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    Is it possible to export or extract not just the slot names from Performances, but the Rig names as well? The current CSV export does not, so I’m curious to see if a workaround exists.

    I hope your issues get resolved - but this isn’t the Gearpage where barging in and complaining is a thing.

    Clickbait and Rant will get you absolutely nowhere.

    Why would anyone (including Kemper) come on here and want to engage with…*this* sort of nonsense?

    I’ve found that increasing gain on an amp generally unsuited to it (AC30, Deluxe Reverb, Twin…etc) sound like crap. They were never built for it.

    An amp built for higher gain (Bogner XTC in my current case) react quite favorably to the gain knob being turned up. Very musical.

    It’s not identical to a different Profile of the same amp with the gain up (which I do not care about one way or the other) , but does sound good to my ear.

    YMMV. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    You can, but only in Performance mode.

    When you edit a slot (on the unit, not in RM) you’ll find a MIDI settings page.

    Also, read the manual. It’s simple to do - but the manual will help. I don’t have a reference for where to look in the manual, but it’s there. I’ve been controlling a couple of pedals this way for a while.

    I don’t know that banning him was necessary, but I can’t say that I’m sorry he’s gone.

    From his first posts he was combative, argumentative and critical of any opinion that didn’t coincide with his own. I’d hoped my short comments, directed only at him and only ever in response, would dissuade him. Perhaps he’d find someone else to pick on.


    I’m sorry it happened and that I had to be involved. If that means I deserve some sort of punishment, fine.

    I was never going to sit here and take his crap. No one should. He made this forum unfun for me. So, I responded to him and did so as benignly as I could without cowering to that absolute Tool.

    This statement is moot , considering you have not provided a quote. You are wrong and so was the other poster. Telecasters have not been the same in production , and manufacturing for 72 years. Your opinions are not just opinions they are made up concepts , that have no point in the forums other than to alleviate your need for a dopamine fix , or to muddy the waters on behalf of some unnamed party in and attempt to get people to settle for the kemper as is. You in fact denigrate others in the forum on a regular basis , then try to project your superiority complex onto others. My " impressive " word count could never , and will never come up to the astronomical amount of time you have put into your 1,789 posts. Most of which are bogus opinions I am sure. You can hate all you want , but my hippocampus is clearly functioning better. Just reference your earlier comments about the fundamental similarities in all Telecasters over 72 years , and provide me with proof they are still using the same bridges , saddles . Wrong is Wrong, and avoiding the point well quite frankly is avoiding the point.

    If I were a troll: MASSIVE SUCCESS

    An apples to orange comparison about why the kemper does not need any updates is not proof it is perfect since inception. Just because someone likes every telecaster ever made

    does not mean the Kemper does not need updates. I can count the firmware builds and prove that. Opinions might not matter to you , but that is all you seem to ever give because you have nothing else better to do I guess.

    What else would one have if not an opinion?

    You are saying there have never been any bridge or saddle changes? Do you know/ understand what is fundamental to a stringed instrument? Prove to me that the fender telecaster is still using The parts you are talking about. You guys can stop muddying the waters now I mean unless that is your job. The kemper requires updates , the kemper needs updates..... get over it.

    You argue and denigrate like it’s your job.

    If we're not talking about which one to sell for the most ridiculous price, I'll take the most modern version with a 6-saddle bridge, wider neck radius, and locking tuners all day. And HH or HS configuration. 🤷

    Tried one like that. Hated it beyond measure.

    Grabbed ‘52 reissue and loved it instantly.

    ‘Modern’ does not mean better.

    Wrong. Just research the bride design changes , and intonation action settings for some of the older ones. Wrong.

    The fundamental design has not really changed, though. Plenty of players prefer the three barrel saddles, stamped bridge plate and slab body.

    Different pickups, bridges, saddles etc is bolting on parts. Leo Fender got a whole lot right the first time.

    Kemper’s approach to developing their products is quite unique. No fundamental hardware updates beyond form factor for over a decade.

    On top of that - the product is still incredibly competitive.

    My bandmate footswitch light is flickering while we are playing.. So we switched pedals and my pedal works fine on his setup. When hooked up to my rig, it was fine for a bit until it started to flicker a little bit.. Is this something that needs to be sent back for repairs or what are your suggestions? It's brand new and its hooked up the powered rack version.

    Submit a support ticket and Kemper will help troubleshoot. No way to really tell what the problem is without some diagnostics.

    I just had a thought. I have speculated that the design of a Kemper MINI would require most operations to be done through a phone or tablet app (even before they existed). This would let the device work with a minimum of physical controls and thus make it easier to make it smaller and less expensive.

    Since this new release includes support for an iPhone app, perhaps this is the prelude to the Kemper MINI announcement :).

    Unless something dramatic has changed, it can’t be.

    The Profiler code is written specifically for the chip it runs on. Not at all unlike Apple optimizing their code to run on their silicon.

    Can’t have one without the other.