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    Please, please, please find a means to make RM 3 compatible with windows 7 64-bit! I intentionally still run windows 7, because it's still the most streamlined experience there is. I've experimented with newer versions and always revert back to 7. There's no way I'm going to update my main PC, and I really don't want to have to buy another device just to control my kemper. :(

    Mmm it's really close to what I wanted, but I can't quite get it. I wanted full separation of channels, so the left channel is unaffected, but the right channel gets a 10ms, 100% wet 0% feedback delay. Basically it just puts the right channel 10ms behind the left indefinitely.

    With the quad delay, I can put 100% wet, but then I have to impart a delay on my left channel in order to get a delay on the right channel. And even then, it has to be a percent of the delay. I also notice an almost 50% volume loss with this route. I can mix it 1:1 wet/dry, and put on the delay. This is okay, but it somewhat diminishes the effect and makes it not sound as tight. I guess there's no way to do it exactly. Thanks anyway!

    Is there a way to create a delay that only affects one channel of a stereo source? I would like to make an off-set to fatten up a my sound. I do this in my DAW with great success. Basically I leave the left channel alone. On the right channel, I apply a 10-15ms delay with minimal feedback as to only get one slap back. I then make the mix 100% on that right channel. This effectively creates an overdubbing effect that sounds great. I haven't been able to figure out a way to do that with Kemper yet, so I'm just curious if there is a way.