless - this is a *very* nice development for Kemper owners.

    . I use an FRFR and it's also just OK. I don't love it.

    I do not like the Kemper in a live situation enough to use it for my original bands. For those I still use my Fender.

    Here again - an FRFR will not provide an amp-in-the-room sound. It can't.

    This complaint (not a bad thing - it's true) is precisely why the Kone speaker was developed.

    To me, 'tried-and-true' means that's what you know, and that's a perfectly good thing. The Kemper sounds (and feels like) an amp. Except it isn't one. As you've realized, using the same basic methods for getting a good sound out of a tube amp don't 100% transfer to the KPA.

    There is a bit of trial and error, which takes time. Let's also be honest, one reason tube amps are 'easier' is because, for the most part, you get what you get. It either works, you *make* it work or you go get a different one and try again.

    If on-stage sound is a problem (you play loud), could it be you're hearing a mic'd cabinet sound when your ear expects an amp-in-the-room tone? Especially at volume, that'll be a HUGE difference to your ear. Perhaps a Kemper Kone (or 4) ??

    Quick ‘n dirty:

    Press and hold a stomp button until the screen changes.

    Turn the browse knob, then use the type knob to select effects type.

    Exit button to see effect parameters.

    Saving any changes when in performance mode saves the entire performance. That’s just how it works.

    It's not hard to see that when live music becomes anything close to normal again people will crave getting out. At least initially, there should be a fair amount of opportunity for all levels of players.

    At the same time, I don't see normal returning any time soon. There are a handful of live events where I live - but these are limited and ticketed events. Local gig bands are largely still out in the cold and none of the clubs that cater to live music are operating. Mandates are being lifted in some areas. Texas has done so and the jury is still out, but (shockingly) they recently reported above-average case/death numbers this week.