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    i ordered one because I just ordered Headrush FRFR 108 before and it sounds very good and would be enough, but some profiles are also very boomy when palm muting. Just want to test the Laney LFR 112 against the Headrush and take one of that two then. Hopefully the Laney isn't too loud because it will only be used at home (that's why I ordered the FRFR 108 initially).

    I know the "boom" can be the interieur mainly but I wanna check.. also I like the cab look of the LFR..

    I know it's a long time but for reasons I tried to attach my spare VOX VT80+ via the guitar in and I think it sounds quite ok to good. Not too honest maybe to the original profiles, but a good feeling to play. Used the "clean custom"-setting of course.

    Will go that way untin I get a big Headrush or whatever FRFR

    Hi everyone!

    I have another question :)

    I now own a Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen which I find is a very cool interface for a reasonable price.

    Now I have connected Main out and s/pdif and found out, that the sound over s/pdif seems better and the swings of the audio (the graphics in the audio track) are more firm (wider) than with Main out (connected with XLR). The input seems the same by the way (just a little bit before clipping - but in the end there is no clipping with main out, just a more or less thin line when recorded, and it's not so loud as the s/pdif input).

    So, shortly: both inputs shortly before clipping, but when recording s/pdif is louder (should have made a screenshot - can make one if demanded).

    One more:

    In my audio interface I can setup "internal clock" as s/pdif (which is "unlocked" then) or "internal" (which is "locked" then). When recording, is it better to set to "s/pdif" so the timing comes from the KPA's s/pdif only? It seems to produce some cracking from one time or another when set to "internal" and recording with s/pdif.

    Thanks a lot.

    Especially the first question bothers me, because I would like to record via main out and record a dry signal as well - so they should have same quality for later processing.

    Hi there, hope my question is not too weird :)

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen (maybe I will update in some time) and want to record stereo from the Kemper (just got it yesterday - great gear!!)

    Just testing with two active monitors on the main outs and sounds fantastic!

    Now my interface has only one line in and one XLR in, which I could possibly mix to a stereo recording in Reaper. Thing is, can I use let’s say left channel Line out and right channel XLR out both at main out at the Kemper or would it mess up something? Sorry for the noob question!