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    Thanks for all the replies!

    here's what i'm thinking before i spend money, just wanted to make sure i have it right.

    Kemper VIA XLR to Focusrite 6i6 (i already have an XLR cable, is there any benefit to using spdif instead from kemper to 6i6?)

    Kemper usb to PC for rig manager

    Focusrite 6i6 USB to PC for pc mix software and recording

    Focusrite 6i6 speaker out (i think it's a standard 1/4 inch jack instead of the XLR i use now from kemper to speaker) to my speaker (FRFR yamaha hs8 i only have 1 now)

    I think the Focusrite 6i6 can also play audio to the FRFR via the PC usb for like PC music/itunes right?

    some kind of software on the pc to mix stuff. going to start with whatever comes free with the Focusrite 6i6 and go from there.

    will that work or am i missing anything?

    Additional question i thought of as i wrote this. I only have 1 speaker. would 2 be of benefit? The guitar is always mono right so not really?

    I think it would help playing PC audio though

    TY, sounds good! from you guys help and research i think i'm going to go in that direction.

    So I just got a kemper this week. Already in love with it :)

    I'm looking for recommendations for recording it's output to PC. I know almost zero about this stuff, trying to learn.

    Right now it's running straight into a FRFR via xlr cable.

    What do i need to do to record it's output to my pc? i'd like to be able to hear it on the FRFR while it's recording as well.

    Looking for recommendation for whatever hardware i might need (preferably something that doesn't go inside the cpu)

    as well as a software recommendation for recording and mixing (PC not mac)

    something mid range maybe? i'm never going to mix anything for the public/studio just for myself. don't want cheap stuff but pro/studio quality might be over kill unless it's not much more than the mid stuff.