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    the cone is flat. its made to take cab profiles, so the cabs should be on. Right? like through a PA speaker

    Mhhh... We are talking of using Imprints.
    Apart from the fact that the kone "is driven to linearity by the KPA's DSP" (which would make it anyway more linear when Imprints are not used), Monitor Cab has to be off in order for the Imprints to be engaged. So the kone is not going to see the cab profile (in this situation).

    But the point that in order for the Imprints to sound as designed the Cabinet has to be on in the stack is not trivial nor - AFAIK - documented.

    Yep, we know you can't use DI profiles in order to be able to engage the Imprints, but this is not necessarily the same as saying that cabinet must be on (in the Stack).
    That's why I am asking someone in the know for an explicit statement.

    No matter how its named or described, FRFR range (frequency range measured by a frequency meter) is much wider than any guitar cab can produce. Thats all I am saying, so please name away whatever suites... :)

    I agree with this, and I've not stated otherwise. My answer to CK was about GRFR, which is a quite different concept although not any scientific or industrial standard (as well as FRFR , after all).
    Again, I am not sure what point you are trying to make.

    Will the Kabinet sound good as a FRFR for other modellers or preamps?

    As per documentation, the Kone is driven to linear mode by the KPA's DSP. So its sound would be much different with other devices, altho not necessarily unpleasant.

    the speaker out on the Kemper says 8 or 16 ohm, would it be safe to have just a 4 ohm load here?

    Yep, K confirmed this :)

    I realized you ARE NOT supposed to turn of the cabinet as well as the monitor cab off... why? Shouldn’t they serve the same function?

    If the Cabinet is off for Monitor Out only you have the possibility to send the full profile to FOH.

    Definitely not the same function, and basically the same as without the Kone in the equation, if that makes sense.

    The workaround of creating your own merged profiles based on direct amp profiles works, but it is a rather inconvenient hassle.

    It's not actually a merged profile, but I too find this is an unnecessary (from the user's standpoint) complication.

    it is also possible to load up an empty cab to a direct profile to make it work with Imprint Mode

    It doesn't have to be an empty cab, since it has to be switched off anyway, no?

    Of course they can, mate.

    You wouldn't be able to reamp digitally otherwise 'cause it relies on hearing / recording the Rig currently in-use.

    Thanks M_M, I was not thinking of a physical limitation, more of a perspective logistic one.

    When you set spdif to "reamp" you are setting the device in a specific way, and maybe it would not work outside that. Good to know it works :)

    The interface he mentions (the 8i6 ) has 2x SPdif sockets - an out and an in. Use 2x cables to connect up the outs to the ins. This is the set up he's describing and the routing he plans, and it does work. No need for bi-directional signals.

    Yep, I get your point. Of course the I/O card would need to be bidirectional outside the reamp settings tho, which was my point.

    As I wrote, just a doubt :)

    You can ramp via SPDIF In and OUT. It's described in the Main Manual in great detail.

    I may have had this wrong, but the OP's setting was not related to reamp: I got he wants to feed a guitar signal to the PKA via SPDIF, while at the same time sending the processed tone from the Profiler to DAW via SPDIF.
    Would this work nevertheless?

    I didn't mean any harm or disrespect and I'm sorry for any confusion caused by my phraseology. I could have definitely worded what I meant better!

    No issues from my side :)
    The point is, that it takes really a little on the web to process

    I'd love to see xxx -> Hope to see it soon! -> Does anyone know whether they are working on it? -> Hope so! -> I've heard they are working on it -> Does anybody know when it's ready?

    All on different threads, forums, boards... LOL

    I am a big fan of DRC. But this is a task quite outside the scope of a guitar device, and I am pretty sure it will never happen (a lot of dev time needed, plus a much more complex UI as a consequence; heck, some find the KPA to be complex as it already is!).

    Furthermore, DRC with enough bands (512/1024) takes some CPU/DSP power, and this might meaningfully lower the KPA ability to run complex rigs.

    Also, the correction would even things out at the listening point (mic) only, while (usually) making things worse elsewhere, which is quite limited for people used to move a couple of steps away while playing.

    As an alternative, multiple measurements could be used to generate an average correction over a larger space; this would require a more complex acquisition routine and might produce a milder correction that would not be really satisfying where it matters.

    Maybe something about the names making it think there dupes?

    Mhhh... I doubt it. In that case the warning is usually "Found no xx to import", or something along that line.

    If I import them via Rig Manager Everything works fine! 84 Cabinet Preset Right Now (14 already there Plus the new 70 ones)

    Well, you might have found a bug then!

    I'd contact Support and let them know :)

    You mean it restarts with the righ timing?
    Without quantisation theresn't much you can do apart from using your time sensitivity and feeling. The two critical times are, of course, when you press the switch for starting and stopping it.
    Also, experiment with the switch so that you perfectly feel at what point of his stroke it triggers the function.


    If you really reached a limit, it should refer to the overall memory available or to a max number of presets overall. As for me, I have much more cabinets.
    Do you have many profiles and/or performance installed?