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    Hello friends,

    I have a profiler Stage and I’m having controlling my Eventide H9. Let me preface this with; I went through the kemper midi tutorial video and have everything setup the way it says on the video. I have two different midi cables with the same results.

    The odd part is I can control the tempo of the H9 with the word clock via the tempo tap on the kemper; But for some reason I cant change the preset.

    I went into the slot settings and changed the “Message” number. But the H9 won’t go from preset 1 to the designated message number.

    am I missing something?

    Is anybody using a Helix Stomp along with a Kemper? IF so I am curious on how you use it. Via midi control and effect loops.

    I can see using the helix Stomps effect section in conjunction with the Kemper. I also seethe HX Stomp as a viable Backup that could fit on the board.

    Hello Kemper friends,

    I have a question about the outputs for the kemper in a live situation. We are looking to put together a posterity recording together for one of our live shows. Currently I am running the kemper in mono with an XLR coming out of the “Main left” output. I am also running an XLR out of the “Monitor out” for my IEMS.

    My question is: If I am running Mono and using the Left output for the FOH mix could I run the Main Right output to the recorder? If so do I need to switch a setting in the output section of the kemper to make that happen?

    Theoretically, in my brain, if I’m running Mono, and don’t have any of my rigs panned left or right, the signal coming out of the Left output should mirror what’s coming out of the Right output. Correct?

    Hello all,

    I am new to Kemper and I am having trouble updating my Kemper. I have followed all the instructions. Formatted my USB in the Kemper unit. I took the Kaos.bin file and put it in the OS Update folder. I plug it into the Kemper and nothing happens. Am I missing something?