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    It is mentioned in the manual, in the second sentence of your prior quote actually. See the word RATE? ;)

    Not sure what you mean. The clock has got its own rate (frequency), so mentioning a rate in itself doesn't imply someone is talking about a signal's sampling rate.

    The DAW will be clocked at the same rate may just mean it will be driven by the set clock rate.

    This doesn't mean of course that the signal sampling rate is involved: I'd just not feel free to draw you same conclusions by just the paragraph you quoted.

    I'm not 100% percent sure, but sample rate and clock go hand in hand. So a sample rate of 48 kHz means a clock of 48 kHz. The Kemper can't be a slave, so it has to generate the clock itself.

    I hear you. It seems quite strange tho that the manual only mentions the clock and disregards sampling frequency, which would seem much more relevant.

    Maybe someone from Kemper might shed a light on this? timo ?

    Each specific sample rate requires a specific clock.

    In digital audio, it's not possible to run sample rate A while using clock B.

    Ah, thank you. So it has never been possible to change the clock alone while there was only one sample rate?

    From the Addendum document:

    [Ver 5.5] «The PROFILER can now generate a clock of 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz. Your audio interface and DAW will be clocked at the selected rate and your DAW project should be set accordingly. Your audio interface must be set as a clock slave to S/PDIF, since the PROFILER itself cannot slave t an incoming S/PDIF clock»

    This quote seems to suggest that you changed the clock only, while keeping the digital signal from the KPA as it was.

    Am I missing something?

    Ah thanks Navar, I did not load KAOS 7 yet.
    So it's now possible to set sampling rate and clock independently from each other?
    Would you be able to tell me since which version this is possible?

    Thanks again :)

    Hello everyone,

    my comprehension is that we are (since a while) able to change the clock at which the digital port outputs its signal in order to fit digital projects created at different rates. It's not, however, possible to change the actual sampling rate of the digital output.
    IOW, such signal should still be at 44.1 kHz, but able to clock devices (i.e., DAW) at higher rates.

    Is this correct?

    I see a lot of debates on the matter on different forums, and it seems there's still much confusion.

    Purpose: I often use acoustic profiles containing an IR of an acoustic guitar in the cabinet section

    I do the same. I don't have a clear vision of the interaction with the function, but hope there's a way to set the device in any way we like in this respect!

    Summing up:

    Kone is a 1-way, 2-cones (midwoofer+whizzer), tweeterless, broadband loudspeaker.
    No crossover is required/applicable. You can't put it in an active, coaxial cabinet unless you know very well what you are doing.
    It's not the porting/rebranding of any 2-way Celestion speaker.

    🙄 You’re the one who mentioned Jay Mitchell‘s conditions. I don’t know what they are, and it doesn’t matter.

    So, let me get this straight:

    "FRFR can't reproduce AITR"
    "Yes, they can if you know what to do"
    " No, practically speaking they don't. Can they? Sure"
    "If you play out of tune and I say "you could play in tune, if you did certain things", it's no use answering that, in practice, every guitarist plays out of tune."
    "I don’t know what the [conditions] are, and it doesn’t matter."

    I really wouldn't know how to comment this attitude of yours, so I'll stop here.

    Practically speaking, FRFRs don’t deliver AITR sound. Is it possible? Sure.

    I am not sure we are talking of the same thing. Don't know what kind of "conditions" you have in mind, or if you even know what these are.

    If you play out of tune and I say "you could play in tune, if you did certain things", it's no use answering that, in practice, every guitarist plays out of tune.

    Of course Kabinet can delivery the AITR tone (better talk of "guitar cab in the room"?), this is not in discussion. No reason to start the umpteenth dualistic fight.

    There is more to it than just diffusion and a milder response. On-stage monitoring is also not just the only consideration. Missing the amp-in-the-room feel has always been a complaint of any IR-based system. IRs provide a mic'd cab sound. With the Kabinet, the microphone is completely removed from the signal path.

    I was referring to the cab intrinsically, so to speak, since it's not the Kabinet itself that removes the mic.

    FRFRs can’t do that in any real sense of the word.

    I would not agree with this statement. Jay Mitchell has discussed this in-depth. A linear cabinet can return an AITR tone, provided that certain conditions are verified.

    Monitor Out is stereo by option, as some mentioned here already.

    Ah thanks :)

    Not sure I follow you: if you daisy-chained 2 Kabinets, the amp would see one connection/cable with a 8 ohm impedance overall.
    Same if you assembled a 2x12 and had the 2 Kones connected in series.
    Am I missing something?

    Let's not forget that SPL depends on the speakers' efficiency in addition to amp's output voltage.
    No consideration about "volume" makes sense without this datum.
    Efficiency is how loud a cab sounds with one volt's input.
    Kabinet/Kone seem to be quite efficient? This would ensure a high SPL with not much voltage (or volume, if you will) from the amp.
    If you build a cab with more speakers, add 3 dB for each of them.

    I got this for sure. But what interest for the imprints then?

    Kabinet is meant for those who monitor themselves on stage via a guitar cab.
    If one is not interested in a backline system, the only advantage over a passive FRFR is the milder response and narrower diffusion pattern, which places Kabinet closer to a GRFR cab.

    can we expect some official IRs, or equivalent, which are the 'speaker imprints for FOH'? of course they will be mic'ed

    Well, the KPA has already thousands of mic'ed cabs tones available. If your goal is to have the same signal as FOH from your backline any linear cab would be perfect!

    I looked on the guys Facebook page and didn't see anything on amps.

    Yep, it's not a real "manufacturer Page", but it's the only "connection" I have :)
    You may want to ask him for some links?

    Meanwhile, I found some posts of his:…52603496/2674450952603496…d69be65fdec3&q=Blugeniale

    HTH :)
    There's also a retrofit amp for the Toaster, can't find in now.

    So apparently I will not be able to use my power amp. I read that the Kab will be 4 ohms and the PB100 does not support 4 ohms. Oh well, I will just keep using "FRFR" (if only there really was a true FRFR) cabs.

    Or, you might use two of them of build a 2x12"

    From the manual:

    “ the option “Monitor Stereo”, MONITOR OUTPUT and DIRECT OUTPUT become one logical pair of stereo outputs....”

    Thanks Ruefus, is this new to KAOS 7? I've decided to wait before installing it.

    CK seems to refer to a mono monitor out only tho in the OP...

    Eager to get to know more.