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    How is this even freakin necessary? Maybe the other guy from the other un named thread could come over here into the welcome area and make an obvious effort of having the last word on everything, just like in the other thread, which will remain un named. This is what I call ridiculous friend.

    Let's end it brother. ConradK post went south for a moment. I apoligize to you Conrad, I have, it seems a rep it seems. Shouldn't have took the bait.

    Once again, congrats on the Kemper love Conrad.

    Sincerely, Fanboy. ?

    Lots of talkers. Keep enjoying your Kemper.

    I went full on attack mode on an a$$ who looking back on his own posts shows that. I know your buddy. Still proud being called a fanboy though.

    Gush away. I am with ya.. I am still new with my Kemper too (close to two months) and someone here tried to insult me by calling me a fanboy... Hahahaha. I took that as a compliment. I am a fanboy. ? While he and some others continue to fight about other gear they are trying to promote or whatever, I am 100% happy with my Kemper and have been on a writing and jamming spree.. I spent many years as a tube guy that when this toy/amazing tool came into my life, it changed everything... I was and still am flabbergasted. Kemperfide and bonafide..

    I am a nobody who plays against A3 a few times a month. It sounded great when I borrowed it for awhile. I was about to pull the trigger on one. Lots of endless tweaking and time to kill with it was the idea. Then I played a Kemper. Then borrowed said Kemper and went back to back with A3. Then put said Kemper in a band setting with A3. A3 had a rough night, guitarist using A3 said, "with more tweaking later, I am sure I can get it to sit better with the mix." I bought my Kemper the next day. A3 buddy is asking to borrow my Kemper this weekend.

    A3 is a fun tool that has some great sounds to be worked to get there. Many pros love it, many pros has some great techs to spend hours to secure their sounds. As a nobody, I don't have that luxury or time to kill with other life's demands since I am a nobody. Kemper has made me play more with less time tweaking and a going back to back with a few real amps now, I am pleased.

    I am a novice to technology, so maybe it's all beginners luck with the Kemper and I keep it quite simple at the moment, 3 main rigs for what I need it for in a band setting, been using a Line 6 HX Effects for now for my effects, but I have no urge for anything else amp wise anymore. I have been called a fanboy because I am biased they say. Oh well, I accept it. ?

    I have never played so much guitar since my teens since owning this toaster. But I say good for Axe FX and their continued changes and additions to their arsenal of products. I am sure all is moving forward to their last product. I have heard some great tones with their products. But as for the Kemper, I am very happy.

    I haven't tried all your offerings yet. I am looking forward to spending a day here soon with all you have offered, you deserve some good food. Thanks for sharing. :thumbup: