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    I did purchase a Celestion F12-X200 full-range speaker and will be building a cab for it as well. I'm looking forward to hearing what it sounds like.

    Low speed is too flange-y. High speed is pretty frantic - good for some stuff but not most.

    There's no reason that the speed can't be variable within limits for "slow" and "fast," or infinitely variable between the two. Just about every "real" stomp pedal with a rotary emulator offers some kind of speed adjustment.


    Frankly I didn't expect it to sound this good through a guitar cab. I even thought it might sound a bit odd, maybe get colored a bit too much by the cab. Not so!

    I'm ditching my cheap powered monitor, for this use anyway - it sounds like dog poop compared to an actual cabinet! ^^

    Oh yes! I had the same cab and I think in this case the Weber clones are better than the originals. I had 2 50W light dope versions. What one speaker can't do can the other do

    Yes, I also have the 50W, light-dope speakers! They really do compliment each other, for sure.

    After a few months of playing my Profiler through FOH speakers (main outs) and/or a powered monitor (monitor out), I decided to use the internal power amp to drive an unpowered guitar cab. I turned off the cabinet simulation, and connected my home-built 2 X 12. The cabinet is a clone of an Avatar open-back design, and the speakers are Webers: one Alnico Blue Dog (a clone of a Celestion Blue) and one Alnico Silver Bell (a clone of a Celestion Silver Bell).

    Holy crap, it sounds righteous. Every profile comes to life in a way I could not have imagined. The profiles all sound much more dynamic - probably due to the high sensitivity of the speakers. Now, if I can EQ / otherwise massage my guitar channel in the PA to get close to that cab, I will be a very happy camper. 8)

    I just checked back in on this thread in the hopes that there had been some further news of the editor. Sigh.

    And BTW, the Celestion F12-X200 FRFR guitar speaker is finally available. It will not surprise me if this driver, or a tweaked variant of it, ends up in the Kemper Kone. I'm gonna buy one and build a cab based on this article:…x200_1x12_cabinet_design/

    $175 for the speaker, good quality excess plywood, and a few bucks of parts. :thumbup:


    Not to mention that headphones sound nothing like FOH speakers, so your EQ settings from one to the other will be radically different.

    If my primary concern is what's coming out of FOH, I fire up the big boys and tweak the rigs and performances to sound right through the mains.

    Plus, what everyone else has already said. :thumbup:

    The manual is a little vague on the process. Is this correct?

    1. Format USB drive on the Profiler

    2. Download OS update, copy the zip file onto USB drive "OS Update" folder

    3. Extract the download zip file within the USB drive "OS Update" folder

    4. Locate and move "kaos.bin" to the root of the USB drive

    5. Remove the USB drive from computer, plug into Profiler and follow on-screen prompts


    Thanks, Monkey_Man.

    My unit was shipped with 5.5 (I think), and I just upgraded to today. Been busy. But after repeated tries, RM is showing no pending upgrades except for RM 2.3, which requires OS 7.0.

    The one time it became unresponsive: was it connected to your computer via the USB port. It is fairly common for the Kemper to freeze when connected but it seems to be related to rig manager and/or computer going into sleep mode.

    I'm almost positive it was connected to my laptop via USB, as that's how it lives most of the time. And for sure that laptop had gone into sleep mode. Makes sense that that could cause the Kemper to freeze. Good thought, thanks.

    On "music days" I'm in and out of my studio several times during the day and evening to play, usually spanning a time period of 10 hours or so. I've wondered if it's better to turn off the Profiler each time I leave (this could be 5 - 6 times), or just leave it on?

    As a possibly related side note, the one time I've accidentally left it on for a full 24 hours, it had become unresponsive to inputs and even had a hard time shutting down. So I wonder if there is some kind of processing / memory usage creep that occurs if the unit is left on.