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    The KPA does not NEED an editor. I have used mine without for over 5 years and so have many other users....BUT ( and given I was one of those asking for one), it would be better with one, for both practical and marketing purposes. No one is denying the demand, it just doesn't stop me playing the thing..

    So can we stop the debate on that as its been had so many times on this thread already.

    I wasn't debating the need for it... and no it doesn't stop me playing the thing, but it definaltey stops me from diving deeply into its possiblities. I just load up effects in logic because its just faster

    I don't think that is a fair comparison at all; concpect cars are made with no definitive expectation they will ever come out, its more like when manufacturer unveil their cars, and at the moment they usually are seen on the road a month or two later. And also cars take infitive more time to design. But okay, yeah I get your point.

    Nevertheless, kemper does NEED an editor, because all the competion has one. Some people seem to be suggesting that anyone asking for an editor are being entitled (or things along those lines). I just don't think that's true, everyone asking is doing so becasue the LOVE the kemper so much and they want it to be as good as possible, and if they see the helix has one, they think they should have it too.

    I came from an Axe-fx about a year ago, and one of the reasons that finally pushged me over the edge to convert (other than obv. the amazing sound) was they were finally going to add an editor, as well as they were adding more complex reverbs and effects. As someone who bought an Kemper in 2019, it felt really compromised and kinda out-dated that it didn't have one. The screen is tiny acompared to Axe 3, low res and non-colour. I think of all the modellers/profilers out there, the kemper needs it the most - Especially the pedal version. I don't know how they could launch that without an editor, imo that's crazy.

    Also, judging by the size of this thread, I think its fair to say there is a lot of demand. and yeah your right, I don't think there was a promise, but no release date is ever a promise, and people are still going to get bothered when it doesn't arrive when they said it would.

    If I had a choice in the matter, Id rather have a NON-Buggy Editor. AS Always, YMMV.

    I don't really get what you're saying - the entire premise of alpha & beta testing is that those who are willing to put up with things that are buggy can do, and anyone like yourself can wait until the full release. That way every one is happy. I wasn't syaing they should never complete the project to a high, bug-free standard.

    I think you've missed the point why people are so upset, I don't think anyone is doubting how hard software developement is, I know lots of Devs myself and they said this isn't exactly an easy task. But people are gettng tired becuase we saw the product a year ago, and so the QA is obviopusly taking a long time. I'm sure people don't mind putting up with a buggy editor, as long as they have an editor. and for what its worth, it took fractal no way near this long to get their editor out - and their's had to be way more comprehensive. It also doesn't help that Kemper is incrtedbly vague with its release, it wouldn't be hard just to say in a forum post that things are taking longer than expected, and we'll push the rewalse back 6 months.

    Furthermore, the fact that a single user was able to put one out on his own and make it available for free speaks volumes. Oh and all musicans today do have to write, produce, record, mix, master and release a song all for free, and people bitch about it everyone opportunity they find.