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    I’m considering getting a rack mount. Then I can toss in a power conditioner, a wireless system, maybe a focusrite. Has anyone gone from Toaster to Rack, who can share their thoughts? Tbh, my biggest concern is how to go about the whole process of selling the Toaster and buying the Rack. Are they usually the same value? Anyone just wanna trade? Haha

    Title says it all, but here's my scenario anyways:

    I'm cycling through each of the new Kemper Drives (amazing, btw) and on each one, I am toggling on/off an EQ preset. Well, of course, I keep forgetting to switch back to the drive slot when I switch to a new Kemper Drive preset and I overwrite the EQ, and (again, unless I just can't find the undo button) I have to then go all the way into my other presets, find that EQ again, and reassign it to its slot, when I could theoretically just hit "undo." But enough about that, we all know what an undo button does. Can we get one in the Editor? pls

    Title says it all. I’ll bet that this request comes in at least once a week. I’m also sure Kemper is working on it, or at least has considered it. I’ll bet that there are technical difficulties that are beyond my coding knowledge, but an iPad app would be a game changer, especially for live situations where I want to tweak on the spot.

    The title pretty much says it all. But to provide a little more detail, Ive been playing my telecaster for a while, and I’ve been using ToneJunkie’s Purple Plexi, and I have been really digging the tones I’ve been getting. Nice and bright; crispy and crunchy! Today I plugged in my dual humbucker PRS Custom 25 (using the purple plexi profiles) and I thought, “hey, this doesn’t sound half bad.” Then I started switching around to different amps and the next one was super dark, so dark, that m when I went back to the purple plexi, the plexi was way way too bright. So bright, I questioned if I even liked the tone at all... even though I did like it only minutes before.

    That’s pretty much my dilemma: I get a good tone I like, then switch to a totally different amp, and then when I switch back to the first amp, I start to wonder if the tone was ever really as good as I imagined it.

    In the scenario I described, the Plexi sounded great until I heard the darker amp, then when I switched back, the Plexi sounded like a tin can! I feel like maybe it’s just my ears going into “shock” from such a drastic eq change? But I can’t tell if they’re going into “shock“ just because the change, or if they’re going into “shock“ because the tone I once thought was so great actually kind of sucks

    Is this just me being overwhelmed by so many different options? Am I overthinking everything? Do I even make sense?

    Should I turn my amp off and practice technique instead???? (NEVER!!)

    I use one amp per performance, and the slots are (1) Clean, (2) Edge of Breakup, (3) Oberdrive (Tube Screamer), and (4) Distortion (Rat). I haven’t ventured out to the fifth slot yet, but I’m thinking either a fuzz slot or a misc. slot for weird sounds. Although I use the same amp, each slot usually has a different gain stage of that amp, so the drives aren’t solely responsible for adding gain to the profile, but rather just a little bit of gain and a little bit of EQ. Drive pedals get a lot of their sound by boosting the amp, so I replicate that by using a higher gained profile.

    Each slot’s effects are identical (with the exception of drives and EQs, which obviously depend on the specific slot). Each slot has a compressor, octave, tremolo, chorus, and a stereo loop, so I can run a loop to my Timeline and Big Sky. The octave, tremolo, and chorus are all assigned to one of the four hot buttons, and the rest are always on. The fourth hot button is currently empty, but I’m taking applications. I then assign a 2db volume boost to each slot, which is controlled via instant morph by clicking the main number switch a second time. This allows me to toggle between normal and boosted volume really easily.

    Since I have to do ability to make as many performances as I want, I cater the EQ of each performance to a specific guitar, and I just put the guitars name in the comments

    I typically have a pretty set way I set up my performances, and the only things that change between them are the amps/cabs and maybe a drive/eq. Ideally, I would just copy the same performance slot 5 times and swap out a different amp/cab in each, and leave the rest of the effects untouched. I can't seem to do this, though, so I don't even know if it is possible. Every time I try to bring in a new amp/cab, the whole slot updates with that rigs effects, but I just want the amp/cab.

    Unless there is a way to do this already, that I cannot find. We need a way to enter in detailed info for cabs/IRs. Right now, all I can do is squeeze the manufacturer, speaker name, microphone(s), mic position, author, etc. all into the the "name" section, which already has a character limit. It's kind of a pain

    Are “Cabs” basically just Kempers version of an IR? My buddy uses Axe effects and is always talking about his IRs, and I’ve just kind of assumed that we’re just called IRs “cabs” on Kemper. Are they the same thing? How are they different?

    i was also reading about taking IRs and converting them to Kempers format. Does this have any affect on the quality of the IR?

    Yes please!! I have a 2012 MBP that I'd love to replace, but I don't use it enough to justify getting a new MBP, so I want to get an iPad.... but alas, I must hold off, as there is no rig manager app


    Is there a way to link a rig that you create in browser mode to a performance that you create in perform mode, so that if you make a change to the rig the performance will automatically update with those changes. I assumed this would have been the way the Kemper would have done things by default, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Also, despite my search for this question already, I cannot seem to find this exact question in the forums.

    Heres a simple example of what I mean:

    You create RIG X in Browser mode. It's great, it's awesome, you love it, so you create a performance with RIG X in Perform mode. You load RIG X into slots 1-5, each one with some different effects... a few days later, you're toying around with RIG X in Browser mode again and make a few EQ tweaks. As far as I currently know, I would now have to manually go into my performance for RIG X and manually re-load RIG X into each slot to update my performance with the new EQ tweaks... However, what I want to do is simply make those EQ tweaks to RIG X in Browser mode and the have RIG X automatically update itself in my performance.

    Is this possible???

    My goal is to sell my Timeline and Bigsky and solely use Kemper, but I’m having trouble getting started. What are your favorite Delay or Reverb sounds and settings on Kemper?

    If there is already a thread for this, please let me know! I tried searching but couldn’t really find anything

    Having a little trouble explaining it in the title, but basically I have a hybrid set up for my effects, some are pedals and some are from the Kemper. All modulation effects are run through the Kemper, and then I run the stereo fx loop into my Timeline and BigSky. I run one cable out of my Kemper into my TL, then stereo into my BS and stereo back to my Kemper. However, I would really like my modulation effects to run in stereo as well. The problem is (as far as I know) I can only run mono out of my Kemper to start my FX loop.... is there any way to fix this?


    Got my KPA a few months back and fell in love. Of course, its not completely silent, but the buzz/hum/floor noise is certainly minimal, and really only appeared when using high gain profiles, and even then, the noise gate seems to take care of that with ease..... About a month ago, I moved into a new place, and ever since Ive been getting this gross buzz from my unit.

    Here is everything I know:

    - Every guitar I own buzzes... Gretsch Duo Jet, PRS Custom 24, and FenderAm Deluxe Strat (with noiseless pups). On my Strat, the bridge hum bucker is the noisiest, but all the pups have an awful buzz, that thing is usually SILENT, even with a tube amp.

    - I've tried changing outlets, power strips, rooms, and cables (both 1/4 inch, and power).

    - The buzz is present in my studio monitors, my 1964 in-ears, and when running through my Scarlett interface

    - The buzz seems to die down when I point my guitar in different directions, but I can't seem to isolate which direction makes it the quietest.

    - The buzz increases and decreases with different pedals, profiles and gain settings (which is expected)... BUT the buzz is still present, even when I turn all effects/profiles/cabinets/EQ off

    - I've tried playing with the ground lift buttons, to no avail

    - I have to turn the noise gate up to ~6.5 to make the buzz stop, but even then, the buzz is quite noticeable when I start playing. It it loud enough to distract my while playing clean tones.

    - I am going insane

    Please help me, Im all out of ideas. I feel like I have tried everything. I might just drive back to my parents house and plug it in to where I use to have it to see if it still buzzes, because Im fairly sure this only tarted when I moved into my new place.


    Hi -

    I currently have a T1m modded vp jr, which I very much like (even if the string is horrible). I want to use it as an expression pedal. I've read some articles about getting stereo Y-split TRS cables and hooking it up to the remote that way, but the articles I have read very clearly started that that method would only work with passive vp jrs, but mine has the active mod on it.

    Is there anything I can do to still use my vp jr as an expression pedal?

    Hi - Just purchased a Kemper a few weeks ago, and among other things, I was ecstatic to trade in my oversized pedal board for a nice Kemper remote. Though, I'm running into an odd issue that I can't quite figure out, or explain. The tones of the Kemper delay compared to my Timeline are fine by me, but I can't seem to get the mix/decay of the repeats to feel right.

    The specific sound I'm looking for has a pretty good mix for the first repeat, and then the repeats after that are still audible, but they decay fast enough that they get out of the way and eventually just kinda of mix into the reverb.

    I feel like (on my Kemper) whenever I get the volume of the first repeat just right, the following repeats are too loud. So I bring the decay down, but then there aren't enough repeats anymore. So I bring the decay back up and I bring the over all mix down, and the repeats are at the perfect volume, but the first repeat isn't loud enough an gets lost in the mix too quickly.

    It's like my delay preset has two parts: (1) my initial repeat, and (2) the trail of repeats after. When ever I get part 1 at the right volume, part 2 is too loud, and whenever I get part 2 at the right volume, part 1 is too quiet. I'm not looking for a massively loud first repeat, and then all the repeats after that to be super quiet, its just that the way the repeats decay in volume isn't vibing for me. It's gotten to the point where I'm tempted to set two delays on my Kemper and have the first just be one repeat at the volume I like and have the second be a trail at the volume I like...but that feels like overkill.

    I probably sound WAY too picky here, but there is just something about the mix/decay volume on my Timeline that I can't seem to replicate on my Kemper. Has anyone else noticed this, or had trouble dialing in their Kemper to match what they had going on their Timeline?