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    As a supposedly well trained engineer PhD who has studied, researched, practiced and taught the discipline I have come to the conclusion, based on all the anecdotal and empirical information available, that the achievement of a great sounding electric is totally determined by magic, luck and pixi dust. Try a bunch, close your eyes, play and choose.

    Folks, here we have a true artist. Studio comes first. Phone and lighting upgrades will have to wait :)

    No way the wife will ever let me throw 3 bills at yet another guitar...but if she ever changes her mind that one would probably be at the top of my list. Very nice.

    As a kid in the 60s with three older sisters I was exposed to all the British invasion stuff as well as the Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Ventures and all the AM pop. My dad had me join band in 5th grade and rented me a trombone. My arm was barely long enough to play the whole slide. I was terrible. I remember the teacher telling me my notes were off by an octave. What’s an octave? At the Christmas concert he pulled me aside and told me to just move the slide but don’t blow into the instrument. I was the Millie Vanilli of 5th grade band. I lasted half a term.

    I wanted to play the guitar. My mom had gifted my older sister a cheap Sears guitar but my sister didn’t take to it. So my mom bought it back from her (that means she actually bought that piece of crap guitar twice) and gave it to me so I could join 7th grade guitar class. It was a terrible guitar, smaller than everyone else’s, really a toy and I remember the teacher telling me that she couldn’t tune it. I persevered as the oddball and the next year a buddy of mine dropped the class and sold me his Lyle nylon string acoustic. Now I had a proper learning guitar. Now I could get the girls! Didn’t work. I was no better with the girls than I was with the trombone. But, maybe because I had all that extra time on my hands, I did become pretty good with the guitar.

    First real performance was the 9th grade spring concert. I and two friends had learned Stairway to Heaven on our own and the guitar teacher liked it enough that he gave us our own spot in the concert. I remember the three of us played it perfectly except our nerves got the best of us and we chased an ever increasing tempo till it mercilessly concluded.

    Been playing ever since but it has always taken second place to more stable earning pursuits. My PhD’s in engineering, not music, but I love music, not engineering. I’ve been very fond of classic rock ever since it took over my music life in the 70s. Not much of a market for it these days but it’s part of me and it isn’t leaving.

    New to Kemper, but absolutely love it, been playing for 30 plus years and owned many amps, but have to say never sounded as good, look forward to some good tips and trips.

    From Worcester uk.

    Carl :):)

    Welcome Carl. You've owned many amps. Now you own thousands as well as hundreds of pedals. Congratulations.

    I wrote crank up (means gear cup) not cracks. And you can easily ad a pickup system without violating there guitar.
    I did this with my old Höfner Guitar.

    Understand. My "cracks" comment refers to the video link you sent where it's stated that most of these guitars end up with cracks over time. Those original 60s strings have enough tension to hold up the Golden gate bridge. No wonder the neck's so chubby. Still, a PU might be a useful mod if I can get the acoustic set-up well enough. So far so good. Thanks for the advice.

    I know, not electric so not much use with the Kemper but still my latest guitar. A 1960s era Kay archtop. Found it today at the local thrift store for $180. I think it's a good deal and it looks great, has all original parts and a straight neck. It will be my project for a while to get it cleaned up and re-secure the neck joint that's pulling away from the body. I think the price was low enough that the wife isn't complaining. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

    no the cult like following stems from the initiation ceremony where we have to roll up one trouser leg, and drink the blood of a virgin unicorn before swearing allegiance to Paul and accept death by stoning by women wearing beards if we ever speak ill the grand master.

    I'm a bit hazy on the whole thing, but I think was at one of those back in the 80s. Although the chastity of the unicorn was never confirmed...

    My recollection of the 70s Strats (admittedly it's been a while, and I've slept since then) is that they were all over the place in terms of necks, bodies, quality, etc. One in particular was a body as heavy as my G&L (far heavier than my 89 Strat), and it had a thick neck as you mentioned.

    Yes, and it has the notorious 3-screw neck with the micro neck adjustment that many complained about. I haven't had any issues though. Sometimes you get lucky.