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    That would happen to me with my Mac, connected to Rig Manager, but the computer was in hibernate. I would sometimes turn the Kemper on without waking up the computer, and it would play fine for a few minutes and then it would do that freeze thing. Once i turned the computer back on, it would snap back into it. If you are going to have RM on, make sure the computer doesn't go to sleep, at least thats what i found would work for me.

    IanRubbish can you please contact support by email, we'd like to work with you on that.

    thanks, gs

    I actually downloaded the newest update pretty much immediately after i posted that, i didn’t realize that there was an update the night before. Since then i have not had that issue. I will be putting in substantial time of my Kemper this Sunday, if the problem occurs again i will send an email to support. Thanks for the reply!

    With the new Beta my remote freezes quite a bit when i play through the Focusrite on my Mac. Yesterday it froze on a performance sound, and i could not change to another preset in the performance, immediately after the remote went dark. I started up rig manager and it came back alive with no issues. This same sequence happened 3 times in about 2 hours last night.

    Update: Since the Beta update it has happened constantly. The mac hibernation freezing the Kemper has happened since i purchased it, but now it freezes with my computer on and active, nothing on except the Focusrite control. The only way to get it to snap out of it is to start rig manager which fixes it. Going to revert to the previous OS.

    I use the Choptones Mark V profile like 75% of the time im playing with my JP7. I made a performance with my favorite sounds at home through my Focusrite and monitors, duplicated the performance and then disabled the cabinet section for the (5) different sounds and it transferred over to my Cornford cab amazingly well. We actually A/B’d it to a real Mark V and could not get the Mark V to sound as good as the Choptones profiles. I wish i was joking but the Kemper sounded better.

    I am one who does not prefer having to plug the Kemper into the computer to edit profiles or rigs. Unless there are features that the Kemper can only do on an editor, i would not use the editor at all to simplify functions, the Kemper is insanely easy to use for me.

    I love Choptones profile. I can’t speak to how closely it mirrors the JP-2C because ive not had them side by side. I do have a friend who loves Boogies, but swears the Mark V is the worst amp they make. So we put the Choptones profile up against our other friends Mark V through the same cab. They sounded similar except the actual Mark V lacked the girth of the Kemper profile, no matter what we did we could not get the Mark V to sound as good as the Choptones profile. At jam sessions i regularly switch between the Mark V, iiC+ and JP-2C profiles and im in Boogie heaven.

    I was shopping 4x12's a few weeks back and am fortunate enough to have a friend with a bunch of cabs. I tried a Mesa Compact Recto with V30's, an Avatar with greenbacks, an Avatar with Creamback 65's, and a Marshall with G12H75's. The one with the Creambacks blew all of the other ones out of the water. I didn't want to shell out the dough for the Avatar with Creambacks new so i went looking for something i could maybe swap the speakers out on later. I tried a few out at a local vintage shop, a few Marshalls and another Mesa. I almost bought the Marshall but decided to try this Cornford with V30's and it killed the Marshalls so i bought the Cornford. Im digging the V30's in the Cornford, but still may switch 2 of em to Creambacks, i still can't shake the sound of the Kemper through the Creambacks, it was insane. Id recommend finding a 1x12 with one of those in it.

    Sent an email to Kemper support, but i wanted to pick everybodies brain if maybe i am just missing something. My performances still work, albeit they sound a bit funny, a bit pushed like they are strugging through my cabinet. The browser section is now completely empty on the Kemper, the rig manager shows them but on the kemper it says 0 rigs. I uploaded a previous firmware and they werent there, went back to the new one and they are still gone. Anybody ever experience this?