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    You're correct. In Wah to Pitch they're not mutually exclusive. I meant to write: when there is a pitch effect present in a rig and NO WAH effect, the usual Wah controller becomes a pitch controller.

    From the manual:

    If “WahPedal >Volume” is selected, those two functions are mutually exclusive. As soon as a wah effect is active, the Wah Pedal controls this wah effect, while volume stays flat. As soon as there is no wah effect in the current Rig, or the wah effect is switched off, the Wah Pedal controls volume.

    All other pedal links allow you to control their effects simultaneously. So, a Morph Pedal could morph and control wah, as well as pedal pitch effects at the same time, if those links are selected. A Wah Pedal could control wah and pedal pitch effects together, if “WahPedal >Pitch” is


    This last quote form the manual clarifies it all - because I just couldn't get why it doesn't work exactly like the wah to volume. Honestly, I still find it odd - but at least now I know it's a feature, not a bug. Thanks a lot

    Hi all.

    A couple of days ago I've posted a complicated question about the wah to pitch function.

    I'm trying to make it simple this time.

    Can someone please explain the idea behind this function? In analogy to wah to volume - is it supposed to do exactly the same?

    Exactly - the stomp inverter inverts everything - also the verb and delay - once you do it, all hell breaks loose :))

    Conclusion, bad workaround. Anymore ideas?

    Yes, that's what I thought too. Although there's one thing I find a bit confusing about the naming of these functions: In the first case "wah pedal to volume" the initial state is wah off (the slot is greyed out on the screen), pedal works as volume pedal. Then wah is turned on (slot is black) - volume function is off. Shouldn't this be called "volume to wah"? The second case is a bit different: Wah is on in the beginning (slot is black), then pitch is turned on (now also black), pedal works as pitch pedal, wah slot stays engaged (black) but doesn't do wah. Hm.


    Ok, worked out a work around - it's a solution but not as intended. My steeing are:

    1. wah to pitch

    2. mono switch (Switch Tip) is set to stomp inverter.

    3. Stomp A = wah

    4, Stomp B - pitch shifter

    And...voila! Hitting the switch when A is turned on and B off - inverts them and makes the pedal control the Pitch in stomp B - hitting it again will turn off B and turn the wah on A on with no pitch shifter.

    Admit, it's a lousy workaround, but it gets it done.

    Hm. I know the video, I think it was this video, that made me buy the Mission pedal. But after watching it again, I have a suspicion, what may be the culprit in my case: I also set the wah to "[email protected]", so maybe switching on pitch does turn wah off, but moving the pedal activates it again. But like mentioned above, using a dedicated switch on the remote works like intended. For "[email protected]" the wah slot must be engaged, toggling with the remote turns wah off, switching pitch on with the Mission doesn't. A solution for this could be: engaging "wah to pitch" overrules (is this even a word?) "[email protected]" aka "activate when moved". Does this make sense? (And sorry, my school English is a bit rusty...)

    Oh, u'r English is just fine :)). If I make the wah to volume analogy towards the wah to pitch - i'd expect it to work likewise, wouldn't you say?

    Hello! I'm in the same boat. Unfortunately, it has always been this way. I tried to assign it the way you describe it (or at least very similar) years (and some firmware versions) ago, but it didn’t work the way we assumed it should.

    So when pushing the switch of the Mission pedal I had either wah or wha and pitch. I had to sacrifice the looper button on the remote to toggle between the two.

    If they allowed to assign an external switch (like the one on the mission pedal) to switch one thing on and another thing off at the same time, like you can do with the remote, it would work. Maybe something for the feature request sect

    My question is whether it's a bug or feature? Watch this youtube and tell me what you reckon. Watch from 5:35 (although the complete video is really great)

    Hi all, I have an odd problem. I am using the wah to pitch function on my Kemper - so, if I got it correctly, the moment I turn off the wah, the pitch should kick in and the pedal should control it. But it doesn't go that way.

    so, as I said wah to pitch is activated and I use a profile with wah in my A stomp and pitch shift in my B stomp. The pedal is configured in the setting as a wah pedal and in pedal 2 I use it as a mono switch which toggles the A stomp on/off. Hope that's clear. The pedal is connected with 2 cables to use both functions. To this is what's happening:

    When wah is on and pitch is on - both are controlled by the pedal (I thought it'd be one or the other - hence, wah to pitch). What I wanted it to do, was to alternately switch between the ecffects when the is off - but when the wah is on to use the wah only - instead I get both the wah and the pitch.

    I hope I managed to describe py problem properly.