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    Renaud, you know for sure that I am a fan of your tunes :)
    Same here, nice composition, very relaxed and smooth vibe (!) indeed. I like the break and the outro a lot. Although we are typically focused on the guitars here in the Kemper world I recognised the piano chords filling the space in a very nice way. Cool thing :thumbup:8)

    so on my kemper output the spdif clock is set to 44.1 kHz is this okay?

    Yes - when all other values are the same and that's how you described it so far.

    so logic is set to 44.1 kHz, do i need to change the kemper and focusrite to 48khz and leave logic at 44.1?

    No. Simple rule: All need to have the same value. If you change one you need to change all.

    Maybe for the sake of your testing you can try to set all to 48Khz. Change it on the Kemper, change in the Focusrite and set up a fresh project in the DAW with 48KHz in the project settings.

    spdif is set to the master clock on focusrite control

    As I do not own a Focusrite interface I have no clue how the correct entry should look like. As you wrote it here it seems that you made the interface to the master and not the Kemper. Please check again, the symptoms would fit.

    The cable looks fine. That should do without problems so I would rather see the software and settings in charge here.

    I know I probably can't go wrong with any of the above-mentioned profile-makers

    Indeed, that's what I would say as well. All good ones. Still they have there different styles and different vibe here and there.

    Not to make it complicated but I would add one. Michael Britt. I like his 69' Marshall profiles a lot. Alltime favourites for Marshall sound in my ears. But he has a 800 pack as well and on the page a lot of sound samples from it. Look here:

    MBritt 800 pack

    okay so I'm experiencing clicks in my recordings now what could this be?

    Sounds like mismatch on the SPDIF clock stuff. Which Kemper version? If Toaster or Rack then the Kemper needs to be Clock Master - you need to tell the Focusrite interface in the settings to use the Kempers clock signal.

    And you need to make sure that both have the same settings, i.e. 44,1 / 48 KHz etc.

    Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper :thumbup:8)

    how do I make the tuner go into silent mode?

    Choose the Tuner mode with the chickenhead knob. The left soft button above the display should allow you now to choose "Mute Signal". Press the button to check the box. Done.

    I use this setting also to change guitars. Works fine for me :)

    Hi, welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper :thumbup:8)

    Your question is a bit unspecific. What would you consider to be "best connection"? And with that interface you have a lot of options.

    Simple: Wire the master outs to the line ins via XLR cable. Should give you good quality and easy handling. Can go stereo then. Make sure in the output menu of the Kemper to select the right stuff to be send out, i.e. Master Stereo. If you need only mono then one cable is enough and you can go for Master Mono on the output.

    More sophisticated: Wire additional inputs with direct out etc. in order to record pieces of the sound separately, e.g. record the guitar signal separated from the effects, record the dry signal separately for reamping etc.

    Great video, thanks for sharing here.

    Christoph and HW both are such great guys. Really appreciate what they are doing and their polite personalities. Very cool :thumbup:8)

    Looking forward to these great new effects. Just what I was hoping for, especially Auto Swell and Acoustic Simulator. The others will be interesting as well.

    Hi Todd, welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper!

    You're on the right track with what you're doing already. Many here use the same Focusrite interface and SPDIF as well. I have perfect results with SPDIF and it saves you from anopther DA/AD conversion on the way as you say.

    So once you checked the aspects Monkey_Man mentioned it would be good if you describe the setup and settings a little more in order for the community to help you.

    Are you just recording a single guitar track and perceive the difference or is it already a mix with other instruments? Soon you will find that guitar sounds which work well on its own when you practice etc. might work less well in a band mix. Vice versa good and mix ready guitar sounds might sound weak to you when you hear them separately.

    Great work. Nicely done and as always thanks for sharing this with the community.

    Just tried them out for some time and found that they get even way more meaty with a reduction of the Definition parameter. Can be tweaked well by this. Tried another cab on the merged one (Guido Bungenstock's Bogner cab) and it fits good as well. Cool thing :thumbup:8)

    TJ wrote another mail yesterday where it says "technical difficultues with the next kemper show episode... stat tuned!". So I wouldn't be too worried. Just a matter of them how quickly they can sort this out. Let's do as they say: Stay tuned :)