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    No need. I expect to make my own profiles that rivals anything they have to offer. Isn't "creating" profiles what's it's all about?

    I'm confused, You hope the Kemper will eliminate your need to buy more physical amps. But you aren't interested in using other profiles? How is that going to work? Welcome by the way. I think you will be happy.

    I have modded my new PRS SE Paul’s guitar with:

    • Fishman Fluence Open Core pickups
    • 3-way mini toggle switch per pickup to select between the pickup's 3 voices
    • A Free-way switch to select between bridge, both and neck pickup
      (2 rows of a regular 3-way switch: lower row to select whatever the mini toggle switches are set to and the upper row all single coil sounds always)
    • Single coil sounds are soldered for the the outer “coils”
    • Volume and Tone knobs are push-pulls to select the high-frequency tilt (HFT) option per pickup
    • Lampshade knobs (did not have enough grip with the round ones)
    • Graphtech ratio Kluson style locking tuners (had to ream the tuner holes)
    • Dropstrap

    Cool. I like personalized custom hot rods.

    I have spent a week studying manuals, bugging forum members and 3 days with my kemper power toaster. Starting to figure it out. At first just using it direct in the studio, sounded great. Initially plugged in a cab and it sounded a little muffled, I knew I hadn't figured it all out yet so went back to direct. Once I figured out how to get a performance together (edit: not completely figured out saving wise) I

    That's awesome Dyno. Happy to say that post is a recurring theme on this forum. Agree completely.

    Disco dismantled live performances for Rock Bands for almost 10 years in the U.S.

    All the clubs hired DJ's and stopped booking live Music. Blues and Jazz joints paid very little.

    Country & Western bars thrived and paid well so many of us went for it.

    Disco did suck and heavy drinking was the order of the day.

    Maybe so Muddy. I was referring to the Bee Gees specifically who predate disco by a decade and should not be lumped in with the rest of the prefab juice. Also, The Seattle live scene didn't take that much of a hit from Disco. Lots of great venues thrived and great bands.

    Saw them live in Seattle just after this album was released. I remember many of the security guys had Disco Sucks t-shirts on. I'm a classic rock guy but always loved the Bee Gees, all the way back to their early stuff. Didn't understand the disco backlash they faced. Great talents. Thanks for sharing that.

    Thanks everyone for your help and sorry if I was a pain!! The Kemper just isn't for me. Best of favor in all endeavors to everyone!

    Good for you for giving it a try. There are plenty of options out there that may suit you better. My personal journey through the options has led me to Kemper but we're not all the same. Best of luck to you in your search for your ideal rig.

    I've bought and sold a ton of amps (literally). I've lost $$ on each deal. I've lugged the monsters all over the place . My back remembers each one. It would be cost prohibitive to buy an amp for each tone I want to pursue. Kemper gives me the variety I desire in one versatile and affordable package. For those who have discovered their "sound" and have no desire to change then good for them and they will perhaps only need one amp. My tastes are varied and I love the fact that I can get pro quality tone for more amps than I could have imagined out of that box and Kabinet. I first picked up an electric in 1972 - Kemper is honestly the best gear purchase I ever made. It has simplified my life without compromise. Buy it!

    ...Yes I still have some tube amps, only because I hate losing money on the sell side..

    My opinion, great cosmetic look and finish for LP style, hollows and semi-hollows. I’ve seen it on S-style and I think it makes them look rather clunky with the squared off edges rather than their traditional contoured. Never had any issues with neck binding but needs to be comfortable since that is a more than cosmetic location.

    Hi Moritz. Enjoy your new Kemper. I think you'll enjoy its adaptability. I'm very happy and I think I've only tapped into perhaps 40% of its capability so far. This is a very useful forum.

    Nice speakers. You might consider the powered Profiler as well (if you are not already) since it offers additional options such as seamless use with the Kemper Kabinet. Just a thought.