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    And I'm sure they'd prefer to announce right as they are about to ship. No sense in getting pissed, nothing nefarious happened. Any time a manufacturer releases something new, somebody who just purchased is going to wish they'd waited. No perfect solution to this.

    They could've said a year ago: look guys, we are working on a floorboard version. It's going to come out in 2019. Be fucking upfront about it.

    The only good reason that comes to my mind why a manufacturer wouldn't announce a new product in advance is selling the remaining stock if their old product. Which is a relatable business decision, but not customer friendly.

    I'm kind of pissed because this wasn't announced in advance. I would've preferred an all-in-one floorboard to a rack plus remote. This one is cheaper and needs less space. Now I've spent literally a grand more on a product that I like less half a year before the preferable product is being released that simply wasn't announced.

    No problems whatsoever. I have a Furman in there which is much deeper than the Kemper and can still easily stuff the expression pedal, all cables and the remote in there for transport.

    Yup. If you don't check smooth chords, the latency seems much less. Noticeable, but not awful.

    The thing with latency is that it can't get beyond a certain point before your paying goes to shit. Do if you're using a digital wireless unit, the kpa, maybe an active monitor of some sorts, you're already have a baseline of 12-17ms to deal with.

    Yep. I never understood why they went with the form factor. Just make this thing twice as long, but flatter. The internals would easily fit in a normal 40cm, 1U rack unit. Make it 2U for the powered version. But the 3U form factor is just impractical.

    Most commercial profile packs come organized in folder structures - by instrument, type of profile, amp etc. It would be pretty great if Rig Managed could import them as such, including the full folder hierarchy instead of importing hundreds of profiles into a single folder.

    I guess that would be useful live, but it would always be better to have control of multiband compression in the mix for studio recordings. I wouldn't print that kind of thing.

    Sure. It's mainly for live purposes. Although - as stated in the original post - MB compression in front of the amp can change the sound characteristics quote dramatically, so it's the same as post processing for palm mutes...

    It's pretty common in metal production to put a multi band compressor on guitar buses to control the palm mutes, but it's not the only purpose. It's been a common practice with Axe-fx for years and some of the newer stomps (ie horizon devices precision drive) selectively shape the dynamics of low end frequencies before the amp. It's a valuable tool that helps to balance high gain amps and when done right (maybe a max of three routes with a single compressor on the middle band?) could most likely be done with the existing processing power of the current gen KPA.

    It would be nice to be able to create merged profiles directly, capturing both - the preamp/direct output as well as the microphone. There is enough I/O on the Kemper to run a four cable set-up and it would be a huge workflow improvement...

    Will do. I'm under the suspicion that the "attack" mode is some sort of compression. A multiband compression makes total sense to tighten up the low end. That's a thing I'm really missing with the Kemper...

    The Axe IO is a normal interface. No processing going on whatsoever.

    I adjusted quite a few parameters (gain, clarity, EQ) to get closer to the reference, but the distortion itself sounds different. The gain knob makes the input hotter, which adds a different - for lack of a better word - colder/more metallic sort of distortion. The reference is more mid-rangey and warm.

    No reverb or compression of any sort. Basically just NadIR with impulse responses and ReaEQ to do a couple of cuts and a high shelf. Nothing I couldn't create a new/single IR from.

    The full chain is KPA send - > horizon devices precision drive - > Engl Invader in - > FX send - > Axe io interface - > Reaper - > NadIR - > ReaEQ - > Axe io out - > KPA return - > main out - > PA in.

    The gate is all the way down on the precision drive. Off on the Invader.

    I wonder what's causing the trouble here. Maybe the precision drive attack knob is doing sort of a multiband compression / transient shaping thing that simply can't be profiled?

    Hear me out before the lapidation begins...

    I'm struggling to find a profile that sounds good when running directly to PA. And not going to spend money on commercial profiles that can't be refunded if there is not a single sound that I dig. So I figured I'd try and profile my own rig in a way that would give me the optimal sound.

    So here's the method to my madness: running through the preamp section of my amps only, FX send to interface/DAW, EQ and impulse responses, running back out to PA (or the KPA for profiling). That way, I could dial in a few great sounds that actually worked to my liking.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the Kemper is unable to profile this chain. Somewhere between the drive pedal, amp, post-processing in the DAW (although IR loader and EQ only), the gain structure gets lost. After profiling & refining, there's a ginormous difference in sound between the KPA profile and reference sound.

    Is there anything to be aware of when profiling like that? Should I rather create an IR from my DAW signal chain to be used with the Kemper and create a direct/merged profile instead (theoretically resulting in the same chain)?

    Are you sure the current noise gate doesn't already function this way?

    That would be a massive oversight which I wouldn't expect from the guys at Kemper.

    Agreed. But then again, if it worked on the input and you had any sort of external reverb/delay effects in the loop, it would cut off the trails. So I guess it works exactly where you put it, which is kind of a shame. It would be nice to have the option to select whether it's side chained or not. Even my old Boss GT-10 could do that...

    From the manual :

    Assignments without Remote

    If your PROFILER Remote is not connected, or if your stage is so huge that your PROFILER is miles away from the Remote, you will not be able to reach both at the same time. In this case, enter the Remote Effect Buttons page inRig Settings, hold one of the four soft buttons, and press one or more effect module buttons to complete the assignment.

    Guess I should've paid more attention when I read the f-ing manual ?