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    I run the firmware and I noticed recently that the autoassign function for the Remote effect buttons (page 6 of Rig menu) doesn't work the way it should. The leds on the remote light properly when i press the STORE button, but there is no response when I push any effect button on the remote. I used this fonction a few weeks ago and it worked correctly at that time.

    It still works correctly when I assign effects manually. I know that I should reverse to a previous firmware version to test it all but for the moment, i'd like to know if peoples with the last beta firmware experiment the same behaviour.


    I would like to know if we will be able to cut and paste rigs between folders and subfolders in the new version of R.M. I don't see it in the last beta version 2.3.8. For now, I can copy and paste, but not cut and paste. Same thing with drag and drop. Everything duplicates.

    I had the same issue after updating to the last beta firmware. There were audio cut-out and strange behavior in Sonar, in recording and in play modes. Took me some time to realize it was in relation with spdif and that my Kemper, wich is connected to my audio interface by spdif for recording, could be involved in this. The problem did not occur without spdif connection.

    So I reverted to 5.7.4 and everything is ok now.

    Great dmatthews This is exactly the kind of opinion I'm looking for. Never easy to choose but sometime you have to, and since no Xitone is available to make my own opinion, those from people who own and use both cabs are precious. For sure, a used DXR-10 at 400$ CAD was a good deal and I'd take one at that price without hesitation, but never saw one in the past 2 years.

    Should buy a powered cab for my Kemper this year, but maybe I will wait to hear from the new Kemper Kabinet and their price range. Maybe not...

    Thanks taking time to answer!




    I'm a new Remote user and I am in the learning process. I like to have 3 differents scenes for a song, all with the same stack but with differents effects or with effect setting change. So I create a performance with the same stack on slot 1, 3 and 5. Everything works great and it was easy to program the 3 slots to do what I want.

    The problem is that there is and audible gap or crossfade if i switch between slots while guitar is sustaining. Some kind of short level curve. Do I miss something ? Is there a way to avoid this ? Rig spillover is on and it's working ok.

    The point is to tweak multiple effects in one step for different variations. When I switch effects individually on the Remote without changing the slot, there is no gap. When I switch a different slot, there is a small gap or crossfade.

    The morphing do the job between 2 scenes. Is there any options if you have more ? I can manage to do it differently with the effects switch but want to know if I miss something.

    Thanks for your help.

    I agree Wheresthedug . And I know that sometimes things just happened. If the problem is fixed in a sustainable way, there is nothing to complain about. I can read in the forum that Kemper's team work on tickets they received and the service seems very good and efficient, wich is reassuring.

    However, situations involving the use of Rig Manager on a laptop while in performance mode are strange. You never had a problem in this situation ?