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    There are a lot of good sounds on Rig Exchange. There are also a lot of crap sounds.

    I totally agree with Zappledan's suggestion of the AC20. That's a great profile. Author HAYS has a '67 Champ I like that's very clean. I'd also peruse the free Rig Packs in Rig Manager. All of those are quality. Each author has flavors they tend toward.

    I wouldn't suggest going out and throwing a bunch of money at profiles just yet. TONS of sample packs available. It can get like auditioning IRs, where you've got so many choices you don't know which end is up.

    Fresh strings - I don’t mean that in a snarky way either.

    OMG..... I did a simple repair on a friend's guitar last week and ran my fingers under the strings to check their age. Some of the deepest flat-spots on a string I've ever found.

    "It sounds like crap!!"

    Well.....duhhhhhh........when you haven't changed your strings since Bush was in office.

    It looks virtually identical to the original Kemper bag except for the extra internal compartment for holding the remote. The design otherwise looks identical. The original Kemper bag is not durable. Mine completely fell apart in under two years. I currently use the Lowepro Magnum 650AW bag. EXPENSIVE and it was worth every penny to me. Holds the toaster and remote but the overall quality is WAY better. Much more durable material and construction. The only thing that could be better is the strap which I replaced with a neoprene strap and heavy duty carabiners to attach to the rings.

    It may look similar, but Gator doesn't manufacture the Kemper bag. Namba Gear does and they aren't related.

    Comparing Gator's offering to the Kemper-branded one beyond their shapes isn't fair. Especially when you suggest the Gator isn't going to be durable. I've seen plenty of Gator cases get the crap kicked out of them and they hold up. Gator Cases have a solid and longstanding reputation for quality and durability.

    I'm a clean to mid-gain player with an opinion. Nothing more.

    Unless the style of music calls for it, I look at adding EQ much like polishing a turd. No matter how 'good' it may's still just a turd. So, I stay away from adding an equalizer to try and create a 'good' sound. It's useful to get a specific sound or to 'notch' the guitar into (or out of) a mix. But if I *have* to EQ a profile to reach 'good' I look for something else.

    Before touching anything else, the first place I go with a profile that has promise is the Definition control. Here again, if I can't get dang close I move on. If I have to make big swings (say 5 to 1, or 4 to 7), I tend to move on.

    1. Allow user reordering of folders. When creating folders, you're stuck with the order you made them.

    2. Allow Preset Class to be searchable. Better yet, ALL columns searchable. Using All Tags or All Visible does not do this.

    3. Saved searches/Smart folders - whatever you care to call it. Allow users to define what populates a certain folder. As in, Preset Class/Category/Type/Favorite (Ex: Effect/Reverb/Formant/Favorite.

    4. True tagging system management.

    No one here besides Kemper support would be able to decipher that. It's literally a message only Kemper will understand. When that screen comes up, you want to send an email to the address it gives.

    If you use the following link, it will take you to a form where you can contact support directly as well.

    Easiest is to use Rig Manager to move them from your Profiler and in to the computer’s HD. That way you don’t lose the performances, but free up the Profiler.

    Also with RM you can right click on the performance and delete it.

    You could also copy/paste an empty performance over them on the KPA. Clumsy, but it works.

    Not really.... I've never nèeded support from Microsoft, and I rarely ever install their updates.

    I think it's more likely Microsoft has learned Google, Facebook, et al's model.... give it away so that you can spy on your users and sell their personal information. And now that they can install their updates on your system whenever they feel like it, they can push out any new surveilance software they develop without your consent or knowledge.

    Such a dark, dim view.

    Moving on.....RM seems to crash in Performance mode when saving on the unit at times.