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    It's interesting that people here say that Fractal should be worried.

    In Fractal Forum they say that Kemper should be worried.

    I've owned Fractal in the past and now I'm using Kemper.

    Neural DSP claim this will profile amps better than the current profilers (clearly pointing at Kemper).

    So I tend to agree that Kemper has more to worry about to be honest.

    Anyway I think this is good to us all.

    Our Kempers won't sound worse because of this.

    I won't go back to using FRFR and I won't carry a separate power amp for my cab.

    I wish more companies incorporated their own power amp in their modeleres/profilers etc

    Kemper is the really only option for me at this point.

    On a recent show a friend (bassist) came to me and told me that my tone was perfect.

    But there's something weird like the sound was not alive or trapped in the cab :)

    He has no clue about Kemper, IRs, FRFR and all that.

    I've spent many years using the AXE FX and now Kemper through a Powered FRFR (CLR) and recently bought a 2x12 to test.

    Same friend came to another show with the guitar cab and told me that now is just perfect.

    There's still something different about guitar cabs.

    Hey Terence.

    I think something might be terrible wrong.

    That clip you posted does indeed sound awful.

    This might actually be good as I don't think I can sound that bad even If I wanted, which most probably means that there's something that can be fixed.

    I'm also using mostly TopJimi profiles (the AFD pack.)

    And it does sound exactly like his videos (guitar differences apart).

    It translates well from Gibsons to Strats or Teles (which I do own).

    That clip just doesn't sound right.

    My first thought was.. dead batteries on active pickups.

    Clip attached from a random Diezel profile I found With a p90 Les Paul.

    Way to much gain and a bit bass heavy and apologize for the random noodling.

    Just to give you an idea...

    Where are you based?

    I believe if you could sit down with a fellow kemper user with it's own Guitar and Kemper you would be able troubleshoot whatever issue you have there pretty quickly.

    I think you have some issue there for sure.

    Also I believe a lot of people here should make an effort to be more polite.

    If they can't don't reply.

    I think he's coming here humbly asking for help.

    You can quote "System requirements: Windows 8 or higher." but i absolutely guarantee that at this present moment and with this version of RM3 it does not work on Windows 8 , i have spent hours and hours attempting to get it to work so i bit the bullet and updated from Win 8 to Win 10 the same IE the exact computer i have been trying to get RM3 to work on and guess what yes that's right it works now i am on Windows 10 so i say this and you can quote me (System requirements Windows 10) ;)

    You guaranteeing that it does not work on Windows 8 because it didn't work for you is ridiculous.

    Just chill and enjoy RM and Windows 10.

    Ok, today I tried multiple times to create a new performance filling each of the five slots with the same rig (Michael Britt Taylor K4 3). First, it would not allow me to save it local or to the Kemper using the orange buttons at the bottom of the main screen. Then, most or all of the slots were reverting to crunch when I changed slots. Then, it started crashing and giving me an error message when I tried to drag and drop the rig onto new slots in a new performance. I shut down and rebooted a couple of times. Will submit to support but attaching the error pic here for reference.

    Same thing here.

    I've spent the last 2 hours trying to create a new performance. No luck

    Really frustrating.

    Kemper crashed probably 7/8 times. Had to delete the performance in Kemper to stop it from crashing.

    When creating a new performance rigs would switch slots.

    Rigs would revert back to crunch.

    Dragging presets into rigs would work some times.

    Could not save changes in RM. Orange save would be grayed out.

    I would be starting at rig manager showing me one thing and kemper showing a different thing.

    Very frustrating experience so far.

    Always used my Kemper with a CLR.

    Very good tone but always felt I was missing something.

    Bought a Victory vertical cab 212vv and gig tested it this weekend.

    My tone was simply amazing. Really missed having a guitar cab behind me.

    With the CLR i had good tone but now my tone has this growl that I never had with the CLR.

    It's like I have this "thump" in each note. I don't think you can get that with a FRFR.

    The victory is amazing.

    CLR is going for sale :)

    It's not the 6I6 for sure (unless you have something misconfigured)

    I'm using the 6i6 with a pair of Focal Solo6Be and it sounds better than connecting my Sennheiser hd 800s directly into the kemper.

    Have you tried with a different pair of studio monitors?

    Before the Focals I had the HS5 and found them pretty bad.

    I use a 6i6 with Sennheiser Hd-800. I honestly don't find a big difference between the kemper headphone out and the focusrite.

    I may be getting old..

    Why don't you buy a headphones amp? the "schiit magni 3" is incredible, read some reviews about it, and it costs about 100$, you won't find anything better to drive your headphones unless you are ready to spend over 1000$

    Sorry to highjack the thread.

    Can you share your thoughts on it?