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    How times have changed, a guitar computer to get punk tones. Wow.

    If you want ugly,truly ugly, go after a champ profile and up the pick setting and hit it hard with a bridge pick up.

    Top jimi and tone junkies has both.

    Hey peeps any one happen to have a clip of an gibson style guitar with low output humbuckers played clean with the Top jimi Hiwatt profile?

    Pick and/or finger picking

    Thanks Kemper peeps.

    Aaron 8)8)8)8)8)=O

    Feel ya man- I get it now. I have never much cared for the gain pedal thing. a cool FUZZ is fun but amp gain is the jam.

    I was thinking of doing a wet dry type setup and wondered if this would work? Powered kemper speaker out to my regular guitar cab 4x12 (this would be mostly dry). Then using the monitor out of the kemper to my wet effects- reverb and delay pedals then going into a frfr powered setup like the clr or friedman frfr. Might be a little unconventional but could be cool!

    that would sound huge!

    The OD stomps haven’t been updated. CK has suggested they will/may be updated at some point but it doesn’t look likely that will happed soo. As they are clearly focused on getting the new Reverbs to a stable official release (currently in public Beta), then the new Rig Manager/Editor and the new speaker system Kemper Kone. I think it’s safe to say that team Kemper are keeping themselves pretty busy just now 8)

    Yeah there should be a list of the OD stomps which hasn't changed much. There are replicas of TS's, Metal zones etc. but bear in mind you can profile an amp with an OD pedal in front of it so you might be just as well to find a rig with a TS in the signal chain.

    If you are an OD pedal fan then its a little limited ( and I suspect the next on the hit list of improvements) but if its just gain you want, so much in the Amps already there....I never use OD pedals, I get what I need from the amps.

    I'm happy to pop round although might take me a while ( I'm in the UK :) )..

    Thanks Dudes! I think I am understanding. I fully get profiling an amp with a klon in front of it or a TS. What I don't understand ids profiling a pedal. That seems to suggest that one could use it as a stomp in the Kemper along with your fave profile, is that correct?



    I went in to the output section, it was set to "3" by default. I cranked it up to 10 when I wanted to practice with headphones. But playing through a PA speaker FRFR, would you dial it all the way to 0? This Kemper sound so incredibly good, and I'm too baffled about the versatility and the quality of sound, so I can't be the best judge right now if it's advisable or not 8);)

    how do it feel? thats all that matters , try it. i'm betting that some "space" will be nice.

    I tried to raise the power amp booster and lower the output accordingly. With my 1x12 cab with Celestion G12M-65 Creamback it sounded very different. And it wasn't a difference in volume: I compared it with a decibel meter. How is that possible?

    I wonder if you were driving the spk differently....but yeah seems like that should not happen. i mean its not a power amp vs pre amp thing like in a tube amp.

    Hey Kemper buds,

    I am so pumped for this thing and am looking forward to a rental and eventually a purchase.

    I am having a little trouble figuring out what the most recent OD stomps are, can anyone point me in the right direction? Id love a demo video if you know of one.

    If anyone in the Boston area wants to stop by my studio for a Kemper hang please let me know. I'd love to get a small group of players and trade tips.