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    and there are tons of people who experience the same problems

    And if that would be the case, no professional would go for the Kemper.

    As is the case with many computer topics, the problem mostly sits between the chair and the monitor. Who is overwhelmed with the Kemper should not use it. But maybe someone from your area can help you and see what the problem is.

    I've done this and it doesn't matter as the pedals still display the same issues. So I need a way to calibrate the pedals for the MIDI Raider.


    Mats N

    As i wrote you can set the CC Value (min or max) for the given pedal position.
    Read Page 33 and 34 carefully. It is a manual task so 1. Pedal in toe position set the CC max Value to 127 2. Pedal in heel position set the min value to 0
    Here is also a Video:

    Maybe this helps

    Manual download:…midi_raider_manual_r4.pdf

    Manual Page 34:

    When assigning control values to a pedal, the “on” and “off” values
    assigned determine the range over which the pedal will provide
    continuous control.
    Typically, the “on” value is the higher value and
    determines the control value sent when the pedal is set at the toe position.
    The “off” value is generally the lower value and determines the control
    value sent when the pedal is set at the heel position. However, these
    values can also be reversed so that the toe position of the pedal provides
    the lower value and the heel position provides the higher value.

    When the pedals P1 and P2 are displayed, the Control Value Assignment page sets the
    maximum and minimum valuesfor the movement of the pedal.
    If Pedal 1 is moved while displaying the PED1 on/off values, the display will show
    the control values as they are sent.

    I'm Kemper user since 2016 and this year the OS updates have only brought stability issues. But what happened today goes much further :(

    I'm a Kemper User since version 5 (2017) since Version 7.1 (January 2020) with release of the Stage in my opinion, the reliability and quality of the software has decreased. I wouldn't dare to go on stage for a live gig with a version 8.xx today. It's just too insecure for me. I have therefore reset my KPA to the last version 6 and will also change the system in the long term as soon as an alternative can be financed.

    IMHO, there are more important things than constantly releasing new features.

    The list of inadequacies and minor errors up to the missing exception handling in the case of software errors are still open.

    Instead, the already overwhelmed microcontroller is being used to capacity with more and more features.

    The boot times are getting longer and longer and you can tell from the reaction times for user actions LCD and multiplex LEDs that the processor is not really doing well.

    While we are on this subject, what are the advantages of using a volume pedal vs manipulating the guitar's volume knob? I find I can do that "pick the note, then fade in with your pinky" technique with a little practice.

    the volume pedal only controls the volume, the volume knob also controls the gain / distortion.

    After years ...

    Today I connected a Zoom FP02 pedal.

    It didn't work as described.

    So I searched the Kemper Reference Manual and found this post too.

    In my opinion the wording "Type 2" is reversed polarity is wrong and misleading.

    Reverse polarity occurs when ground and ref voltage are swapped, i.e. the pedal works the wrong way round.

    But it is the case that the pin assignment at Yamaha and also at Zoom is so different that the ring and tip are swapped.

    Image shows Type 2 on the left and Type 1 on the right.
    Call it better Wiper at Tip and Wiper at ring

    Not sure what you mean by this. I've had them on the right, left and center at one point or another.

    Given a choice, I prefer mine on the left. I'm also left-footed (goofy foot for the skate-types). That said....I've never really cared which side it was on.

    All that said to mean 'better' is purely subjective.

    I'm thinking that most people have more sensitivity in the right foot.
    thinking about car driving from left to right
    clutch pedal - brake pedal - accelerator pedal

    How di,

    what about the expression pedals on your pedal board?

    How many do you use? And how do you place them on the board (left or right of the remote). So far I had four expression pedals connected to the remote, which is overdone.

    In the future only three (volume, morph, as well as pitch and wha on one pedal). Volume on the left, morph and wha on the right.

    Not and necessary and pointless.

    Every DAW has corresponding filter banks, every FOH digital mixer nowadays has input filters.

    It cannot be used in the monitor path where it would make sense because it always filters the main out as well.

    For me, stay away.

    it seems to be the output filter (high cut/low cut) is set to a wired values.
    Use System Menu: INIT GLOBALS (recommended)

    or a complete system factory reset ...
    You can reset to factory state by pushing soft button 1 (top left above display) before turning it on, keep it pushed and turn the KPA on.
    During the start still keep the button pushed. You now enter System/Booting Maintenance.
    There you can Init the Flash either with factory content or completely empty.

    I made my Kemper Remote WLAN capable years ago, don't know if anyone cares

    but this is how it works for me:

    You need two small travel routers which you can use as an access point and can be configured as a client (TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 WLAN Nano Router), as well as a POE (TP-Link TL-POE150S)

    One of the routers is configured as an access point with a fixed IP address (DHCP client should be ON, it is also by default)

    then connect this to the Kemper using a network cable.

    (Do not forget to set the WLAN SSID network name and password).

    The second router is configured as a network client and connected to the WLAN of the first router.

    Then connect this to the remote via the POE.

    That's all

    KEMPER -> Accespoint ( Air ) WlanClinet -> POE -> Remote

    Everything for about 80 Euro.

    You can also use the smaller router from TP-Link

    (TP-Link TL-WR802N N300 WLAN Nano Router for 20 euros)

    however, this one can only work in the 2.4GHz band and I wanted to use the 5GHz to avoid interference.

    So, I can login the iPad to the WLAN very simple.

    Here os a short video what it looked like during testing.