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    dear all, thanks for reading.

    I will have to rearange my setup where i need a longer cable from the kpa powered out to a guitar cab (mono)

    I see cheap (20€) cable for 5-10m and 90€ cable for 1.8m - does anyone now the benefit of such price differencs? Is it "just" shielding? I'll need 3-5m.

    Thanks for any info

    i tried IRs a few times, but i hardly stick with something else than what comes withe profile. I do like merged profiles for a better separation so my cab sounds like my cab. But thats it. Do you work with low and high shift in the cab section? Tiny tweaks makd more for me than other IRs.

    I read through so many same topics of KPA users who compare their sound from PA to a [put any brand] Head with a Cab.

    In my band setting, i "compete" with a Marshall JCM900 and a Keyboard (i guess you don't care for that brand ;-) ) - i have a graphic EQ on every single profile. With that EQ i cut out lows (usually below 150) and the highs (usually above 5500). For heavier stuff (e.g. with palm muted gain sounds) i can drive up the 80hz/160hz to get some oompf, and adjust the hights (1250/5000) to take off some edges.

    This only works, if i'm happy with the rest of the profile of course.

    I then test the sound over the PA in the band setting to adjust. If i'm completely off, i usually start over.

    For my 2x12 cab, i compared the PA output (which is mainly flat with a low-cut at around 80hz) to the powered monitor output and adjusted the EQ to sound as close as possible to the PA.

    This works really well, and i blow everything out of my way. Here is a link to a soundcheck video. The right guitar (the one next to the keys) is kemper powered and i think it really cuts through nicely: Soundcheck Kemper powered Guitar

    i already made a factory reset after only a few days because with all the knob turning i messed it up. The factory settings are already very usefull and i learned to tweak very gently. Make an export if some rigs are already with the device. Good luck and have fun :-)

    you can't compare a device with another device. Kemper has something many don't - that is a community, rig sharing and professional profiling. As long this goes, the kpa goes. If the community ceases, so will maybe the device. And if you change gear too often, like line6, you cant establish a broad community. I think they do it right and gave enough room for development. It already makes more than i can use, so i do hope to get some usability updates (better undo control as example) but i yet have to master it.

    Thanks db db cooper for the detailed how to.

    I dind't progress that much as i'm still looking for some mics to borrow.

    I try a sennheiser MD409 and a shure sm57 close up and sum together with two small diaphragm mics like AKG C451B or alike positioned a few feet away from the amp and then do a profiling.

    The other approach you describe is definitely worth trying but will require that i take my kemper to the studio at home. We have some stuff coming up and my kemper is savely installed in a heavy rack. Or do you mean the amp only as in the amp i want to profile? If yes, can i hook up any amp speaker out to a DI?

    if you want something better than 'amp in the room', put the PROFILER in stereo through a good monitoring system (Studio monitors, wedges, IEM) and add a 1x12 cabinet, preferrably driven by the POWERHEADs internal power amp.

    Now you can take advantage of the full profiled sound including cabinet, speaker, mic, EQ etc. for FOH/reheasal room PA/FRFR and the extra impact a 12" speaker delivers, which is what many of us guitar players are used to.

    Best of both worlds.

    I have the KPA going straight to the FOH with the main outs in stereo and have a 2x12 cab as my own guitar monitor driven by the KPA Poweramp.

    What i'm looking for seems the longer i try to understand the physics of audio, be a bit of a utopia and maybe not even band-context friendly, but still, the "amp-in-the-room" feeling for me, is the 4x12 cab i hear when standing a few feet away from the cab, which sounds huge, and have that as a cab profile or studio profile come out of the PA to the audience.

    for some odd reason the non merged profiles sound amazing when I turn the cabinet off

    If you are running a regular cab through power amp, you won't be hearing any cab at all. The cab button on the KPA front has no influence on mointor if the cab is turned off. As standard setting, as i recall, the monitor has cab turned off. There is another discussion going on in the forum about the process of merged, direct or studio profiles and whether or not the algorithm in the Kemper can properly detect the cab portion of the signal.

    However, i had the same situation. When i started a few weeks ago with the KPA, i found many profiles sound very similar but apparently that was due to the coloring of the cab i used (Marshall 2x12).

    Something else you should bear in mind: if you create profiles you like through the cab, it is not guaranteed to work with the band context when running the KPA over the PA. I had to start over.

    I run the KPA from main out direct to the FOH and have all the EQ set at 0. I then search good profiles to work with over the PA. Afterwards i turn up the monitor (my guitar cab) and set the output eq for the monitor in a way it also sounds good out of my cab. If i ever try to make a good sounding profile, as until now, i was more successful to create a PA compatible profile.

    Hope this helps.

    Wow Chris Duncan that is some serious insights.

    I can relate to most of what you say. Especially about the moving air - i don't have to get at 105db to feel it, but i'm still using guitar cabs as monitor, and their sound is apparently flat compared to the one from the PA.

    We have a mixer who sets up our FOH and PA (we are using a Behringer X32) in the bandroom and we almost always take that thing with us. Don't get me wrong i really like the KPA sound over the PA (i couldn't yet agree on the EQ from FOH with our mixer but that would be another topic)

    About the sound of my marshall 4x12 - I've played that cap in many different settings and it just sounds huge - i do understand the bouncing, but there is something about well broken in 4x12 cab that even paul gilbert can't pull of out of FOH. It just sounds.....i don't know how better to describe...plastique - And from what I understood about the IRs, the thing about the sound losing oompf makes sense.

    I was just wondering if i could get that 3-dimensional sound out of FOH from kemper if i look for a well balanced room (our practice room as been measured and we built some special stuff to make it "soundfriendly") and make a profile out of it that somehow combines oompf from close up mics with some 3d sound from an "away" point of hearing from the amp aka "in the room" feeling. And to make that clear, i'm not talking about reverb. I tested reverb today, its something else that makes this cab sound huge.

    I'll check if i have a flat condenser mic somewhere and try this alone and in sum with one or 2 on the cone in front of the speaker.

    Thanks for the input guys, really appreciated.

    Thanks a lot Monkey_Man . With your input on taxonomy and the link you shared i found this article:…ic-placement-guitar-amps/

    So tonight will be reverb testing to get the "room" feeling from the PA vs. the original tube amp with the perfect-tasted distance to the cab.

    Much appreciated and this helped me to learn something while avoiding pointless hours with mic positioning - i might still experiment a little to get a better understanding with experience.

    Thanks for your input guys.

    Usually i don't add reverb to profiles, since we have our mixer who adds reverb for each channel depending on the gig location. So i only add delay.

    Are you talking about reverb meaning i create a profile in a traditional way (mic direct somewhere close to the speaker) and add reverb afterwards to recreate this feeling?

    I've been in a no reverb state for years now so i might adress this room feeling despite of what our mixer likes.

    Monkey_Man , did you try this already? or why do you think i get a thinner and oomph lacking profile?

    dear kpa forum users :-)

    I'm venturing into profiling, since i find it easier to dial in a tone on my tube amps than browsing endlessly. And a profile is done quickly.

    Has one of you tried to profile the amp with the "room" feeling? E.g. if i get back a few steps from my 4x12 1960A Cab, it sounds awesome. But where the mic usually is, and also in all the fotos of the pro-profilers, it sounds much thinner. why not get back a little for the capturing? I'm gona try this out but i have not much knowhow of mics.

    Is there a reason that this doesn't make sense or has anyone an idea on what mics i coukd use for that?

    Thanks a lot

    sometimes i find it usefull to get the direct mix into the sound. It really makes a nice combination with lead tones, but also less forgiving.

    I notice that direct mix generally isn't something thats mentioned a lot. Is there any reason?