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    Thanks for that, its more about the level of signal hitting my monitors, I run my Kemper three different ways.

    1, home use and online teaching, for this I run from the Kemper's quarter inch monitor out into an interface and into two studio monitors (It's this application where I find I'm getting some buzzing, especially in the low end and more high gain profiles, like its peaking, but it's not that loud.)

    2. Live, where I run it into a 2 x 12 cab at 4ohms with two celestion FRFR speakers that are 200 watts each.

    3. I occasionally run it through the effects return of a 100 watt Marshall and a 4 x 12 cab from the monitor out and turn off the cab sim.

    I'm just wondering if I would get a better result with mainly options 1 and 3 if the monitor out signal was -18 rather than -12.

    Thanks guys, appreciate your advice.

    Just wondering what most people set their monitor output levels at?, I have a power rack and use a 2 x 12 cab loaded with two celestion FRFR speakers.

    My main output volume is set at -18 db should I set my monitor output at the same level?, I've seen that a lot of people run monitor outputs at around -12 db, what is the advantage of this?

    Hey has anyone had this problem?, I have a power rack and for some reason I cant browse the rigs I have!

    It scrolls through ok but the sound stays the same for each rig, I did a factory reset and it worked ok, then I reloaded from my backup and same prob, no browse.

    Can anyone help?


    Hey guys, I have been having an issue with powered Kempers, I'm getting a weird doppler like effect at gigs when running a Marshall cab for onstage monitoring from the speaker output.

    Not all the time, usually halfway through the gig, I run the power amp boost at 10 and my output at my master volume is reading at minus 1.00 on the meter so it's very loud I know.

    It has happened twice now with two power rack Kempers, it sounds like the amp is going thermal, when we go into the effects loop of a spare valve amp it's fine, the main out to FOH is not effected so it's gotta be a power amp issue in the Kemper, I don't know if they have some kind of limiter in the amp or not.

    Has anyone else out there had this problem?