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    Awesome work to all Kemper peeps! Just updated, but looking VERY nice!

    This is working OK w/ macOS Catalina 10.15.1? I know 10.15.2 release is right around the bend, so I'm waiting on that (or even .3 release) but curious about Catalina compatibility w/ Rig Manager.

    Sorry, having a bit of trouble following. What is this “empty box” you refer to? The downloaded .dmg? Typically, you would run installer and find RM in Applications folder. From there, you could drag to desired location in Dock. I suppose you could also make an Alias and put on Desktop if that’s your style.

    ToastME has been available for some time. Why is this not good enough for anyone to buy a Kemper even if they strongly need an editor?

    ... and folks who have been using a Kemper for some time (and wanting an editor) have likely been using it. That said, it's not a native editor and is feature-limited w/ OS 7.x if memory serves. If someone is new(ish) to the Kemper world (i.e. Stage), they are possibly more surprised at the lack of an editor. There is competition (well, maybe not for the awesome Kemper tone) and the editor is a given/assumed 8|.

    Kemper will clean-up OS 7 and the editor will follow and be amazing. 8o

    I look forward to the editor. While some might feel it unnecessary, please allow for other opinions and workflows. Yes, it takes resources ... resources that could (should?) have been deployed over years, not months. It just seems like some customers want to "police" the opinion/desire of others ... Kemper can/will jump in if needed. I guess it's just like driving to work ... people in the left (fast) lane that have a line of folks behind them and feel it's their responsibility/right to control the flow of traffic (rather than the police).

    I've seen this w/ both betas on my powered toaster. I gave things a full reset w/ the latest beta, loading back in ~500 rigs. Still have the issue, but perhaps a bit less w/ 2nd beta. I always have a remote connected (and remote will go black for a bit), so unsure if I would see this issue w/ out remote. Eventually results in full lock where I have to power cycle toaster. Not too anxious for a production release of 7.x at this point ... didn't experience this w/ 6.x at all. Rig Manager has never been connected when I experience this issue.

    Sorry to hear that, I can't imagine what the problem could be. It's even stranger to me, that your remote has any effect on the loading speed. I also have the remote connected at all times.

    JSB After disconnecting remote and testing w/ good success ... I shut things down again, reconnected remote (cold) and booted back up. I can NOT reproduce issue that hit me w/ BOTH betas. Perhaps it needed to boot up once (?) w/ out remote connected to get everything in sync and now everything will be perfect? I kid, I know this is a beta.

    anodyne , I just tried loading rigs from RM, and also selecting from the Browse knob, I'm not experiencing the slow rig loading. I even tried disabling Autoload, the load times are snappy over here. I have 875 rigs in my Profiler, for whatever that's worth.

    JSB Thanks for your confirmation that you are not having issue. I've had it w/ both beta releases on my toaster w/ remote. I only have ~500 rigs on toaster w/ my second attempt at running beta. I'm moving back to OS 6 until final release as the loading time (for me) isn't workable right now. Thanks again.

    edit: I can disconnect the remote and things are fine/speedy ... remote adds significant delay/hangs to loading of rigs FWIW.

    Latest beta a bit better. Inverted colors fixed as listed in notes and I haven't had full system lockup. That said, EXTREMELY slow to switch between rigs ... I have autoload off and select given rig (using dial) to load. Strange for need to remote to go dark for long period of time (30 seconds or so?) while loading rig. Navigation cross (and remote) seem pretty lacking for the purpose of switching rigs as autoload can't be disabled for these modes (?) and the loading times are painful. Just a beta and if I go back to 6 everything speedy again. Maybe I'm missing something w/ the rig loading and other folks aren't experiencing this? Thanks.

    I submitted a ticket. I tried rolling it back and it wont eve do that.

    FWIW, I loaded the previous OS (kaos.bin) on USB stick and it detected (downgrade) and went back w/ out issue. I have another folder w/ older Rig Manager and can detect profiler running 6.x. This is on macOS, but I would expect the rollback would be the same. Hopefully support can get you sorted quickly.