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    what can I say...Thank you very much for your kindly advise!This is very helpful for me and I would like to thank this great community and passion for music. haha.

    I understood I need to adjust input gain, tunings, buffer settings. sorry for my poor explaining, I had been just tried only to adjust input levels, no- over peak. I felt something lost of core of guitar tone basically I had been play at studio and heard real sound of guitar, how can I say the tone of bright was losing,.. when I recored to DAW. and also, it had bit noise from high or low sound .So, i had to started to check the reasons...

    I will try again with your advise and will update soon.

    Thank you8)

    Hi nakazen-san,

    Hi Gary-san,

    Much appreciated your kindly advise.

    (already you know, I am using Presonus Studio one 4.5, and A/I is Studio 1810.)

    around my situation, there are no users of these settings, I guess but now I understood it may be a problem of Kemper's settings, or to use S/PDIF is better with no D/A-A/D conversion through A/I.

    I will try to check the settings again, and I will try to get S/PDIF cable with new A/I.

    Thank you very much!!:)

    初めまして。最近Kemperユーザーになり毎日DAWで記録しているのですが、A/I(Presonus Studio1810)経由で録音していてどうしても音質が劣化している様に感じてしまい諸々調べているのですが(ヘッドフォンOutのモニター音に近づけたく)Main outからステレオでDirect out接続していますがDAW側(Studio one 4)でイコライジングやコンプなど設定しないと解決しないものでしょうか?とにかく普通に鳴らしたい。もっといい音で録音したい。私も最初悩んだ等あれば、ぜひよろしければアドバイスお願いします。;(

    Hi! I had been getting started to using Kemper on DAW. but I have a few concern how to get as same as I created by head phone monitor sound on kemper through Audio inter face into PC. I feel like bad than I created through A/I phone jack sound. I had tried how to connect and adjusting output level, but I could not get good results. If this is the problem of A/I quality, i am thinking to get new A/I. honestly I think I want to record good sounds. so, if you have good idea, please let me know. ;(