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    Thanks. I think I am going to buy one but you mentioned there might be other options out there which could maybe get me 90% of what I need. What are those options? Thanks!

    Yes and with many updates that are free and compatible with every Kemper since day one. That is part of what makes the Kemper a fantastic purchase.

    Yeah that is one thing I hated about my mustang version 1. They came out with the version 2 which had new effects and such but were not brought into version 1 so when I go to download a new patch, sometimes it’s missing key effects if the person who designed the patch designed it on a version 2 mustang. I would hate if I dropped this cash and then Kemper comes out with version 2 and suddenly version 1 becomes obsolete.

    Thanks everyone. I guess my last question is, will there be a Kemper version 2 soon? I’d hate to buy this crazy expensive Kemper only to find that Kemper version 2 is slated to come out in the next few months.

    ...effects wise, just everything and totally configurable. Flangers, pitch, wah, transpose etc..

    You should ideally get the powered version to run a regular cab ( or you can get a separate amp as mentioned or powered speaker). The remote is also excellent but more cost...

    You will be blown away with what it can do but make sure you budget for everything you might need...

    Hmmm what else would I need right off the bat other than the Kemper itself?

    Thanks everyone. I also understand that I should not be using a guitar cab but I honestly can not afford a new speaker setup just yet. So from what I read the Kemper has a lot of watts and to make sure I keep settings low. Is that all I need to do? My cab is 150watts I believe. I understand the sound won’t be as good as the Kemper can be but I imagine it will still be better than the fender mustang.

    I run into both situations using my fender but I’d say more so the amps than the effects. I can get ok clean tones but metal tones definitely stink. What effects come on the Kemper? I’d be interested in reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, and wah (assuming you can hook an expression pedal up to control the wah). Is there a foot switch you can use with the Kemper to change from one profile to another And to turn on/off effects? thanks!


    I play all types of guitar music from country, rock, metal, alternative, heavy metal, blues etc. I do not play in a band and I doubt I ever will. I currently own a fender mustang V head into a bugera 2x12 cab. Sometimes I just find the amp lacking when trying to dial in a tone and I’m tired of buying pedals left and right to get certain sounds so I’ve been trying to find a better solution. I was contemplating a katana artist but went to play one and while it was better than the mustang in some tones it was worse in others. Is the Kemper the solution for me? It is very very expensive but I could save up for one. Should I consider something else? Honestly I’m just trying to find a do all amp. Maybe not do all 100% as I doubt that’s possible but if it got me 90% of the tones I’d be happy. Thanks for you input!