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    Great tune Renaud, very nice. I like the sheer amount of ear-catching events in there and the bunch of great sounds like that lovely Shakawaka guitar short before the end. Thanks for sharing :thumbup:8)

    Wow, I love the atmospheric ones. Massive Attack meets early intros of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The Bass sound and bass line is awesome! Just as the guitar sound in the second part. Love that. Thanks Per  :thumbup:8)

    Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. It's great if you join those discussions and there are a lot around recording the great Kemper tone. Cool thing :thumbup:8)

    Just for reamping! For simple recording one cable (out Kemper to in Interface) is enough.

    For reamping you need a 2nd one (out interface to in Kemper).

    I still have lots to learn, but my profiles sound pretty good to me just going Microphone directly to Kemper. Any thoughts or tips would be most helpful.

    No right or wrong here. If it sounds good to you then it is a right approach. I did it the same way some times and it works definitely well. Not much colouring if you put the mic into the Kemper.

    Nevertheless if you look at profiles from professional profilers you most probably hear them putting the signal through mic and console (i.e. mixer or preamp or whatever) in order to optimize the signal for the profiling. A lot of them even profiles with a blend of more than one microphone in order to get different aspects of the different mics to sum up.

    And I used my channel strip as well during the last profiling sessions and found it beneficial in terms of signal quality.

    Wild one, has a bit of an epic 80s vibe for me. I can hear Dave Lee Roth coming up and start singing here. Thanks for sharing all that stuff Per . Great thing :thumbup:8)

    I tend to like quite mid heavy sounds and it probably needs more space in there to get a really big sound going.

    Same here. But when it comes to vocals that's usually the space which is needed by them. So then it's the time to free up this space rather than putting "this great sounding guitar" in the middle of it all.

    But thanks Southdakota for the explanation. I guessed some of that as mentioned above but indeed and as Per said it: Knowing is one thing, practicing the other :)

    I'm still having a hard time mixing big guitar sounds. More practice will be required.

    Same here. And I'm still quite impressed with the song Southdakota published a few days ago. Those guitars sounded great and were yet not doubled, quadtracked or whatever. That's actually my go to approach: Less is more, less tracks and less gain :) ...but I'm not a heavy metal guys so it might be easier for me. So, now back to practice.

    I did and it was all very smooth and straight forward. But indeed it took a few days until it was sent and finally arrived here. But please be reasonable. They are mainly manufacturers of that incredible great box but not a top notch logistics company with overnight delivery.

    Anyway, I know how you feel. Once the order is placed it can not get fast enough. That's for sure...

    By the way: Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper once it arrives. It's worth it :thumbup:8)

    Great sounds indeed, like the bass as well. And nice stereo play with the guitars. Whalesounds are great. The second part sounds fat and tight... :thumbup:8)

    The Master of Different Vibes has done it again! Nice one Per and you know how much I appreciate your Piano & Keyboard skills. Well invested here. Very nice switch into the guitar solo. Cool :thumbup:8)

    Vermutlich spricht da nix gegen. Möglicherweise die Impedanz, je nachdem, was du da anschließen willst. Wobei Kemper selbst in den Tutorials auf YouTube den Anschluss von In-Ear-Monitoring Systemen an den Kopfhörer Anschluss beschreibt.