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    After installing properly and updating the OS through the USB stick. I want to thank Kemper for this wonderful piece of software. This editor is long awaited and you did not disappoint. Even as a Beta this is spectacular, The speed at which I was able to work this weekend was substantial. We took playful jabs at you guys in fun nevertheless we love your product and I wish I had gotten to it sooner. Thank you again.

    I am giddy like a school boy, Can't wait to get home and download. I connected my FX8 4cable method to my powered Kemper last night and working with the FX8 editor was awesome, I was wishing and wishing that Kemper would release soon... Thank you Kemper!!!!!

    I hear you, nevertheless I own two Kemper racks, unpowered in the studio and powered for shows... An editor was announce so even though there was never an intention before to produce one. That matters not, because they showed it off at NAMM and then we were told Summer, then we were told soon months ago... The frustration is warranted.

    So to summarize 115 pages of comments and many other editor threads over the years. What we know for sure:

    When the editor arrives, the net time it will save us and the convenience it will provide in our lives will be vastly exceeded by the hours we spent thinking, hoping, discussing, and arguing about it before it is actually released.

    totally worth it, just for the comedy factor

    Wow I left this thread on the 6th for vacation came bank with the hopes that it launch while was away... in my sadness i hear the immortal words of Jesse Jackson.. Keep hope alive

    I take a walk through leaves of fall

    thoughts of summer passed, promises lost.

    I dwell on moving past the strain,

    an editor in the summer refrain.

    The cost to me I cannot tell

    is it just to deep a watered well?

    Alas into the door I enter

    to sit with my Kemper and thoughts

    of winter. The winter of my discontent.

    some posts here are just frustration converted to meaningless jokes.. but do not aggregate on nothing..

    unfortunately this kind of post just blurs what can be useful for discussion here..

    expectation is the root of frustration... and we expected an editor during the summer.

    Had a head-scratcher with this too, for a second. Here's how to do it:

    1. In Rig Manager, expand "All Performances" and left-click on "MyProfiler"
    2. In the window (it probably has a list eg. "Example: Mars Amps"), right click wherever in the list and select "Create New Performance"
    3. Then you can give it some name
    4. Then decide which profiles you want to have in the performance
    5. Go back to the profiles list, and select a profile you want to use. Then copy it (Ctrl/Command+C, or alternatively: right-click -> copy)
    6. Go back to the All Performances list and left-click on the one you created
    7. On the right side, you will see some boxes. Click on one of them and paste to it (Ctrl/Command+V, or right-click -> paste)
    8. The profile you copied should now appear in the box
    9. Do the same steps for each profile you want to use in the Performance
    10. Then finally, you can also organise the order by dragging the boxes up/down

    Should work.

    needed that thanks