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    this is my opinion!

    I see many people praising the rig manager software. I'm not one to pee on anyone's parade but lets be honest this thing sucks a lot.... 2 levels of folders honestly? this thing is totally void of any frills. I hear comments like "it's free" ... don't look a gifthorse in the mouth" .. (NO IT'S NOT FREE YOU BOUGHT THE KEMPER) so in order to remain competitive against the helix for instance they had to have a software solution name one effects processor that doesn't have one ..even the Headrush (which is not close in sound) has a giant screen and still squeeked out a very full software solution... so they polished this turd of a software and said well we really did't want to create a software but here is something we put together .. thank you soo much !!! the truth is they have to . if they really didn't want to create one then why did they use their own file system instead of making it unlocked and giving the source so users could create one?

    now before you all flame me I want to say on the hardware side the Kemper is the single greatest music hardware I ever bought .. but I just feel like it's a little dishonest to try and gain praise that they gave us this turd (its basically excel with hardware connection)

    I expect better for the 2000 dollar price

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    I have my aloe vera on stand by let the flamming begin !!8o