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    Hi all

    I've had my Kemper a week and i'm starting to get comfortable with it. I'm planning on gigging it at the end of the month when i've had chance to set up all profiles, levels, program the FCB1010 controller i have etc.

    I'll detail below my intended live setup for the gig, and i'm just looking for feedback or comments from anyone thats more experienced in gigging their kemper, and especially anyone (like myself) thats gone from a traditional tube head and 4X12 cab to the Kemper.

    Here's what i intend to do.

    (Guitar with Line6 G30 wireless pack )

    Guitar signal --> pedal board on stage (G30 wireless, Digitech Drop Pedal, Boss Tuner) --> cable to input on front of Kemper

    Kemper will be controlled by FCB1010 foot controller on stage

    Powered kemper --> my Marshall 4X12 cab (cab sim turned off on the Kemper) --> traditional microphone in front of cab going to the sound man

    So,.. does anyone have any feedback? Is there a better way?



    hi all.

    I've bought me 1st kemper today. It's a used power rack model.

    The lad who had it before me has put on lots of bought profiles, but what I want to do is reset the unit to factory settings, without losing all these profiles.

    Is it possible to reset all his personal saved settings, EQ, gain, effects etc. Without losing the bought profiles?