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    Bryan Daste  Wheresthedug the issue goes away if I swap the guitar cable with a wireless transmitter. The issue seems to stem from the guitar, but it doesn't. I've tested with many guitars, and they all gives this amp-buzz in the background when I am using guitar cable. I've tried 4 different guitar cables and they all yield the same. Also four/five different guitars with Humbuckers, SC, Suhr pickups, asatobuckers etc. (Yes, hum goes away if I turn down the volume on guitar!!)

    It's not ground-loop either, as you say. Some guitar tech from Peach suggested that the wireless transmitter worked as a buffer, effectively nulling out the buzz, and something to do with impedance when I am using cable instead. I'm no electrician, so I don't know what this mean, so I need to try and ask stupid questions here in hopes of figuring this thing out, as I'm sure I'm overlooking something mandatory, or even better/worse, it's supposed to be like this, perhaps? Maybe I'm nitpicking?

    Either way - if it's supposed to be like that - I'm probably nitpicking, but if I am able to completely remove it with wireless transmitter, I really want to do it with cable aswell, for recording purposes. So I don't have to rely on iZotope RX software and remove hum afterwards..

    My dealer-shop where I bought it, here in norway, they tested it and concluded the unit to be fine. They said however that there is a slight very low volume hum, but that it's normal.. This is what led me to believe I'm nitpicking. But If I am able to remove it with wireless transmitter, there's gotta be a way for cable too!

    Interesting ? does it do the same thing when you plug in at other locations? I had an apartment with dirty power that caused buzzing. When I moved my new place doesn’t have the buzz

    It could be that, I don't know. I was not able to test it at the dealer-shop myself, because of the COVID restrictions, so I just had to take their word for it that it was fine. Not sure how to test it other places at the moment.

    Hi guys

    So I've been in contact with both KPA support and I sent my unit to the dealer for testing. Upon testing they found nothing wrong with the unit, and I got it back yesterday from the dealer and decided not to RMA it like originally planned. I've tested all outlets in my apartments, checking turned off lights and made sure there's no EMI issues. This buzzing comes no matter what I do, even if I only use headphones and no other cables connected.

    The strange thing here is that the buzzing disappears when I use a wireless transmitter. I can't figure out what this buzz is coming from, and it's driving me crazy.. It happens on all guitars I have no matter the cables used. As long as I am using a physical cable, the buzzing comes on.


    That sounds crazy and more than just personal preference. I did notice on the Engage series it says: "deep and engaging low end"! I hope you didn't pay and extra £120 for too much bass.

    I would seriously speak to them and ask if these drivers have more bass than others. It may be possible to switch them.

    Thanks, yes I've already spoken to them, they are very helpful. They advised me to use it for a week and see, so I will do that. They will take it back if I'm not satisfied, so I'm well covered on that area..

    Since I have to turn bass down so much, I suspect that the issue probably lies on the lower midrange instead of bass..? Maybe surgically remove some lower midrange area would help

    Really sorry to hear your problems. I got the Evoke2 Classic and the frequencies balance perfectly with what I hear from HS8 monitors. I would try them in reall rehearsal or gig conditions before making a snap judgement, as IEM always take time to adjust to.

    When I got mine, ACS were more than happy to engage with with any problems or concerns you have after purchase. A friend of mine even got them remoulded for free. Maybe you should explain what you hear and see if the are any options.

    Thanks. On my mixing table I have to turn off all bass, knob all the way down - and that's not enough. I have to go to my Kemper and put on a 300hz high pass filter on the output section. It's ridiculous!

    Chiming in here again. I just got my ACS Engage, and sadly must say that they deeply underperforms.. This is exactly what I feared, that I have to spend tons of money on something that turns out to be incredibly bad.. These earpieces are molded exactly to my ears, so form-factor wise they are good, but they sound horribly muddy and WAY too much bass.. I have to turn high pass filter in Kemper output to about 70% in order for it to sound good..

    Is there a way of surgically remove frequencies on the Kemper? I can't find any intuitive EQ's there, other than stomp boxes?

    BTW, the issue with XLR inputs is the preamps, not whether you come into it via XLR or TRS. They expect a low level signal and have a lot of gain, which is why you need the pads for other input devices coming into those channels. To troubleshoot this I would plug my headphones directly into the mixer and try a single input signal at a time to try to narrow down where the distortion is occurring. Of course, it's possible that you have a defective mixer, also. Is there another one around that you could try? You might also put the Kemper into channels 7/8 that aren't set up for microphones.

    Hmm I tried that, and I still get distortion coming from the Kemper alone, on all tracks. Same results with the mic also.. I'm really out of options as to what this could be caused by.. I even SMS-ed with a friend who woks with repairing mixers, and he didn't know either.. Like you say it could be a faulty mixer, but I find that strange since it's a brand new one and it works perfectly fine with my Fluid F5 monitors

    Is everything distorted, or just the Kemper? You can also drop the Kemper output by going to the Output menu and selecting "Main Out -12 dB". That's the next thing I'd try.

    Yes everything gets distorted.. Even when we thought we found the optimum volume, and the singer started to sing really loud and the distortion came back. A problem on all channels.. It's like there's only room for so so much before it distorts.. And I don't even have a signal-booster for the mic, and I just imagine how much worse it would get with a signal-booster. Main out is already by -15db

    Also, have you plugged headphones directly into the mixer to see if the distortion is from the headphone amp?

    The PHONO knob is the seperate output for headphones (Monitor/PHONES white knob downright on my mixer). It's the channel where I connect my headphone-amplifier (in order to share it with other band members). I have tried the phono alone yes - like you ask - and also tried with headphone-amp, both yields the same distorted issue, very strange.. I have also tried to plug my headphones directly in to "main out L and R", just for troubleshooting sake, and also here it gets distorted.

    I didn't know about this XLR issue with distortion, never heard of it before now. But I did try to swap them with TS cables from the Kemper, but I had the same distortion from these also, so XLR was also sort of eliminated in the troubleshooting process.. I also made sure that my Kemper is outputting no more than -15db main.. All input signal is very stable, and it only gets distorted when I crank the volume over a certain decibel level

    Try pushing the 26dB pad switch on any channels that aren't microphones.

    It sort of helped a little bit, i was able to now use the gain-knob to regain the lost volume from using -26db, but still I get distortion after a certain volume increase.. If I set the headphone volume to more than 12-clock on the Supreme headphone amp in the picture, I get distortion.. The same if I crank the phono knob up on the mixer itself..
    Is the -26db button designed to circumvent such issues? Is that the reason the button is there?
    And why is my Focusrite Clarett able to feed much higher volume signals without distorting the signal than what the mixer is able to do?

    Hey guys. Pardon me if this is the wrong thread to ask this, but I don't know where else to ask and my reddit post was removed. Maybe some of you can help me out a little bit? I've had a Yamaha MG10XU mixer for about a month now, and whenever I try to add volume to my headphone, I get annoying distortion. The whole sound starts to crackle at a certain volume level.. Me and my band needs to have fairly low volume for it to sound OK.

    • I've made sure nothing peaks, it's good below peak treshold
    • Tested with three different headphones all with 55 and 60ohm
    • Tested through main out L/R and phones output
    • Tested with and without a headphone-amplifier
    • Kemper is set to -15db in the output section and highpass at 100hz
    • My setup looks like this right now:

    The issue persist throughout all of these troublesteps.. I can turn down volume on the mixer, and then turn up some more on the headphone-amp and the issue will still come back at the exact same volume level. Correspondingly if I do it the oposite and turn up the volume on the mixer, same happens.. Our headphones is not broken either, because they can play at much higher volume through my Focusrite Clarett for example..

    Extra notes is that I can lessen the issue if I take away bass from my guitar and put high-pass on all of my tracks and turn off bass completely. This led me to believe it's a gain issue, but like I said it's far below red, so I don't understand why this happens. Maybe some kindhearted guys here can help me out before I take it back to the store and embarass myself

    Just remember, not matter how good the sound of your in ear mix, the live sound of a venue PA will definitely influence what you hear.

    This is often great to hear some thump and low frequencies. It just won't sound exactly like rehearsal.

    Very good point! Ofcourse one would benefit from practicing in a worst case scenario environment.. I often practice my elguitar unplugged, and I do all my legato and shredding unplugged, to really nail it. I guess it's just a bonus that the low end "chest punch" is there during a live scenario :)

    I've been using Alclair's for the last 5 years and yes the same pair. Love them! Below is the model that I've been using and use them weekly at rehearsals and they work great for my kemper as well as a entire band mix. I've given the link to the exact model that I use.

    Nice. You don't find that the triple-driver makes the guitar fuzzy, as mentioned in other posts here?

    Maybe you could try buying the most expensive ones you can afford that have good reviews and then use them ALOT because you have payed so much for them that you simply cant afford not to, and then force yourself to get used to it that way :D

    Haha! Sound advice right there!! :)

    I understand now what single/multiple drivers are, just what I was thinking when I used the word "elements" in the prioer Hantek post.. I must admit I am a bit torn.. On one hand I want the more muffled sound and better mids that Wheresthedug talks about - avoiding fizzyness - and on the other hand I also want to hear the full band properly with several drivers. Pretty hard choice. I'll consult more with Hantek and hear what their experience is with their customers

    How would I know if I buy a fizzy earplug with sounddriver attatched or not?