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    Not familiar with F5 monitors, but if you've eq'd them for the room they're in maybe that's an issue?

    Are you using the main outs? Is that what the F5s were connected to?

    The F5 has not been equalized actually. They are just connected with a power cable and I'm running it with a normal jack cable in to Kemper's left jack channel (for stereo, but I'm still just using mono). I did the exact same setup at the practice session. Seriously, the sound was so horrible, crisp and dead. It felt like playing on a plastic battery micro amp.. Kinda the same sound you get from battery amps that you plug in to the guitar.. Just louder, ofcourse.. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, as the setup is identical as I have it home.. How can these big PA speakers output so much more high frequencies than my monitors? That was my initial first question.. Struggled with it for three hours yesterday, and I just had to call defeat.. I see all the big artists use Kemper, Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, and I wonder how they get their Kemper sounding so great on stage :/

    Thanks for this tip! Can you explain like I'm five a bit? How do you leave it at neutral? Say I'm buying a nice Mbritt sound, or a John Mayer pack from ToneJunkies. How do I "neutralize" it? Just by putting EQ to neutral?

    I've been starting a new band now, and we're currently practicing in a small room with a mixer and two PA speakers. When I connect my Kemper to the mix table, the output sound is really harsh. Equaliser is set to neutral, so it is not touched, gain is set to 50%, not to get distortion. It is such a vastly different sound than what I get at home from my F5 Monitors. I get that different scenario, different room acoustics and gear can have an impact on sound, but it's very different.. My Mesa Boogie John Petrucci fuzz sounded like a scraping sound all of a sudden. Had to turn the top EQ all the way down on the mixing table.. How do you guys do it to get good stage sound from this device?

    -I've connected the Kemper to the Mixer's line input via Jack in to the Kemper's left channel
    -EQ is set to neutral on low, mid and high

    -Gain is set to 50%

    -I'm using payware presets from mbritt and TJ with cabs active. Sound is horrible on big PA speakers

    I haven't connected it to Rig manager for over a year now.. I was connecting it because I had purchased a couple of new sounds that I wanted to transfer.. The first message I get is that some of my sounds are corrupt, and I turned off my Kemper while it was syncing (Because Rig Manager told me to do so). I turned it on while holding the RIG button for thirty seconds, and when it was finished, all of my favourites was gone for once, but then a steady static noise is playing constantly.. Something is really bugged and I don't know how to fix it... If I click "Check for software updates", it states that I have the newest software already, which couldn't be true since it's been over a year? Any help is appreciated here. Can I for example reset the OS without losing my sounds and performances?

    I come from the 'If it sounds good, who cares how you came about arriving at that sound?' camp. So the real question is whether your priority is how it sounds aesthetically vs. accurately. If you only care about aesthetics, tweak away to your hearts content. If you care about accuracy, then you probably need a range of different profiles taken from the amp in question.

    Ultimately I care about how it sound, yes :) But I still wanted to know if the KPA gain knob is a KPA modified one and if it colored the real amp tone. Thanks for your reply guys

    I have a somewhat strange question. Let's say I take a profile, for example "Matchless SC30 R 2-" which has some gain to it by default. The amp has been captured as is, with it's set of microphones, certain amount of gain etc etc, to become what it is... But if I dial down the gain, will it still be the same amp that I hear clean? Or should I rather capture it with clean profile seperate instead to acheive a clean "Matchless SC30"?

    So in other words, does the "Matchless SC30 R 2-" has it's own gain when run default, or is it a Kemper imposed gain? :)

    How do you guys fix this then? I have a pretty new Focusrite Clarett, and the input is set to 0db on all channel. I don't have this pro thing you guys are talking about

    Monkey_Man I am actually getting pretty hot signals when I am recording directly from the amp.. But when I am reamping, that's when the signals are very weak. Which I find very very strange

    Ah I see. Hmmm.. How are people really recording in studio with the Kemper if it's not possible to acheive this? A reamped track at -16db is way way too low.. My DI output level is already pretty high as it is. I am very interested in hearing how people are recording with the Kemper, and why it does not have a way of getting good signals out. I figure for that price tag, that would at least be a minimum?

    Thanks guys. paults I don't have an API 525, but judging by his first comment, he only mics the guitar? So no DI at all here? I have a rusty old AKG Perception 200, I don't know if it can compete with the U87 or the more expensive ones.

    I'd never DI an acoustic when recording but if you're set on it, record it and a few mics too. You don't need to use them all in the final mix and you can pick whichever combination works best.

    The problem I have when mixing is that my initial assumption when recording is that the sound is good. And then I spend several hours mixing and making it sound OK. And in the process I spend so much time listening to the track that it becomes familiar to only me. And because I can hear myself "deaf" on my own mix, I then later finds out that I could have done it better.. That's why I ask here before going down that road, so I know the best basis for success before starting.. If miccing is that much better in the end, I'd rather do it right from the start. :)