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    I guess both, the HR108 and DXR 10 are doing a great job with the acoustic guitar too, are they?

    Thanks for your opinion. I'm just looking for the right FRFR (good for acoustic and the rocking electric). Would like to use it for:

    1. rehearsal either upright into the room or pointing to me as a monitor - the PA in our rehearsal room sounds lousy and very different to my BlueAmps Beast 112 at home (can't get one good sound for both speakers)

    2. at home in the basement for practicing

    3. on stage as my monitor

    Right now I'm bouncing back and forth between the Dynacord AXM 12a, Nova KD12, Laney IRT-X, dB Opera 10, and the Headrush 108.

    Never played one of those.

    in my case, while my laptop is connected to the Power Head, RigManager open, I copy rigs from Rig Exchange and paste them into the slots of new created or even older performance. I religiously store the performances after every bit of a change.

    Sometimes the droped rigs stay in there slots after storing, sometimes they jump during the process of storing into other slots, sometimes rigs get kicked out of my performance instead before droped and stored rigs jump into this same slot while storing.

    I have the feeling, the described problems occur mostly when all five slots are full - for now, only a feeling.