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    Looking for profile suggestions to get as close to this honk as possible. Check out the intro playing, but even more around 5:30 and 10:30. Especially the way the low open E sounds and interacts with the other low strings. Like a Beatles record! I broke out my Casino with Wolftone P90s and checked out a lot of Fender Deluxe profiles I have ...and on Rig exchange. Still can't find this exact vibe. There is someting magical the way that low E sounds. I'll go for any Profile that can get me there! He's going straight into a 66 Deluxe. Thanks!

    Hi guys,

    Sorry if this has been covered, but is Rig Manager M1 Native yet? About to buy a new Mac and going through a checklist of important software etc.

    Did a quick google and forum search already w/o finding the answer. Trying to not run Rosseta if possible.


    Thanks for the feedback guys! Very helpful. I know some people's clean is another's edge of breakup so it's hard to define. I have used a couple SVT profiles a couple times. Does anyone know how the KPA "assigns or detects" what it thinks/sees the amount is at the profiling stage... so it can assign a graphic (bars) to it? Every bit of insight to this helps. Thanks.

    What do you guys consider to be "clean" profiles? It seems to me only profiles that are on the lowest (1) gain setting seem to be clean... and edge of breakup is 2 0r maybe 3. Is that how it works for you? Also, why might some profiles that show gain at 3... sound cleaner than some at 2? Not sure how that work. Maybe when using pedals when profiling? Thanks

    Just got my Gigrig G3 pedal switcher. Wanted to ask how/if people are using it with the KPA to get the most out of the features? It has a couple remote switches and midi too.

    One thing I am still working on is getting rid of my Midi Commander (if I can make it work from the G3) that currently is programmed only for toggling the 8 fx & stomp slots while tracking in my studio. I programmed one button on the G3 to send CC17 as a test for slot #1... but it did not work yet. Midi Commander has the toggle mode that sends 0 the first click.. and then 127 so they go on & off.


    Looks great. $429? Is that the one?

    FYI ...I bought the Melo Audio for now ($139 on Amazon) and it works great for the 8 toggles on/off. Easy to program 2 of the custom modes.

    Just start up in CUSTOM mode... and change each button listed to CC and set the number to whats listed in the KPA manual.

    The up/down buttons can't be program at this time unfortunately but the comapny said they are working on it for an update.

    I would like that feature for browser mode too, but don't really need it since I have RM open all the time.

    Using any third party controller will require MIDI programming to do what you want. I suggest looking at the Profiler MIDI documentation, and the owners manual for the Melo, to determine if it can do what you need, or not.

    Thanks! I did read those already . Not perfectly clear to me it will actually work "good"... but I guess I'll just have to order it to see since no one has answered for that.

    I've been doing midi since 1990 with an ADA midi pedal and my rack fx. And I have a studio since '92.

    Thanks. Looks a little overkill for me though. Just want to toggle the fx slots. Anyone ever use the Melo Audio Midi Commander?

    Is it possible to set up the Melo Audio Commander to globally toggle on/off the 8 fx slots (no matter what profile is loaded)? Also would be magic to step thru profiles in Rig Manager ....or does that work only what's loaded on the actual KPA? I work in my studio only so don't need it for Performances etc.


    I've never profiled myself... but I watched a recent video where some guy explains that the KPA guesses the gain after the profile for the graphic representation. I am curious how this works more in depth because while browsing thru sounds it seems some rigs have more gain than others, but the graph-bar graphic shows the opposite. Is this common? Why might this be? If I sort by "gain" I'd like them to really be in order so I can find the right rig for recording.


    Say I'm searching & auditioning through many clean rigs in RM late at night (at a low volume). Many Rigs I select can’t be heard at the same overall volume I have my system set at compared to to others. What might be the best "volume" to reach for to quickly bring them each into a good basic range. Seems I have to boost Rig vol (and/or) Amp vol a good amount to get some up to match. How do you guys handle this so we can judge the Profiles/Rigs from an equal volume settings? Is there an easy fix? Would I need to turn some down instead?

    After this I'd like to "store" them with RM so I don't need to repeat next time I come across the Rig.

    And why are some so low? Does that start at the Profiling stage? I'm still getting to know all complexities.


    1. Thanks! that at least helps make it faster again.

    2. Mac

    3. Yes this one prevents me from getting a lot of work done at this early stage with my KPA. Buying, auditioning & organizing. I hope they get to this in the next Beta!

    4. they are helping me get back to the good ones.

    5. Thanks! good to know. I thought I'd seen then suddenly come back a couple times.

    Hi just wanted to report a few issues I'm having with the latest beta.

    1. Did they take away the ability to use the up/down arrows while auditioning Profiles in RM? It doesn't seem to work any longer. Now I need to dbl click each time again. Wasn't it a a setting in Prefs?

    2. RM crashes most of the time while I drag and drop to organize. If I "copy" it seems ok.

    3. When I use a "search term"... and dbl click to load/audition, RM now seems to leave the search and go to the folder where that Profile resides. BUT i lose the search results. Didn't it use to just load the profiles and then I could go thru all of them w/o losing the results and having to start the search all over again?

    4. Is it normal for FAVS to not follow when I organize? If I set a fav and then copy that Profile to another organization folder it is no longer "favorite".

    5. Some of my oraganiztion folders still don't show the contents... and other do. Not sure what's going on. Sometimes they just show one Profile, even though it says there are hundreds showing total in the folder icon.

    Also is there a way to turn off show doubles?