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    Yes, you can import Rigs and FX presets via USB.

    1) Drag and Drop the Factory Content from Rig Manager into the Shared folder of a Kemper-formatted USB drive. (or, first onto your desktop or into a local folder, if a Mac does not allow direct drag and drop into the USB folder)

    Then, load them using the USB drive into the Kemper.

    simple. Got it! Thanks! I will now got back to not using RM until there's an update. haha

    nope. I plug it in and still nothing. Neither recognize each others existence. Just updated the Kemper to 2.3.11, Rig Manager is 2.3.14, and MacOS 10.15.1. Maybe I've had bad luck but Rig Manager has been pretty much worthless to me the entire time I've owned my Profiler head. The only times I get it to work together, one of the two freezes up, usually the Kemper, and then I just bail on it and do in manually with a flash drive and a lot of button presses. I don't know what it's like to successfully use.

    I like using gain profiles around 5-6, Marshall and SLO. Lately I went back to using my pedal board instead of the Remote and using the head more like a real amp at my gigs. I've been having feedback issues from the wedge with my PAF pups whenever I try to run any sort of boost. I just researched this and found that turning the clean sense all the way down while running a pedal like a klone or TS with the output dimed sounds and behaves much more like the real deal without being overcompressed and clipping. Also running brown sound style slapback delay in the input isn't as sensitive and it's less compressed. Gonna try it out like this at my next gig. Would be great to get a boost without feedback and without cranking the noise gate because I like to use my volume knobs for different tones.

    this is my first post here. Had to post this. Had the Kemper Profiler and Remote almost three months now. Gigged about 30 times with it. I've been looking for a high gain profile that goes well with PAF humbuckers and can get a bit "bluesy" with nice mids and good low end for D#. I've tried some high gain beasts like the Fortin amps, the SLO (one of my favorite amps ever), Plexi styles, Friedman JJ. and then I got to Bogner amps, tried the Fish, Ecstasy, and Helios, and the former two were incredible but not perfect for what I wanted. Then I got to the SinMix Uberschall, figured it would be worth a shot and I'd enjoy it at home even if it was a bit to "metal" for my gigs since I don't play alot of high gain stuff with lower tunings. But holy geez.... it's exactly what I've been looking for. It's the only profile I've ever used that can almost max out the gain and still sound crisp without getting farty and over saturated. And it's very easy to dial in with PAF pups without sounding to splashy and bright. I love it so much I really really want the real OG Uberschall for my new band

    tl:dr - thank you SinMix. This is by far the best and most usable high gain profile I've used