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    RM 3.0.124 for windows. If I change an effect in RM the block name updates to the new effect name. If I then change to a new Rig that has a different effect in the same block, the block name in RM does not update, it still shows the previous effect name. The Profile does change to the different effect, RM just does not show the Rig's effect name, RM shows the previous effects name. No blocks are locked.

    why would you want to make a Studio profile with the IR baked in?

    would it not be better, easier and more flexible to make a Direct Amp Profile using a loadbox (I have Two Notes Torpedo Reload and WoS) and simply load any IR you want into the preset section of RM. that way you can mix and match properly without the KPA having to guess which part of the sound is amp and which part is speaker then separate these out to let you try a different IR.

    I have been making direct profiles straight from the output of the Captor with no IR, using the No Cabinet option when making the profile. They never sound as good as real amp when I A/B them against each other. The amp always is a little sweeter and has more gain and an EQ curve I can't easily recreate in the Kemper using the Kemper EQ. These profiles with the IR baked in sound exactly like the amp and require zero EQ after the profile is made.

    You can use a Two Notes Captor (or any Reactive Load with a DI Output) and an Impulse Response (IR) loader in your DAW to act a a cab for making Profiles with your Kemper. I used Reaper and Helix Native as an IR loader but any DAW and IR loader will work.

    I didn't use any high or low cuts on the IR but you can adjust to taste. The Profiles come out absolutely perfect.

    Diagram of how to setup the hardware:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Anyone tried the Kemper with the go-to noise cancelling headphones from Sony / Bose?

    I have been using Bose QC35 (wired) with the noise cancelling enabled and they sound fantastic. Enabling the noise canceling utilizes the built in amp in the headphones and also eliminates mostly all background noise. Using them wired also keeps the battery usage very low because there is no Bluetooth connection to maintain.

    OP, based on what you said in your post it's perfectly acceptable to run the XLR outs to the monitors, they do not have to go to a desk. Don't get caught up in the terminology or what is or isn't supposed be. Run the XLR's directly to your powered monitors, set the volume on the monitors at the highest level you like and control the volume from the Kemper. It's works wonderfully this way.

    What you need:

    • A stereo Cab
    • A Kemper
    • An Amp
    • A Power Amp
    • A Two Notes Captor

    If you have a stereo Cab (or two Cabs) you can make Profiles of your Amp and A/B your Kemper and Amp in real-time. You can get AITR A/B comparisons and do so at levels that won't make you go deaf.

    I've been doing this all morning and it's fantastic. Nice and easy to tweak the Kemper and hear it and the Amp through the same Cab. When you do the A/B between the Kemper and the Amp you will hear the Kemper on one side of the Cab and then the Amp on the other side of the cab.

    Connect everything as shown below and then create a Profile as you normally would with the Kemper.

    Diagram of how to connect all the pieces and parts:

    RM 64bit


    Windows 7

    While in Browser mode, every time I make a change to any of the data in the Inspector frame the Profiler gets stuck on "Syncing Rigs... " until I close Rig Manager.

    In the attached screen shots (1-4) I start by just clicking on and off of the Favorites box and you can see the changes indicated in the bottom status bar of Rig Manager. The green status bar changes in size, but it goes backwards and does not move at all until I make another change to the data in the Inspector frame.

    Every time I make a change to the Inspector data this happens and the Profiler displays "Syncing Rigs... " until I close Rig Manager.

    Once I close Rig Manager the "Syncing Rigs... " message on the Profiler disappears and it functions normally.

    I'm having a hard time understanding Direct profiles or profiles when I remove the cab and use the Kemper through a solid state amp and into a real 4x12.

    There is a pretty big difference of how my amps sound through real cabs (AITR) vs when the cabs are micd or through a reactive load w/ IR. The EQ settings that I have to change on the amp for AITR vs. micd cab or IR through headphones or FRFR are very different.

    If part of a profile of an amp is the result of the pefect EQ settings for a micd cab, then how reasonable is it to think that I will be able to use a Direct profile or no cab profile and run that through a SS amp and into a real guitar cab and be able to adjust the EQ or EQs to compensate for the AITR difference?

    This is where I keep thinking about the Fractal/Helix and how I can adjust the EQ or several EQs (think Mesa 5 band, etc.) and not have to worry about it compromising the inherent sounds of the modeled amp vs. a static capture in time of a profile.

    I'm probably just going to have to play around with it and see what I can do with the EQ on a Direct or no cab profile when trying to get it to sound good for AITR.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

    I have a power rack due to arrive in a couple of days. Having owned Fractal and Line6 before I have a question about the single mono output on the power rack. What does it do to the stereo effects when sent to a single 4x12 cab. Are they summed mono?

    Does it destroy the integrity of the effect, say ping pong delay or stereo reverbs, they get summed mono and something has to happen to the L and R signals. I remember on the Fractal AX8 having the cab block behind the reverb block and it sounded horrible because it wasn’t in stereo.

    What has everyone’s experience been with stereo effects summed to mono out of the power output? How much are the effects changed, good, bad, indifferent?

    I'm looking at a Power Rack and the particular one I'm looking at has a green chassis. Gray front but green chassis. I haven't seen one with a green chassis before, only black/dark gray. Does anyone know about when the green chassis Power Racks were produced?