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    Holy cow.

    Equally I don't care whether you care or not. My original post wasn't personally directed to you or at you . Tonex is being marketed by shills on YT as a game changer. I tried it and was disappointed. That was my point. Take it or leave it.

    If you think Tonex or QC works for you then happy days.

    Perhaps we should leave it there.

    I see. Does everything that even potentially competes with the Profiler need to be a game changer?

    Sorry you are struggling with this.

    When the QC was released it was hailed as a "game changer" by the Youtube shills.

    The Tonex is now the new "gamechanger" according to the shills on youtube.

    These offer alternative form and perhaps differences in functionality, but they do not change the game.

    The only gamechanger was actually the Kemper, as nothing like it existed before it's release.

    lol, ok. But neither of these boxes are a game changer.

    This is off-topic, but still relevant to this discussion. Saying "what happened there" implies that the QC is a failure of some sort. It isn't. Not even close.

    Reading elsewhere it's clear to me QC over promised and under delivered.

    Kemper under promised and has overdelivered - compare the constant free updates since inception.

    I just think this "game changer" expression is flogged to death by the YT shills. YMMV

    I tried the freeby version of Tonex. Of the 20 amps, only found 1 amp I think I'd use, then dialled in a better equivalent on my Kemper in about 1 minute.

    QC was hailed as a game changer, look what happened there.

    Tonex is the new "game changer". It beats pedals like the iridium I would think, but it's limitations mean it's nowhere near a game changer for pro use imo.

    6 months time a new "game changer" will be out

    Kemper will keep doing it's thing.

    Thanks for the well thought out post. As with the QC, will be interesting to see how it pans out once the hype train slows.

    One other thought - is there another Kemper owner in your location you could perhaps get in touch with on social media? Might be a quick way to see if it is your unit at fault, if so find a workaround.

    Best of luck either way

    bit old fashioned here - but as Hoki Toki mentioned above our drummer would tap us in with the sticks.

    ps I :D at giving the drummer a cheap metronome - careful they don't respond with a cheap tuner :)