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    Have You experimented with Logics Delay Designer, Reverb Designer & CromaVerb?

    There is also a "Pedalboard" plugin that enables you to build a flexible board of modeled guitar FX.

    ... and there there is a huge amount of older/simpler delay and reverb plugins too...

    Yes I've been using Logic for 15 years and use all the plugins. I was just wondering if people had any insight into how to get closest to the KPA. thanks

    you could record the dry STACK from the Main Outs and the all wet signal via S/PDIF, so you can adjust the delay/reverb level later.

    or record dry and use the PROFILER as an external FX box later in the mix.

    both possibilities seem much more likely and efficient than trying to re-create the sounds of the (pretty advanced) delay and reverb.

    Thanks Don. Yes I love what Kemper has done with the FX now! They are pretty amazing. However I have limited inputs, and I make tracks and demos so so I need to work fast. If I did Masters I would def go that route, but time & inputs are making me look for alternatives. Also I record a ton of parts into takes folders and then comp them into good parts... so having other tracks with the FX in folders would be very difficult to work with and match up to my edits. Sometimes 1-20 tracks of guitar parts.

    Also I can't seem to get the "midi clock" out of Logic to sync the KPA... so my FX would be recorded in sync. The KPA shows the little C on the readout but still won't lock in time. That would help a lot. Been working on it for 4 weeks but can't get anyone to tell me they have been successful at it. I have another post about that.

    I'm looking for feedback for similar delay & verb plugins to create a channel strip in Logic that I can get close to Kemper's FX? I'm thinking the new Valhalla Delay can do some of the Delays. Any suggestions for a couple verbs etc that might be close? I'd like to be able to load up a Channel preset that has a few things loaded to work quickly and keep some flexibitly... bypass the fx in the KPA and record. Of course this is only until Kemper releases the "Native Multi-fx plugin" that speaks to the unit! :) I'd pay good money for that!!!


    Something is very odd when having the midi cable connected also. When transport for Logic is stopped.. 1/4 delay is normal (but not in sync yet). When I hit play all kind of weird things happen. The delay get super short... like a slap back/phasey. Then sometimes the delay gets pitched down like a pitch bend too. Any ideas? Anyone done this?

    Does anyone have Logic Pro X that can test sending Midi Clock to the Kemper? I've been trying to research this for a long time. I DO see the "TINY 2 pixel C" on the right on the display but delays won't seem to sync. I read somewhere that if you hold down the TAP button you can tell if it's picking up the signal... but it seems to say 238 or something. I'm trying to sort this out before I start tracking a ton of new music so my time based FX are at least in sync.

    Does anyone have Logic Pro X that can test sending Midi Clock to the Kemper? I've been trying to research this for a long time. I DO see the "TINY 2 pixel C" on the right on the display but delays won't seem to sync. I read somewhere that if you hold down the TAP button you can tell if it's picking up the signal... but it seems to say 238 or something. I'm trying to sort this out before I start tracking a ton of new music so my time based FX are at least in sync.

    Just select the folder you want to search before searching.

    Not on front of computer right now but pretty sure this is what I do. Select Local folder first.

    Simple search does not work for nested folders. I created a master folder in RM with "style" sub folders. then I want to find "everything" in "any folder" with a certain keyword or tag. etc Thanks Hey I think I remember your user name from David's Logic Pro users group?


    I make tracks all day/everyday. I record a lot and need to work fast. Before the KPA I used a ton of plugin sims to do this mostly. Like Pod Farm 2 allowed me to have thousands of "style presets" organized (and downloaded from the users group) to work fast. I had/have all the usual types organized: Trem presets, Ambient, crunchy, Octave, jazzy, Super wet, crystal clean, etc etc etc. Even to type in and search Stones, Beatles, or a players name was useful to me. I know the KPA is not created for this type of thing but it seems it can get real close now that the FX are getting so great!

    I kinda break it all down into building blocks that I use constantly to create fast, but the KPA is fashioned after “amps” and not complete chains so I’m trying to find the best way to work it into my workflow. It's just not fast enough for my work to have great tones... and build the chains/fx every time... as if I was recording an Artist album.

    I want to organize the best I can and create/ gather as many cool usable profiles /presets I can. I was trying to sort & choose the most usable stuff (for me) and keep in the KPA and get to work. But now I'm thinking I should just work with Rig Manager "open & connected" ALL the time. There are just too many advantages not to for my workflow. Folders, organizing, searching, unlimited profiles, Rig Exchange live, fast navigating etc. I want/need to have my KPA as a "jack of all trades" for lack of a better term.

    Another way I was thinking of doing this was to use the Performance section.... and create 5 decent trem in one performance slot, 5 ambient in the next, 5 U2 style delays in another etc etc.

    Any insight or suggestions would be great that I may be overlooking or not thought of yet.

    Now if Kemper would release & offer for sale a "Native" FX Plugin that communicates w/ the KPA /matches the presets.... that I could insert & always edit after tracking that would be AMAZING and icing on the cake!



    Any chance we could see something like an "A/B compare" & "Revert to Orig" in the future?

    1. Tweak away and any time flip back to where you started to compare A/B. New to old.

    2. Also would be great if there was a way to revert back to a saved original profile state. I'm always concerned with saving something I like "over the original", but space makes me not able to keep saving new versions. It would be cool to be able to go back to the original even a year later with a simple button press.


    I'm looking for a simple way to search nested folders (w/o Rig Exchange included in results)? I read that selecting "All Rigs" is the only way for now to get the search to work for all nested folders, but I don't want it to search Rig Exchange many times (and I'd rather not log out of it over & over). Is there a way to "exclude" it temporarily? Sorry if this has been covered. I could not find it. Thanks!


    I'm trying to get the KPA time based fx to get the tempo sync (MC) from Logic so I can record delay synced to my tracks. I'm sending MC from LPX like I read about but can't seem to make it work for even this. Any ideas? Manual says KPA just detects it w/o set up so not sure why it's not working yet. thanks! I've had a studio for over 20 years, so I've been doing this for a while.


    BTW I do see the "tiny" C on the right side of the homepage. Goes away when I unplug the "midi in cable". so that would say it's getting Midi Clock. But the delays don't sync when I hit play in Logic.


    My KPA is very new. Today I turned it on (last time was a couple days ago) and the LED panel seems to be flickering... and with USB connected for Rig Manager... I get a noise in rhythm to that same flickering. Any ideas what this could be?

    It does not come thru the outputs with the tones though. I've re-started a few times now.



    Is it better to leave the KPA on always (I work everyday in my studio) or turn it off every night? Using a smart outlet, it show's it would cost only about $8 a year in power... so does the system get stressed by powering on/off at all? Thanks!

    ...scratch17 said I'd need to out the KPA and then back to the KPA. I think that would be a round trip.

    I'd pay over $500 for this "plugin" BTW as an addition to the system. It would help so much with the way I will be using the Kemper. I make tracks all day. I only have so many inputs on my Apollo, and I don't want to keep re-wiring. I need to work fast and this wold help me so much. Also when creating... too many tracks to move around a edit can get really difficult. To have one track of the stack & stomps... and then add the plugin would be magic! I know it's a long shot but I think It would help many people.

    Thanks. No round trip. Could be so much easier with a plugin that does the same things as the delays, verbs etc. >Mute FX on your rig.. insert KPAFX plugin into channel insert on Logic Pro X.. .select the preset strip and go. It's just a wishlist thing. I know there are other ways. My computer and Logic can run hundreds of plugins so that's not an issue.


    I just bought my Kemper and love it. But I make tracks all day long and recording these great tones gives me the issue of whether to "record" the great FX or try and rebuild something in Logic on the dry tones that gets close. It's a lot of work if I track loads of different tones and styles like I do. If you were to offer a plugin that communicated with the KPA we could just bypass the effects internally and just pop the plugin on the channel strip and get back to work.... to be able to adjust during mixing.