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    now this is getting too exasperating!!

    I just turned the KPA on after doing NOTHING at all to it and now the master volume does nothing?!

    I’m left with the profile’s own volume or my guitar’s to set output ?‍♂️

    What’s going on..?

    I think that may be because you unlinked it (you said you unticked the linked box)? As you’re plugged into the monitor out, you need to go into the output menu & turn up the monitor level.

    Now attach my video link on youtube

    The gain&volume knob also failed

    Sounds like everything’s the same. Nothing changes no matter what you press or which profile you’re on. It seems as if it’s bypassing all the key aspects of the profiler & therefore giving too high an output level of an unprocessed input.

    I watched the episode before they pulled it. Didn’t spot any content problems.

    I do think they need to be more original with the name & logo though instead of piggy-backing of That Pedal Show.

    I have no use for this but I’d buy a powered one in an instant.

    I take my non-powered toaster to main gigs & plug direct into the PA. The space in the back is ideal to store my volume pedal during transport. I don’t need or want to be dragging a powered head around. For rehearsals I plug into a Line6 Powercab so I only need to carry the 3xtra weight & bulk when it’s definitely going to be used.

    I know many people do but I don’t. I play live & the Kemper has everything I need. It’s also put an end to my continuous buying of pedals & amps; chasing the unicorn. I’m richer and more focused on the music since I got my Kemper.

    • Could some of the drive pedals in Kemper be a few percent better in certain frequencies? Yes but then I don’t often use the drive pedals, instead I found a higher gain amp profile.
    • Does the audience notice 5% difference in tone in the midst of a song & a full band mix? No.



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    Hi. I’m seeking advice from those of you with more experience than me pls (only had the Kemper about a year).

    I have a Deusenberg, a Strat, a Tele & a bass and have set up different inputs & outputs for each as they need different clean/distortion sense & eq to sound their best. I keep the Input & Output locked so they won’t change when I move to another song.

    I tend to use the remote & different rigs for each song with switches 1 - 5 relating to verses, chorus, Bridge, etc.

    I’d like to grab a guitar on whim, quickly change to the relevant In & Out settings & know I can play any song in my set without further change. So, is there a way to set up a remote switch or program something so I can click a button (for example; which I may have labelled, ‘Tele’) and both the Input & Output will simultaneously change to what I require? Ideally I would have 3 or 4 switches so I can easily move between 3-4 guitars.


    Hi all,

    Since I updated my Stage to 7.1.3 Im hearing more high end than I'm used to. The profiles I use seem to sound thinner. I checked all my settings but everything is just fine. I only updated. Did a init global reset, but also didn't work. Does anybody have the 7.1.2 version for me, so I can try to revert and see if it would resolve my issue?

    I’ve just updated & have the same issue. Did you find a solution?