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    my guess is that you never could “delete” them before. What we called deleting was actually just the same as what is now called “initialising” but the introduction of the editor actually shows the status whereas the old version didn’t.

    I did revert to 7.1.5 to check this and you are right. The "empty" performances in RM can't be selected by RM unless you chose to "create a new performance" but they can be by the Remote and show as "New performance". This make sens, otherwise how could you create a new performance without RM connected ? Thanks for your lights ;)

    Okay well that's different from previous versions of the OS. When I previously looked at the profiler through RM it would mirror what was backed up to my computer. Now I see 100 "New Performance"/s.

    I do not understand why we could delete a performance with OS 7.1.5 but not with the last beta versions. Is there any reason for this ? Maybe some changes introduced with the Stage ? For me, i prefer an empty performance that can't be selected by the Remote than a New performance that can be selected with settings that mean nothing.

    That's how I use it too. The actual "editing" bit is far less important to me than rig/performance management. However, I think what GS was saying is that if you are using it as we do you probably aren't changing in real time the way you would with a footswitch so a little latency isn't an issue. By the time I have reched for the keyboard, clicked a new profile and returned to my guitar the rig always has time to change.

    Yes, you're right. But if you navigate through performances instead of rigs with RM3 connected, there will be latency between the slots of the performance when you play guitar. This latency is far less present with the official release version of RM, I think.

    Switching slots takes longer when Rig Manager is connected. The reason behind this is, that all changes need to be stored when switching to another slot. This didn't happen before and for obviously reasons, it troubled loads of users. We assume that when you have Rig Manager connected, you want to edit things and keep you edits.

    If you want the slots to switch fast (and not store changes) then you need to disconnect Rig Manager.

    I thought that Rig Manager was also a tool to navigate through rigs and performances, not necessarily to do some editing. I use it this way a lot.

    There is a very noticeable latency when switching slots in performance mode. Has anyone else had this issue?

    I agree with terich. I was on OS 7.1.18 and when switching between any of the 5 different slots of the same performance, I always had a latency before the choosen rig took effects. The latency varies between 158 and 570 ms, wich is not adequate when you want to switch between different parts of a song. Made differents tests, with or without rig spillover, with midi control instead of the remote, compared with other analog midi switching to make sure it's not the guitar player ;). I finally reverted to the latest official release 7.1.15 and latency disappeared.

    I hope it will be fixed before the release of RM 3.

    I've just noticed that the Lock is actually working fine in Browser mode but NOT in performance mode. Both input menu and the effects chain are locking correctly in Browser mode so the problem is particular to Performance mode only.

    I have realised that locking works only in the location MyProfiler in the Browser mode. If I move to a rig in Local Library, the effect slots are still locked in the kemper but the effects themselves in the slots are not locked and change with every rig, while Rig Manager continue to show the effects that were locked in first place but that's not what is on Kemper.

    Hi, the changes and fixed elements in the changelog works good here (Windows 10 64 bits). The lock function in performance mode seems to work good also. Thanks for this.

    Is there gonna be a way to delete a performance, not just initialize it ? Would be better to have empty lines than a lot of new performances. The option is there in location Local Library but not in MyProfiler.

    Also, would be nice to have low and high values for morphing. Just the heel or starting value is not enough.

    And a "Comment" tag for the presets would be appreciate.

    Will be a nice tool when everything in place. Thanks!:)


    I run the firmware and I noticed recently that the autoassign function for the Remote effect buttons (page 6 of Rig menu) doesn't work the way it should. The leds on the remote light properly when i press the STORE button, but there is no response when I push any effect button on the remote. I used this fonction a few weeks ago and it worked correctly at that time.

    It still works correctly when I assign effects manually. I know that I should reverse to a previous firmware version to test it all but for the moment, i'd like to know if peoples with the last beta firmware experiment the same behaviour.


    I would like to know if we will be able to cut and paste rigs between folders and subfolders in the new version of R.M. I don't see it in the last beta version 2.3.8. For now, I can copy and paste, but not cut and paste. Same thing with drag and drop. Everything duplicates.

    I had the same issue after updating to the last beta firmware. There were audio cut-out and strange behavior in Sonar, in recording and in play modes. Took me some time to realize it was in relation with spdif and that my Kemper, wich is connected to my audio interface by spdif for recording, could be involved in this. The problem did not occur without spdif connection.

    So I reverted to 5.7.4 and everything is ok now.

    Great dmatthews This is exactly the kind of opinion I'm looking for. Never easy to choose but sometime you have to, and since no Xitone is available to make my own opinion, those from people who own and use both cabs are precious. For sure, a used DXR-10 at 400$ CAD was a good deal and I'd take one at that price without hesitation, but never saw one in the past 2 years.

    Should buy a powered cab for my Kemper this year, but maybe I will wait to hear from the new Kemper Kabinet and their price range. Maybe not...

    Thanks taking time to answer!