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    How do you guys fix this then? I have a pretty new Focusrite Clarett, and the input is set to 0db on all channel. I don't have this pro thing you guys are talking about

    Monkey_Man I am actually getting pretty hot signals when I am recording directly from the amp.. But when I am reamping, that's when the signals are very weak. Which I find very very strange

    Ah I see. Hmmm.. How are people really recording in studio with the Kemper if it's not possible to acheive this? A reamped track at -16db is way way too low.. My DI output level is already pretty high as it is. I am very interested in hearing how people are recording with the Kemper, and why it does not have a way of getting good signals out. I figure for that price tag, that would at least be a minimum?

    Thanks guys. paults I don't have an API 525, but judging by his first comment, he only mics the guitar? So no DI at all here? I have a rusty old AKG Perception 200, I don't know if it can compete with the U87 or the more expensive ones.

    I'd never DI an acoustic when recording but if you're set on it, record it and a few mics too. You don't need to use them all in the final mix and you can pick whichever combination works best.

    The problem I have when mixing is that my initial assumption when recording is that the sound is good. And then I spend several hours mixing and making it sound OK. And in the process I spend so much time listening to the track that it becomes familiar to only me. And because I can hear myself "deaf" on my own mix, I then later finds out that I could have done it better.. That's why I ask here before going down that road, so I know the best basis for success before starting.. If miccing is that much better in the end, I'd rather do it right from the start. :)

    I'm in the process of recording our last alt-rock song before sending it to master. This particular song has a very familiar vibe as the Coldplay - Yellow song has. The intro acoustic guitar on the Coldplay song is very heavily compressed and lows gone, and that type of sound would fit perfectly in our track!! All the guides and online tips suggest that I should record one track with DI and one track with a condenser microphone on fret 12.. But my own logic says I can just settle with a DI recording through my Kemper for this particular usage.. That I don't need an extra micced track to mud up my mix.. If you listenin to Coldplay - Yellow, would you say the Kemper alone can achieve this, or would you have a micced track aswell? If only Kemper, should I go DI cab bypass, or should I run it through a simulated amp?

    We all got "shit ears". Take Steven Wilson for example, he records and masters everything himself, but for his guitar part, he sends it away for others to mix it, because they sound shit to him no matter what he does :)

    That worked! Thanks. Now for the S/PDIF setup. This helped me narrow it down to maybe a routing problem on the Focusrite Software. I'll not bug you guys more about this, since now I know it works the analogue way.

    I somehow managed to be able to have the AMP channel listen to the DI channel. It now inputs signal from DI, but it's clean signal. Not amped or distorted, like it should be

    EDIT: It seems that the manual is wrong when it comes to output. It says to put it in Git Studio, but that's wrong, no amped sound comes through there. If I set it to Git/stacked, I get amped sound. I'll experiment a little bit more

    The Kemper front input is working at all times, not matter if I chose another input source. This issue got introduced today and makes it a little more difficult to troubleshoot.. Cubase is not letting me chose DI output as the other spdif cable, and my Kemper is not letting me chose spdif as input source. I tried restarting the KPA and reinstalling OS also

    EDIT: Setting KPA output to Stack instead of Git Studio had another effect. Now I can hear the amped sound, and the front input and spdif section works.. Still problems with reamping though. No way to get the DI signal to play back to the KPA.

    Thanks Chris. But I have already setup input and output in cubase just like that manual there. Here's how it looks: https://imgur(dot)com/a/2PkSt0t

    There you can see my whole Cubase setup, it's done correctly. I suspect that maybe reamping is not going to work on such an old DAW?

    EDIT: I've now also noticed that I can still hear my guitar out of the monitors even when I set the Kemper to SPDIF input reamp.. Which I find very strange

    Okay, let's start from scratch, i.e. open a new project, and we'll do it by the numbers. I'm not in the studio so some of the names are approximations, but I think it's the overall workflow that may be giving you trouble.

    1. Create a mono audio track and name it DI
    2. Set the Input to one of the mono splits from spdif
    3. In the Kemper, make sure the spdif output is set to the analog guitar signal
    4. Arm track, press Record, play guitar
    5. Disarm track and set the DI track output temporarily to your main Stereo out.
    6. Play back. If it's not just the raw guitar signal, you need to get this fixed first and it'll have to do with what your Kemper is set to output via spdif
    7. Once you can record a clean DI track, the next step is reamping.
    8. Set your DI track output to point to the Kemper mono spdif input
    9. On the Kemper, set that mono spdif input source to Reamp In / spdif reamp in
    10. Create a new audio track, mono or stereo as you prefer and name it Amp
    11. Set the Input of the Amp track to either one of the mono splits or the stereo of the spdif
    12. Now play back the DI track. You should hear the amp profile sound coming out of the Kemper. If you hear nothing, verify with headphones into the Kemper first as I don't know how you have our outputs to the speaker routed in this case. If you hear your tone through your Kemper headphones you should be good.
    13. Once you've verified that the DI is making it to the Kemper and you're getting the profile sound, arm the Amp track for record and press Record.
    14. You should see audio being recorded into the Amp track. if not, go back and check all your routing
    15. When recording is done, disarm the Amp track, mute the DI track, and make sure the Amp track's output is set to your main Stereo output bus.
    16. Press play and you should hear your reamped guitar.

    See if that helps get you going.

    I'm not certain on step 2. There are so many choices.. I see on some yt videos I should set it to git stack?

    I actually stop on part 8. There is no way to set the DI track output to a spdif input. All I have is no bus and stereo out