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    So here's a question: How will this app correlate to using Rig Manager? One of the enigmas I've faced since utilizing rig manager and the expanded editor is the best way to keep my rigs and performances organized. Even prior to the editor, it seemed logical to me to create specific rigs within Browse mode. And many of my "new" rigs are just duplicates of others in which I use whatever my current 3 to 4 go-to generic studio amp/cab profiles at differing gain stages with a different combination of effects and settings needed for specific songs. For a long while, I've was taking advantage of instant morphing of the settings and the four second row toggle switches, which in many cases allow me to only need one rig per song. Over time I've begun to take more liberty in creating five Rig performances for songs rather than futzing with morphing and toggle switches as often. This then introduces the question: do I first build my rigs in browse mode and then assembly them into a single performance? And if I do, there will be times when I'm playing with that performance and I'll want to make subtle edits. But if I do, I now have two versions of that rig: the altered one in performance mode and the original in browse mode. Do I redundantly export the performance version to the browse pool and then switch to browse mode to delete the original?

    Rig Manager and the editor presented a new organizational enigma: Do I create and permanently store my original rigs and performances in Rig Manager and transfer them to my KPA as I need them? If so, and I make and save edits on my KPA during sound check while not hooked up to Rig Manger, I once again end up with multiple versions with the same name. I have to remind myself to either delete new version or the original in Rig Manager. Or, instead do I first create and store them on the KPA and only store them in Rig Manager as backups or just back them up on the USB and store them in Rig Manager when I no longer want them currently on my KPA?

    Now add this new iPad App. If all it's used for is to give you tactile control over your KPA device its makes a lot of sense. But if it's also used as a way to backup and have copies of Rigs and Performances, you really need to choosing using it exclusively over using the editor. I suppose one could always utilize Rig Manger for storage and home editing, and utilize the app exclusively for operating are storing changing on the KPA itself in live situations.

    Kemper Kloud

    I think I had the same issue as you. Do you generally have all of your stomps/effects the same for each rig, but have a different amp/cab?

    This is what I do, every rig was the same (mostly) with the exception of amp/cab, so then when I wanted to check out a new amp, all of the stomps/effects with that particular rig would overwrite my standard “template” that I made and I would have to re-drag everything back in. I work around it a bit better now by using the lock feature. Lock each of the stomps/effects and drag a new amp/cab in

    now that I re-read your post, it looks like you may already use locking? If so, then let my comment just help you posts visibility, because I’d love a better way to do this than manually locking/unlocking

    Nothing is worse than trying to get my promoter (volume, gain, EQ, whatever) to, say, 3.5, but when I try to drag the knob to 3.5, I get 3.6, then 3.4, then 3.6, then 3.4, etc... At this point, 0.1 probably won't change the sound in a noticeable way, but damn does my OCD need these things to be exactly where I want them to be. I'd love to just be able to click the arrow key and move the parameter up/down by 0.1 for each click, to get it exactly where I want it

    Even though the router thing is a work around, I am so pumped to figure out a way to make this work!

    Next step: Connect my Kemper to Apple HomeKit as a smart device

    "Hey Siri, it solo time"

    "Yes, daddy"

    That is what I think is possible. Yes.

    Obviously, we won't know until we know. But you DON'T need the internet for WiFi to allow the connection of two devices.

    My excitement has gone from 0 back up to a solid 90. you made a really good point in another comment, the fact that we can (theoretically) make this work AT ALL on a 10/11 year old device is impressive

    It doesn't need to connect to your home router, nor be connected to the internet at all. You essentially DO need a dongle, but probably not for USB. Two RJ45 ports......Remote to router, router to KPA.....done.

    hold up, I think I’m understanding.. I just don’t want to get my excitement up too much.

    So we don’t need to be connected tot he internet or anything, so we don’t need our normal internet router (but we can, if we want). So, I can find a small and cheap router, put it in the back of my rack case, essentially making my own “dongle” ? I just need my iPad to connect to whatever network my Kemper is connected to. In the end, I can just hide all this junk in the back of my rack case?

    Kemper has stated (via FB comments) the toasters will connect via LAN cable to a router.

    This is the seriously the biggest letdown ever. My excitement just went from 100 to 0.

    No chance in hell I'm going to connect this shit to my router in the other room, just so I can loose functionality of my remote and be able to edit using my iPad. Plus, that's far more cumbersome than just using my laptop

    Purchas a USB wi-fi dongle? Sure

    Connect my iPad directly, via USB? That works too

    Run a cable across my house just so I can edit on my iPad? No

    I am fine using a moderately priced wi-fi dongle to connect my rack to my ipad wirelessly, but if wireless is only available for stage, Imma straight up lose it!

    Well, I mean, realistically, I probably won’t be that mad, just disappointed. Very, very disappointed

    I have basically the same setup/template for all of my performances. Generic stereo looping effect, them, chorus, comp, octave, and wah. Then each rig inside a performance has its own drive/EQ tailor fit to the amp. For the longest time, whenever I wanted to compare multiple amps side by side, I would bring a new amp into my performances, and all of the preset effects from that amps rig would overwrite my performance template. I recently learned that I could simply lock all of the effects in my performance template and when I selected a new amp rig, the only setting that would change would be the unlocked parts of my template (i.e. the amp/cab). Of course, this brings on a whole new set of problems. First off, its an absolute bitch to have to manually lock/unlock each effect. Then, every time I move to another preset in my performance, I have to once again manually unlock the drive/EQ so they don't overwrite the preset I am switching to, because as I said above, although most effects are identical between presets, but the drives/EQ changes for each, so they can be tailored to the amps profile. But then, if there is an empty spot, that is unlocked and I move to the next preset, that empty spot will be populated with the original effect that as in profiles original rig. It's constant back and forth and fixing and locking and unlocking and accidentally overwriting and it is simply and absolute mess!! All I want to do is simply swap out the amp/cab and not change anything else, but apparently that is beyond science! I don't even know if any of this even makes sense at all because it is such a clusterfuck of confusion. It is so unintuitive, I don't even know how to explain it. I literally cringe every time I move to a new preset because I wonder what did I miss that's going to get overwritten this time? How much work am I going to lose here?

    Oh, and one more thing... THERE ISN'T EVEN AN UNDO BUTTON IN THE EDITOR!! How is that even possible??? How can anything in 2021 be released and not have literally the most basic feature? I love love love love LOVE my Kemper so much, but the interface is some of the most backwards, and unintuitive rap imaginable.

    Okay, so that turned into a rant, sorry but this its just frusterating to dial in the perfect settings just to have them overwritten because the UI is stupid and then not be able to undo, because apparently that is too much to ask

    Basically I got ToneJunkie’s Purple Plexi profile packs V1 and V2, and I want to do a side-by-side comparison of them. Basically, all I want to do is copy my current rig, and replace all the amps with the V2 profiles, so the rigs are identical, but one uses V1 and the other uses V2. The problem is, every time I try to bring in the V2 profil, all of the effect and setting of that preset get overridden with the effects and preset that come with that profile, so I have to, manually, re-drag-in my compressor, my drives, my EQs, my stereo loop, etc… It’s annoying as hell. I tried dragging just the amp module of the V2 to my desktop and then dragging and dropping it in the rig preset (I know that works for Fx) but apparently that doesn’t work for profiles.

    Anyways, pls help

    I know this is INCREDIBLY general and vague, but I am getting so confused with all the different options. I keep reading different forums and posts and everyone seems to have a different response based on a million different variables. Personally, I hardly know the difference between most of these things. I run my Kemper XLR out to my focusright. What volume should I have my Kemper at? I feels like it clips my focusright really easily, but if I lower my Kemper, then it seems like some other thing is affected.

    Should I be doing 1/4 inch? What about TRS? I thought TRS was the weird cable used in lieu of a midi cable? What about S/PDIF? What even is that? Then people are saying "do X, unless is unbalanced" or "do Y, unless X is balanced."

    I just want to plug and play, but I also want to make sure I am getting the best tone I possibly can. Im just confused rn.. Can anyone help? Or point me in the direction of a video/blog/forum/whatever that can help?