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    Good thoughts as always Chris :thumbup:8)

    When they got a Marshall Plexi profile, they thought they were getting a Plexi, not just one set of knobs.

    Intelligence and general understanding helps. For some it is not clear what it is and what it is not. Okay that's the same with other more complex technological gadgets, right? Sometimes people are trapped by information which is not comprehensive or for some (maybe with a lower level of technical understanding) is not easy to get. Agree that I have seen a lot of those conversations as well...

    I wonder how many others are like me, and how many truly value what a real amp brings to the party.

    I have used a lot of valve amps over time and actually I was never looking for great versatility but rather for the sweet spot(s) of the amp. And for me it is the same with the Kemper. I appreciate profilers who deliver a spectrum of different profiles of an amp. Usually when I go through it I find the few sweet spot ones for me. I love the versatility of the Kemper overall but nevertheless I use it like a one channel amp during rehearsals sometimes. Volume know in the guitar rules 8o

    Despite the great spectrum of different profiles I limit myself to a handful of profiles for gigs in order to keep the sound consistent and easy to manage for the sound guys... enough for me :)

    Hi, welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. Sounds like the fun is already going on. Very good :thumbup:8)

    I organize my profiles all in the RigManager. Only a small handfull of profiles on the Kemper for safety reasons. I am only working in Performance mode all the time, live and studio work included. There I have performances for live work, amp-related or song-related and sometimes the same profile more than once in a performance but then with different settings or effects. Same in studio where I have sets of goto settings combined in a performance. You can always get the profiles with the settings you made out of the performance back into RigManager if you want - I rarely want this :)

    2 cents from here: Did you guys try to put a High/Low-cut in the signal chain, preferrable after the stack, e.g. in slot X? After some time with the Kemper enjoying many profiles I found myself to put this into the X slot almost all the time, actually with different values especially on the high cut side. And I think Kemper's approach to make High/Low-cut available in the Output section now is a hint how much it is needed with some profiles.

    Fingers crossed you'll get it fixed in whatever way as I can imagine it is really distracting for the ear...

    Thank you guys, it was my first time recording and reamping. So yeah the input is low because of the passive low output pickups...

    Happy you got it sorted. Just two additions:

    First: You might want to review this page, great advice and summary: Reamping Guide

    Second: I use reamping via SPDIF all the time. With careful eye on the levels on the way and especially when going back from the DAW into the Kemper via SPDIF you can really achieve the same input level for the reamped track. I tried a few times to reamp with the same profile as I played the original track. Was almost the same, at least no noticable difference. I like to keep it like that in order not to compromise the input level and the resulting gain...

    You're on a good way Nordan with a lot of good thoughts around your stuff. Good view and ideas :thumbup:

    Personally I would rather start with a better interface in this situation. One which fully suits your needs and can take the central position in your setup with good quality - including a better headphone out if possible. If your interface is a limitation sound-wise it will not disappear when combined with an external headphone amp I'd say.

    Nevertheless I'm using a rather old interface as well (M-Audio / AVID Fast Track C400) which works quite well for me including SPDIF which I use a lot. But the SPDIF as such does not bring super major sound improvements. It allows some things but it is way less essential then a good headphone out or even monitoring.

    Interesting thread here and I am with you JedMckenna and tryhardhack regarding your choices. Similar here but different sorting 8o

    1. MBritt for live, live, live and recording (~75%)
    2. Bert Meulendijk's BE100 & Filmo & Acoustic for recording (~15%)
    3. Tone Junkie & a few others for special cases, mostly in recording, re-amping etc. (10%)

    I really see difference between live and recording use in many cases. Most beautiful profiles are those which work well in both cases 8)

    but somehow I always got back to Kemper, as it seems that lot of my idols on Youtube went for Kemper, so there must be something...,

    Oh yes. I think the broad acceptance and use of the Kemper by Pros is a good sign in addition to the facts. The other units and approaches you mention are all valid and might have their advantages in one or the other situation. And it might be a matter of taste in the end as well...

    And it’s the best piece of gear I have ever bought and it appears to be holding its value very well

    This! Exactly my feeling about it. Gigs, recordings, creative processes, song writing, re-amping and mixing... I use the Kemper in all of those situations and it's a great tool for all of this. Nevertheless it needs some time to learn all the beauty of the concept and to find the personal favorites etc. - but it's definitely worth it :thumbup:8)

    An author named "Deadlight Studio" has put some profiles on the RigExchange which are made from Neve1073, UAD, Telefunken and other channel strips / console type preamps. Only a few but I like them a lot as a basis for acoustic guitars and for addind superb Kemper effects. Could be a starting point for you as well.

    Agree with Wheresthedug on Bert's Acoustic pack. Similar profiles in that as well which work good on multi purpose 8)

    Ich habe am Kemper im Performance Mode meine Rigs ausgewählt und danach den Store Button betätigt um sicher zu gehen.

    Ich erinnere mich nicht genau, da ich Performances immer Computer im RigManager zusammenstelle, und das daher am Kemper selber ewig nicht gemacht habe. Aber: Du musst wahrscheinlich den Store-Button nach jeder Auswahl/Änderung pro Slot drücken. Ansonsten wird die Änderung sobald du auf der Remote mit dem Fußschalter einen anderen Slot auswählst verworfen.

    Das gilt nicht, wenn du mit den Rig-Tasten am Kemper selber navigierst. Das ist ein bisschen tricky mit den Änderungen und der Remote...

    I'm looking into buying a pair of monitors (probably Adam T5V, no need for anything better as this is just a hobby for me).

    Just my 2 cents: If it is your hobby then you deserve not less than the best you can get :)

    Seriously you should get satisfying gear to listen to the Kemper's great sounds. And by the way the Adams are great monitors. Using the A7x here and they are pretty good.