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    Hi there,

    I know the subject might have been already discussed here but it seems many years ago.

    I recently got an Antelope Zen Q interface with Discrete preamps and spdif connection, which I never had before.

    So I gave it a test with the KPA, comparing the recording of incoming, amplified signal with spdif and with xlr.

    My first test for high-gain sound shows me barely any differences between the two. I made sure I selected internal clock for spdif at 48 khz,

    which is the same with the interface. Not sure to understand the importance by which one has to be the 'slave' yet.

    If I made no wrong, and the difference of sound is minimal, are you still recording spdif for the sake of having more free inputs available?

    Thanks for your insights :)

    Hi there,

    I was thinking that somebody some day might want to release a book like '50 ways to use the Kemper' or something.

    Of course different versions exists, within various environnements, but how are you using it in your rig or studio?

    As an amp? Direct? Complementary? Hybrid? Effets loop? Other crazy stuff?

    Sharing my main setup that might be unusual for some, contextual for others, (or forbidden by purists) as I like to use kemper profiles in the fx loop of the Mesa TC-50, not only for effects but to add a 'gain no.2' (much alike dual gain on Marshalls or Fortin Cali) after each three channels set around mid-gain, which delivers an interesting variety of tones, from plexi to full-on metal. One fave is an ADA Mp1 preamp preset 45 combined with channel 2, or a JJCantrell 100W profile at various gain between clean or purple channel as a 'boost'. Sometimes it's just 'amp off' with a preamp or OD pedal in front but keeping the KPA EQ, fave cab and effets in the loop.

    All that goes through the 2x12 cab and a Laney Frfr 112 alternatively or simultaneously.


    Straight to the Kemper isnt enough for me, so I have at least three boost/preamp external options before the KPA, one delay pedal in a loop,

    and sometimes 3 different s IRs blended together with the help of another 'processor' or IR loader.

    1) a clean boost pedal - 2) a preamp pedal as a boost - 3) a Marshall-like tube preamp with low gain settings and a boost option when needed.

    I often chose one of those boost options depending how well they match with certain profiles. Certain profiles dont need a boost, others might sound better with the gain dropped, to let one or the other external boosts options make them sound even more better and precise. That might sound expensive or silly, but it works. I also use a delay pedal in a the loop of the kpa in the effects section so after the 'amp' section these days.

    so that looks like: guitar -> clean boost pedal -> rack tube preamp -> kemper -> power amp -> mesa 2x12 cab (or a 1x12 FRFR cab, or studio monitors).

    It's been already a year last month since I got the unpowered KPA. It led me to some of the craziest experiences I couldnt imagine. I might have gone throught 6000 different profiles and 666 IRs (lol). Blending IRs, processors, boosts, preamps, before, in between or after the KPA, through monitors, real cab, and even a FRFR cab. Of course the relentless tone chasing affected the playing a bit, but recently I got the Laney LFR 112 cab and the principle of just playing for the pleasure got back, as opposed to just tweaking for the purpose of recording. I can't let go of make things complicated: i like to switch from various types of boosts pedals/preamps, and also jam with the Mesa 2 x 12

    on one side and the FRFR 1 x 12 on the other side to create a 'comforting enveloppe'.

    I'm also learning of not feeling guilty of doing things some people said we shouldnt do. It's all about experimenting and the Kemper graciously provided me the inspiration to explore a multitude of possibilities.

    I also appreciate the presence of this community. The 'kemper family' makes me believe we're all connected to something big in terms of technology and improvement.

    I'll leave it with what I said last year: In 1987 I was trying to get a decent sound with the overdrive switch of a 10W Crate amp, now i'm somewhat dialing all

    the best amps in the world :)

    This earlier version does not include the Art power conditioner and the Lexicon Mx 300 which i added in loop thought the Helix LT

    like the Kemper itself as an amp in the signal chain blocks. I switch often between the power amp/cab to the direct/studio monitors options.

    The Solar is my main rhythm. I sold my Jackson Monarkh (the one I play on my profile pic), thinking about getting a Charvel Pro for further studio use.

    I recently added a Kemper to my rack to get the/my 'dream rig' of a Helix and Kemper.

    So far its pretty great - any amp, any effect - the two device co-exist very well together.

    I'm of the opinion that you don't have to be in one camp or the other - you're allowed to have whatever gear you like and enjoy it. Definitely have both if you can :)

    I feel the same way about that combination. The more I use them together, the more I'm glad with my decision of keeping the Helix

    after i got the KPA. The signal chain options are crazy. Never thought I would see the Kemper as a 'small white block' on the screen ;)

    Interesting subject, i'm curious about other people's feedbacks as well. I've been experimenting similar issues with the quad method.

    Some sounds are less difficult to work with, or blend together better. Id didnt even tried tracking with different guitars / pick ups yet since recording with the Kemper, various IRs and the quad thing are still all new for me.

    I was wondering if other people like me have been somewhat inspired by good sounding profiles that makes you consider checking out one real amp in particular.

    I know many of them are unnafordable, but based on your Kemper experience so far, which one has been/or would be a winner for you to have for real?

    Reasonably, I would like to get an EVH 5153 50 W but, i must admit ive 'dreamed' of the Fryette Pitbull , or even the Friedman Be100., even though they're frightfully expensive and maybe unnecessary in my case.

    I also use the Helix LT floor to manage and have a visual on the signal chain which includes the Kemper as a 'slave'

    (or read: the 'amp block' in the chain), plugged in one of the effect loops of the Helix. I can altern from one processor

    to the other for effects, mainly using the Helix for eqs, delays and modulations effects (or not) , as well as a few cabs and imported

    IRs. The possibilities are quite insane.

    Given your settings, it should work and it works here under OS 6.0. I tested Front INPUT as well as ALTERNATIVE INPUT.

    Check Volume Pedal level.

    The Remote is a remote control and not part of the audio signal chain.

    Check, that you are really using the intended output and Output Source and no effect loop is engaged while no external equipment attached … the usual suspects.

    Try other Rigs, change mode…. to narrow in.

    I did retry with Front Input and for some reason it WORKED!

    I thought it was something else but it was worth retrying. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. You have to record new loop when you are switching pre/post

    2. In post position sound is recorded after the stack so rig change will not have influence on the recorded loop

    3. In "pre" position the rig will affect the loop sound

    Hi Damian, thank you for taking the time,

    I did retry to record a loop after switching back to pre (input) and still no sound on playback (which is still strange

    due to the fact i was hearing the signal come across while recording the loop).

    I see the playback bar running during that time.

    The only thing I think i didnt try yet is to unplug the remote and plug it back. ;)

    Hi friendly users of the Kemper machine.

    I know it's late and I've been confused about something i might have changed somewhere.

    I know someone here used to have an issue hearing the looper playback in 'post'. For me, it is the opposite.

    I was used to hear the playback on the looper then I could browse profiles with my hands free from the guitar and the sounds would change

    everytime I switched presets. Now i cant hear anything (switched on 'input').

    If I switch on output (post) on the system's looper position , I can hear the playback but I cant hear the changes of sound

    when I'm switching presets (it stays with the same sound I used to record the loop).

    Output Source is set to Master mono for Main Output.

    Greetings from the frozen eastern Canada.

    Guitar player, music lover, radio show host / podcaster.

    Happy to be part of a new exciting era of tone sharing and new methods for recording.

    The future is here, and it is inspiring.

    In late 1986, i was trying to get a metal sound with the overdrive switch on a 10 W Crate amp. In 2019, i am dialing all the amps and rigs on the planet.

    Processing ideas for a 'progressive / extreme metal project

    with lots of diversity. To be continued!

    Kemper Rack unpowered

    Line 6 Helix LT

    Art SLA-1 2x100 power amp

    Mesa Boogie 2 x 12 vertical

    Solar Artist 2.6, PRS Signature Paul Allender, Jackson Monarkh guitars

    Tobias IV bass

    PreSonus Studio One

    T-Racks, Waves plug-ins

    the radio show:

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advices!

    Mr. Atlantic, I considered the Harley Benton GPA 400 from a seller, but finally I bought an Art SLA-1 2 x 100 W which is all I needed (and afordable) to play the profiler through the cab. It's a 'different kind of good' indeed like Chris says, with the cab vs the studio monitors. Didnt tried the Frfr or power speaker yet. As for direct recording, lots of high gain profiles sound pretty good with Cab sim along with external impulse reponses (which that makes somewhat two cabs in the chain, something most people dont wanna hear about, but certain presets sounds good together, tweaking or not.). Still processing ideas....!

    Hi there. I got the unpowered version of the KPA cause I got a deal I couldnt go wrong with. This was just after I got a Mesa 2 x 12 vertical cab with v30s to match with a 50 W EVH i never got. Was expecting to use my Helix LT through the effect loop of the eventual head and have the sound of the Mesa Cab for recording or just for the pleasure of playing. But then I considered going FRFR in the meantime, as I got my eyes on the seemingly afforable Laney LFR 112. Still, I would be curious to hear the KPA running through the Mesa Cab I already own, but from what I read in forums, loop in the head dont seem to be a winner, and having a power amp + cab in the equation might prevent you from hearing the best of your KPA rigs, compared to FRFR/flat/powered speakers. If you can share your thoughts or experiences, that might be helpful.


    - KPA to Mesa 20/20 poweramp and Mesa Cab 2 x 12

    - KPA to a similar power amp or solution like the eventual Fryette LX II (which coming soon but might be pricey?)

    - going FRFR with KPA to Laney LFR 112 or Alto S310 just for monitoring and record direct. (this option would let me use the cab similations of the KPA which are

    sounding pretty good already thought my small studio monitors.

    p.s the description under the Fryette might be inspiring.

    ''Now you can hear what that model is supposed to really sound like!''