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    The only problem I have with SPDIF is if I don't lock my interface to the Kemper clock I get tiny clicks in the audio. I am using Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 2nd gen.

    You where not chastised because you reported a bug, at least in my case. It was because of your whining about it. To say that "this is not making me happy" is acting like if someone here owed you something.

    Thanks for reporting bugs as it helps both Kemper and the community to get a better product sooner.

    Thanks for the feedback. I never said anybody owed me anything. I do think things could be done better even in a beta. I do this every day but whatever. I really dislike the tone of this forum so I think I will just abstain from this place. Good luck.

    I was able to get my Performances back through Rig Manager. I understand what a Beta is of course since I am a Professional Software Developer. One of the points of a Beta is to record and address issues as well. Being chastised by both support and the users on this forum is very unfortunate but I will continue to participate because I believe in the product. Thanks.

    I just updated from 7.1.7 to 7.1.18 and I lost a bunch of rigs and my performances were messed up. After restoring from backup I just made previous to this update ALL of my performance information is gone. Please advise on how I might get them back. As I said I made a profiler backup to USB and I made a rig manager backup to my PC just prior to the update.

    Not that I really even care any more about an Editor, I have learned to love the KPA as is. However I am a professional software developer here in the US and I have never worked on a project with an open ended time line. Stakeholders and Project Managers have this thing about costs and timelines that you can't just blow off. The main purpose of course is to communicate this to the stakeholders and user community in order to manage expectations. I am governed by SDLC and SLA agreements and am held accountable to them as a matter of responsibility. To not have a target is an open invitation to massive cost overruns and other things that jeopardize the success of a project. Maybe Kemper has decided to keep this discussion private for some reason. I don't agree with that approach but there is nothing I can do about it so I wait along with all of you patient folks out there and enjoy the entertainment value of this thread. I am sincerely hoping for the success of this project. Good luck.

    ^^ I’m just somewhat perplexed with my experience...I feel like I’m the only one who has had difficulties with Highly recommended commercial profiles.

    I can’t be the only person who uses the Kemper direct with quality QSC k series speakers.

    Before I started using the Yamaha DXRs I was using the QSC K12s. They are similar sounding - maybe the QSCs are a little bit fuller sounding. In either case the same methodology applies.

    The MBritt profiles are a good starting point but they are on the dark side. Tone Junkie is a little brighter. One thing I try to do is find the tonal center of the setup. By setup I mean the whole package starting with the tone generator - in this case the KPA - and the speaker. In my case I use the KPA into the Yamaha DXR 10. I have two of them but I mostly tweak with one. I also have the powered head and I have a few guitar cabs which sound good but I find that I prefer the FRFR and I am use to it. So heres what I do....First I find a decent "middle of the road" profile like one of the basic MBritt Marshalls (I like the Metro 2203) and maybe the TJ Stu G AC 30 profiles. I will load them up and before I start tweaking them I adjust the settings on the speaker to what sounds best to my ear. Most FRFR speakers have eq presets and through trial and error I have found that the "flat" setting on the Yamahas work best for me. Then I will make sure the input settings are appropriate for the guitar I am using. Over time and with tweaking I am centered around the 0/0 setting for single coils and humbuckers. At this point I might start to tweak some basic rig settings like Amp definition BUT the key thing to tweak at this point for me is the EQ on the output section. This is key because this is where you dial the tonal center of the rig(s) to match the speaker(s) you are listening through. As you go through this exercise a couple of times you should find that the various rigs will start to sound better through your gear without any extreme tweaking. This is because you are zeroing in on an appropriate configuration for your setup. This is not perfect and it takes a little practice but the payoff is that you will know that what you are hearing is "accurate" with regard to your particular setup. Good luck and happy tweaking!