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    Another quick update: Got everything hooked up and playing through the Behringer, so that's good. Just one weird thing...the laptop (music) output to the monitors drops considerably when running through the interface than when straight from the laptop audio jack. Still loud, but there's times when I'd like it to be more "11" than 10. All the settings at their highest, interface main out knobs dimed. Kemper signal is no prob since I've still got plenty to spare on the Rig Volume.

    I downloaded Waveform, which is supposed to be the preferred Behringer DAW but haven't messed with it much yet. Should I be able to boost the signal through there? Or would a different DAW work better (easier) for me? Or is there yet another piece of equipment I need?

    Again, appreciate all you guys holding this newbie's hand...I'm ALMOST there!

    Okay so I SWEAR I tried this earlier and it didn't work for me. But something in the above (maybe turning on the right Output settings in the KPA?) got this going and it sounds amazing. Thanks D!

    I guess I'll just hang on to the Behringer in case I need it it's okay to leave the KPA unit on most of the time then for my laptop audio?

    You installed the driver, and chose that device as the default sound output for the PC?

    Yes, and therein lies the first question--do I use the USB cord that came with the unit to connect the interface to the laptop? Or should I just use the audio jack as an output and run something into the interface? Or does it even matter?

    Update: The rabbit hole continues...

    Been messing with this thing on and off for a couple of days and still can't figure out how to wire everything to work like I want it to. All I want to do is A) hear my computer audio out of the monitors and B) hear my guitar out of the monitors at the same time to play along. Since I can only use one of the monitor's inputs (XLR or TRS) at a time, my thought was the Behringer UMC404HD would be more than enough to route everything properly. But after plugging/unplugging a million times, I still haven't found the right combination. I don't even know if I have the right cables or not (and I have a LOT of cables). Here's the interface.…hringer-u-phoria-umc404hd

    Sounds like a good plan. I never tried the settings/connections I posted from the manual so I apologize if I have wasted your time.

    Here's hoping you have success!:)

    All good buddy. Not a time waster at all, took maybe a few minutes to try. Besides, on paper it should work. And it does...sort of. Just not as well as we'd like.

    I did try that, as according to the diagram. Ran TRS from the mains out to the monitors, ran 2 more from the computer to the Return and Alternative inputs. I could hear the computer audio but it didn't sound good at all. Sort of muffled. Messed with the output settings a bit to see if I could remedy things but no go. I think the audio interface will make it all work. Ordered the Behringer 4 channel UMC404HD. May be more than I need but I should be in good shape.

    Of course, mate.

    You'll be able to route the KPA's outs to the main-stereo feed that you connect to your monitors, and that'll carry the computer's audio along with it.

    This is achieved with onboard-mixing software that resides in interfaces (set up from the front panel and / or via a utility that gets installed on your 'puter when you install the drivers for it).

    Thanks--just pulled the trigger on one. Should be here by Tuesday. :)

    You are correct--according to the monitors manual, only one input can be used at a time. Bummer...I was hoping to hear both my computer audio and the guitar signal through the same monitors.

    So if I went with an interface, could I get around that somehow? Trying to figure the inputs/outputs in my head but it's getting all jumbled together...

    Update: Still sort of "wrestling" with this thing to try and make it work the way I need it to. TRS direct into the monitors sounds great for guitar. But trying to run the computer audio into the Return and Alternative inputs (as shown in a diagram previously in this thread) and using the Kemper as an interface was less than stellar. Muffled, low quality, etc. Fiddled with the input selectors and whatnot but no difference. So I decided to go a different way, using the TRS directly from my computer into the monitors (using an adapter) and buying a couple of XLR cables to go from Kemper to monitors. Should work, right? Well, the computer sound is fine, but I can barely get a signal from my guitar now. I have to literally turn the Master volume all the way up to even hear it. Again, fiddled with input switches but nothing changed. I'm really scratching my head here. Bad cable(s)? Bad outputs? Or am I missing something so simple it boggles the mind?

    Best price ever on a Kemper, congrats!

    Look for the rig CORPSE on Rig Exchange by Deadlight Studios. One of the best high gain profiles ever, we use it all the time for those 80 songs from Judas through Def Leppard to Poison.

    Man that IS a killer profile. Thanks for pointing me towards it. One thing, though...sounds a little clipped on my end, even with the noise gate at zero. Something I'm missing here as far as a setting? Still trying to find my way around that interface...

    UPDATE: After being backordered for a week, the Kemper arrived yesterday. Got a killer deal at Guitar Center by trading in one of my guitars I barely play anymore plus taking advantage of a 10% discount deal they had. So altogether, the Kemper plus the HS80s ran me a little over $1500. I'll take that any day!

    Just plugged it in and it sounds AMAZING. Going to spend the rest of day noodling through the factory rigs to find my favorite 80s metal/classic rock tones...

    Don't have it running through the laptop yet. Still need a special cable (2 1/4" to mini jack) which should be here Monday. But so far I'm loving this thing. Appreciate all the help!

    If you get powered monitors like the Yammies or Rokits you should be able to mix the vol of the music and guitar with just the Kemper.

    I have not tried this myself as I have a mixer/interface but the manual says you can do it.

    So if I did want to go with a mixer/interface, would something like the Scarlet Solo work for what I need?

    Quick Update: Kemper is ordered (YES) and the HS80Ms are in house. These things are HUUUUUGE. I'm going to try and make them work on my current desktop situation, but speaker stands may be in my near future...