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    Hey guys! Here with a few questions about Profiling my amp. The amp is question is an Ampeg VH140c. I would like to capture the amp with my Marshall 1960a cabinet. I’ve found a good YouTube tutorial on how to go about it, so my main question is how do I go about getting a direct profile of the amp? One that would bypass the cabinet all together. The amp has a balanced line out on the back. Would I be able to go straight from that output into the Kemper for a direct profile?

    Appreciate any help! Thanks!

    I'm almost certain this question has been asked (and solved) before, but I can't for the life of me find a straight answer. DISCLAIMER: YES, I read the manual and have scoured every forum and Youtube video on the topic and still no straight answer.

    First, the rig in question consists of an unpowered Kemper Profiler toaster, into a Crown XLS 1002, into a Marshall 4x12 1960a guitar cabinet. What I would like to do with this setup is play with my profile into the guitar cab on stage (so obviously, the cab sim feature on the face of the Profiler is deactivated). I would ALSO like to have a direct line out from the Kemper to the board at FOH. Now, the issue I'm facing is the signal going to FOH is my profile with the cab sim feature off thus resulting in a terrible sounding static tone much different from the killer tone coming from the guitar cabinet on stage. How do I send my profile tone to FOH with the cab sim ON while also having it OFF for my guitar cabinet?

    I’m based in Southern Ohio and looking for someone willing to trade their Unpowered Kemper Rack for an Unpowered Kemper Head. I have the white version and will include the Green Kemper carrying bag! With increasing touring it would be way more convenient for me to have my power amp and Kemper all in one rack for ease of setup/travel.


    Awesome! Thanks for the help! I'll give it a try and report back for anyone else wondering. This isn't something I'll be doing often, or ever gigging with, but it's nice to know and will save the cash of buying an actual bass rig when I decide to grab the 4string every now and again at home.

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a non-powered KPA and a Crown XLS 1002 power amp. I’ve been running them into my Marshall 1960a 4x12 guitar cabinet for rehearsals. Today I just picked up a bass and am curious if I could plug in and play through my Marshall cab without blowing it? Appreciate any help!