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    Hi mate

    I actually sold my kemper recently.

    Loved the unit for producing “recorded tones” but was constantly fighting to get that “amp in the room ” tone!

    I finally realised that only a valve amp will give you that, 3 dimensional , “amp in the room tone” NO digital modeller or profiler, can reproduce a valve amp tone (in the room)

    I stand by my initial assessment that the kemper produces awesome recorded tones and if your ears can get used to this then it is an incredible solution.

    For me , the difference in “feel” and lack of a “3 dimensional , amp in the room tone” finally became a deal breaker. I play live and I simply , couldn’t get used to hearing a “recorded” tone.

    I recently bought into the synergy system and o have never been more happy with my tone.

    Lastly , I do not think the kemper actually “profiles” amps. My gut feel is it works off generic algorithms for amp models, cabs and microphones.

    IN MY OPINION : Too many amp models sounded the “same” to my ears. I tried the kemper through FRFR and a guitar cab . I also tried loads of different profiles (direct and merged) - (paid and free) and I’m not sure this product , is any better than a helix or any other modeller. once again this is only MY OPINION. If it works for you - enjoy it.

    I’m simply not a digital guy and can now say , I have completely given up on digital, amp modelling products.

    I thank all of you for your help whilst I owned the kemper and I would like to wish all of you a healthy , happy life.

    I'm not sure. I believe Kemper Kone is made specifically to work with a proprietary Celestion speaker that they have been working on with Kemper. I'm not sure if it's identical to the FX12-X200 or just similar. The PowerTrain 50 uses a regular guitar 12" speaker (Eminence Red, White, and Blues) but the voicing of the power amp somehow makes it work. I briefly tried the X200 in one of my 3P cabinets and I couldn't pull it out quick enough. I see people using them with positive results but I have pretty much given up on 2-way speaker systems. I can always hear something fishy around the crossover point or in the high end of the horn.

    Ordered an f12 x200 and it sounded ok at low volumes but once I got it to rehearsal volumes it sounded dreadful. It’s going back tomorrow. Agreed I picked up some weird kind of phasing sound , especially on clean profiles.

    I have gone back to a 2x12 loaded creamback cab and my alto ts210.

    Next step on my kemper journey :

    I am now playing direct to the pa with my trusty alto ts210 , serving monitor duties. Guitar cab is in the garage.

    What a wonderful thing this is ! Let the valve purists stick with valves and the miking up faff. This is like Pandora’s box. Once you open it and start looking about , you keep finding treasures!

    The direct to foh process has transformed my rehearsals! . I have finally managed to transport all my gear, in just ONE trip!

    I’m no longer blowing my band mates out the room , with volume - in fact I asked my band if I was too loud (on Tuesday evening) and the bassist ASKED ME , TO TURN UP MY GUITAR!! In over 20 years of playing I have NEVER been asked to TURN UP! All I have heard is “turn down , you’re too loud! “

    FRFR is also improving my playing , as I’m now actually HEARING all the frequencies and subtle overtones of the notes. As many have pointed out previously it let’s you actually hear the true sound of the profile and importantly speakers! Speaker differences and IR’s need FRFR to shine!

    I have traditionally always just played vintage and classic rock , I’m now branching out into beautiful jazzy style rock, using subtle phrases and extended chords. I am enjoying playing clean as much as I enjoy playing with moderate gain !!

    I’ve JUST started messing about with impulse responses. I have found that The right IR’s make a big difference, with certain profiles. There were profiles that I had written off - the right IR has turned a couple of these into my favourites . I’m finding that messing about with IR’s can also serve as an eq tool. Profile too dark ? Rather than placing an eq block into the X blink - use a brighter mike and place closet to the speaker - it naturally make the profile a bit more mid orientated and pushes it forward in the mix.

    JUST the stereo thing to get my head around now !

    I’m going from the kemper outs (x2) using Xlrs to the desk.

    I’ve selected -12db output to the desk and that seems to make the signal , just right for our pa

    I’ve selected master stereo on the kemper Output

    Selected stereo for the monitor (the kemper instructed me to plug the monitor into the direct output for stereo) , which I did

    Now I’ just need to mess about with stereo delays and reverbs !!

    Any tips on using stereo (from you experienced FRFR guys ) would be welcome !

    Ps : bought the tone junkie dirty Shirley profile yesterday - the L6 with klon profile is hands down the best rock profile I have EVER played - feels and sounds like a real valve amp - In fact I would say it’s the best rock tone I have EVER achieved!!

    I have owned a LOT of amps in my time - so I do not say this glibly!

    Rock on my kemper brothers (and sisters)

    Wow !!

    I just set up my pa and plugged the kemper into the desk.

    At first I thought - “sounds dreadful” - so I recorded a loop -

    lowered the gain (a lot) of the particular profile, boosted the mids,

    added a touch of pure cabinet and WOW !


    This Sounds incredible ! The Fizziness disappears when you lose the excessive gain

    This was fantastic but I’ve got to say the game changer for me is the “pure cabinet” as it removes (or smooths out) those FRFR frequencies (which those of us who have always used guitar cabs) - are not used to And thus , dislike.

    This kemper is the gift that keeps on giving !! Guess who won’t be using a guitar cab from now onwards ?

    Hey bud

    I think it’s best to do this yourself tbh. Look up online what amp and pedals the band used - for that particular song - album

    Audition amp Profiles and load the final choice into the kemper.

    Adjust gain and eq to suit whilst listening to the original song (useful tip here - change the kemper looper to (pre - loop) / record a riff and then let it play

    As the lip plays add effects and adjust their parameters as the loop plays) - a lot of websites will actually tell you pedal settings - for example delay settings - use these as a starting point.

    You’ll learn a lot more about the kemper and different amp profiles , you’ll ,train your ear and I guarantee you’ll have more fun doing it.

    I’ve tried those tone matching apps thingies in the past and i never find them as good as doing my own research and trusting my own ear

    Hope that helps , best of luck


    Cheers mate - yes you are right - I keep finding a sound I think is “the one “ amd then find another one that is even better ! Loving the tms profiles - they work well with my rig ! Funnily enough i owned an orange rockerverb (Mark 3 - 50 watt head ) and could never get it to sound the way I wanted it to. Just tried the TMS shockerverb profile and just LOVE IT ! I prefer the profile to the real amp !

    Tried at volume last night and some profiles excelled whilst others were just ok (to be expected as when you are playing with a band you have to adjust in that setting)

    I now need to embark upon

    1) “matching rig volumes - I’ll get doing my research and manual referencing this evening.

    2) work on making My profiles a little more “present” to sit in the mix better - I don’t want to have to increase volumes to silly levels, to be heard as We rehearse in a small room!

    3) ways of fattening up my lead sound (we are a trio) and I’m finding my lead can sound a little thin , by itself.

    Loving the sound of the :

    Top jimi dumble pack:

    (perfect sound for teenage kicks!)

    Bluesbreaker (brownie with ocd and ts9 ) - free on rig exchange - (great sound for blues rock and “good times bad times - by zep)

    Jcm800 (m Britt and rig exchange ones) - for overall Marshalm crunchiness

    Overall , couldn’t be more happy with my simplistic set up and the tones I’m achieving. My band are loving the tones as well!