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    I am looking for suggestions, I have a few O.D. Pedals I want to put on my board to try - I'm just curious if you tried putting your overdrive pedals between the guitar and the input on the Kemper and if so what what made you decide to put them in the loop?

    Before the input works fine. I chose to use the loop for a couple reasons. One is that I don't want my compressor after my drives. If that were the only reason, I'd probably invest in a Wampler mini-Ego and be done.

    The loop allows me to put my drives where ever I want, as well as put whatever I want in front of them. I frequently put a pure booster in front of the loop to hit the drives a little harder. Turn the loop off....and the pure booster now hits the amp harder. Putting a chorus (or delay, flanger....whatever) before the drives is something I do quite a bit as well. It's a sound I've come to prefer recently. I'm sure I'll change back at some point.

    Another reason is that I want as little as possible on the floor in front of me. I've done the big pedalboard thing and got over it pretty quickly. It's the Remote and an expression pedal. The lack of clutter also means I make a maximum of two trips loading in and out.

    It is by no means a common occurrence, but I've seen this message pop up once or twice in the past.

    Shutting down and restarting is all I recall needing to do. But I am a sample of one.

    I've always interpreted it as the KPA misread a file while loading. To me, this message says "Hmmm...I don't understand what I'm being told, help...."

    Assuming you use Performance mode, I use a separate rig entirely. Sometimes it's small changes and I think "Just morph or add a boost".

    But I settled on one method so I don't have to remember one more thing mid-song.

    2) In RM/Performance mode: right click on the Fuzz and you have to go through the whole menu (Distortion/Kemper Fuzz/list of Fuzz) before being able to select a different Fuzz. Same goes for the Kemper Drives.

    Possible solution: right click on the Fuzz/Drives and only show the that menu

    When I load a fuzz (or anything else with presets) - the next time I right click, the menu puts the fuzz preset menu at the very top. No having to dig.

    After spending 20 or so minutes using a clean amp and sampling each preset....I'm shocked at the Fuzz presets. Just like a 'real' fuzz - most don't like (read: hate) having anything in front of them. For those who read the manual, that may not be news. But dang.

    The way it reacts to drives and shapers after it is just nuts. The dark fuzz with a soft Octa shaper after it into a clean Fender is just filthy.


    Kemper Profiler (Now with Fuzz!!): A Magic Box of filthy fun!!

    If I could only have three channels I'd still be playing tube amps. :)

    Playing Devil's Advocate: This would assume you'd found a 3 channel amp that sounded exactly right for each one. were willing to carry three amps and their respective cabinets.

    My current go to profile for cleans is a '67 Champ into a 1960A Marshall cabinet with Greenbacks. For crunchy to just below truly high-gain, it's a profile of a Soldano Hot Rod 50 that is just glorious. I think the cab on that is actually an H&K Redbox. I chose it flipping through cabinets and didn't realize it was a DI/Speaker simulator until much later.

    Ruefus how does the Euphoria differ from the Wampler Tumnus? I know the Tumnus is a Klon type. Context of my tone is hard rock Marshall based

    I have a Tumnus Deluxe as well. Both on the same board and often on together. They are completely different animals.

    Easiest way to look at it is the Tumnus is a Klon-style where the Euphoria is sometimes called a Dumble-style. I don't use the Euphoria for a lot of gain. The knob never really gets past 9 or 10 o'clock.

    I've used the Euphoria with all types of guitars. As for amps, clean Fenders and modded Marshalls (there's a Soldano profile that's just obscenely good). The Euphoria just does 'something' I like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Back to topic ... Kemper Fuzz:

    From a quick initial testing it seems like I can get some usable "distortion" sounds from the new Kemper Fuzz.

    What I miss though is a way to get some whacky sputtering, spitting, gated craziness. I think weird feedback and self-oscillation effects (think Zvex Fuzz Factory) would be something for another future Fuzz effect. But gate/sputter/spit kind of craziness should be possible, imho.

    A gated fuzz would be a nice addition. Perhaps even a 'gate' parameter in the effect itself so you could add it to sounds not normally associated.

    I've forgotten which shaper I used, but at one point, but I hacked something together using either the bit shaper or Recti (now Octa) Shaper. Got pretty splitty, splatty. You might also try place a gate before/after the fuzz. Not ideal, of course but an option.

    I think it's not depending on finger lenght. Not that I can sweep pick but I'm getting nearer. And my fingers are the shortest on earth... :-)

    Agreed. I don't sweep pick, but like GearJocke that has more to do with the music I like to play. Both sweeping and tapping are useless for what I'm into. From a technical perspective, I'd love to have the facility to play bot. Even if I devoted the time to become proficient 'just because', I'd *never* use either technique in my own playing.

    I enjoy watching videos of Yngwie from time to time. The velocity, articulation, showmanship and complete lack of visible effort (<- which tells me it's NOT at all easy) really is something to behold. He's one of the few sweep pickers that uses it as a tool and not just to look impressive. Even though he wants you to be impressed. ;)

    I find both techniques more fun to watch than to listen to. If that makes any sense.

    Not sure what you mean.

    Sweep picking is a technique. Some profiles may make it sound more articulate. But unless I misunderstand, there is no ‘sweep picking profile’.

    I would be surprised if someone doesn't make an IR that serves to flatten the EQ of the Kone, and use that to allow the Kone to work with other modelers. Feed that IR into one of the small pedalboard IR loaders (like the Nux Studio or ridiculously low priced Sonic IR cab simulator), put that between your modeler and the powered Kab, and off you go.

    Awful lot of effort (and money) to buy and use the Kone for something it was never remotely intended for.

    There is no replacement for displacement.


    Growing up in America, where my dad was part of the very first generation of Hot Rodders (early post WW2)......this phrase says more to me than anything else. Bravo.

    A more engine-focused variant of this phrase is "The only substitute for cubic inches is more cubic inches."

    Unless you're just looking for part equivalents, I'd send a message to support. To my knowledge, Kemper doesn't sell replacement parts for stock.