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    When you click 'backup' it gives you a window/dialog where to save the backup file. At least on pc it does. Where the actual content is - i don't know. But the backup files are pretty small and have all of your 'stuff.' Its pretty cool that we can do this - makes having multiple kempers or multiple computers way easier.

    Ahhhh, I missed where you said 'Backup'. Yes, that I'm aware of, I errantly thought you meant the main library.

    I get Rigmanager to save its backup into a folder on dropbox (on my dektop pc). When I use the laptop in my rack - I let dropbox update for a minute, then load the backup from dropbox. Doesn't take long to do..

    How do you change where Rig Manager saves its content?

    I ended up creating a symlink using terminal to icloud drive (I'm on Macs) works like a charm....

    Both of my computers are Macs so I had to alter the process just a little but it appears to work! i tried a few options in RM on one computer, then launched RM on the other (and vice versa) and each time it reflected the changes - so problem solved, it appears!

    Now...too bad they don't release a mobile version of RM that I can connect to the online directory - that'd be the best of both worlds LOL!!!!

    I have a Power Rack and an unpowered Toaster. The rack lives in my band's gear truck, the toaster is at home with me (and used for rare fly dates). I've generally used RM on my Desktop Mac to work with my Kempers but recently got a new laptop and would like to be able to use that when I'm on the road to work with the power rack.

    Is there a way to keep Rig Manager content sync'd with RM on both computers? Currently the only way I know is to make whatever changes I make (adding new purchased profiles, transferring settings from my gig rig to my home rig, etc) on one computer, then duplicate those changes on the other computer. I'm hoping to be able to keep everything in sync so that if I take my laptop out with me on the road, it's loaded with the same content as RM on my Desktop.

    Has anyone devised a way to make this possible? I've thought it might be a great idea if I could change RM's default storage location to a cloud-sync'd folder (on iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive, for example (so that when the content is changed on one computer it'll automatically download to the other. Apparently, though, Rig Manager doesn't include the ability to choose what location to store my content so this won't work.

    Anyone got any ideas, other than doing it manually & trying to not forget to do so?

    Thanks in advance!

    I currently use both a desktop and laptop Mac to manage my Kempers, Desktop at home and Laptop when on the go.

    I'd hoped to be able to change the save location for the Local Library storage - since Kemper profiles are such small files, seems like they'd be a perfect candidate for cloud storage, or at least a local folder that's sync'd to a cloud solution so that users with more than one computer can keep the libraries on both computers sync'd.

    As a Mac user, being able to sync my local library to iCloud would make it really easy to keep the libraries on multiple computers in sync. Add new amp profiles/sounds/performances to, say, one's desktop computer, have them automatically available on all their computers.

    To take it a step farther, the ability to work with Kempers via mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc) with RM content sync'd in the cloud would be even more helpful!

    Hi All,

    I have some road gigs coming up where I will be wanting to take advantage of some downtime by doing a bit of recording. I use a 2019 MacBook Pro which has 4 USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports only. I do also have a little hub thingie that uses two of these ports and gives me 3 USB-A ports as well as a USB-C and SD Card slot.

    At home I connect my Kemper via S-PDIF to my Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface. Clearly I don't want to take that or any other interface on the road with me if I can avoid it. A super brief Google search revealed that there appears to be several fairly inexpensive S-PDIF to USB devices on the market so I'm wondering if one of these would suffice for me to get my stereo signal from the Kemper into my DAW.

    Does anyone have any experience with this, or possibly another way to do this without the need to carry an interface? Some of these gigs will be fly dates (including some time in Hawaii with several days/nights of downtime) so the less I have to take with me the better.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    I've only been a Kemper user since April but have used profiles by quite a few people. Among my favorites have been, of course, Michael Britt's stuff, Top Jimi's VH pack, a bunch of Nick K's stuff, etc. I've liked some Tone Junkies stuff but never thought it was great, until recently. I don't know what he's changed, but here lately everything new I grab from them is fan-freaking-tastic! the 62 Princeton, 63 Trem-Luxe (this one surprised me), Dirty Surly, all of those seem to be hitting this 'amp-like' tone and feel out of the park.. The real killer, though, for me is the Stu G's Arshall' pack. Unchanged they're a bit dark for me but once I dial up the Definition a little, to me, it's absolute perfect Marshall tone!

    So mad props to HW & whoever else is involved with making these killer profiles! Yes, I know there are newer ones. Yes I've bought 'em - you need to slow down a bit, gimme time to recoup some money in my bank account LOL!!!!

    Personally I've found the same thing - so many profiles I download or buy sound a bit dull and lifeless to my ears. Recently I experienced this with the Tone Junkies 'Stu G's Arshall' profiles....until I turned up the definition a bit - then Holy Mary Mother of God!!!!!!! By default the Definition was 5 point something. I brought it up to 7.5 and immediately had the best Marshall tone I've ever heard come out of this lil bugger! Previously I had been using profiles I made myself of my Marshalls and thought those were great. Pffffffft, a week and a half later and they're not even on my Kemper anymore LOL!!!!! (they ARE backed up though ;-)

    So since then I've gone back and re-explored a bunch of the other packs I've downloaded and, for the most part, bringing up the definition brings life into profiles I thought were crappy.

    My main guitar is a Strat I parts'ed together myself and tends to be a little dark. It has some serious mojo though & the darkness seems to add to that.

    I’ve seen this reported by PC users too. Mainly laptop users.

    I’m on Mac and have had my KPA connected for years without any problems. But I’m using a desktop so my guess is that it have something with the shutdown of the USB buss when the computer goes to sleep that the KPA can’t handle.

    This might be different depending on both the computer model and operating systems. And I’ve seen some user reporting similar problems that been solved by changing usb cables or usb hubs.

    I'm on a Desktop Mac as well, no laptop. I do have an issue with my USB hub (oddly enough it was using the Kemper with it that alerted me to the issue LOL) so I now connect it directly to my Mac, not the hub. But the issue happens, of course, when the Mac goes to sleep but I've also had it happen without the computer sleeping. Until there's a fix the only workaround I can find is to disconnect the USB cable when not using Rig Manager. Not sure why they won't just fix this, it couldn't be that huge a fix could it?

    That said, though, that's small potatoes when compared with the plethora of amazing tones the KPA allows so not that much of a biggie...

    I run my in ears from the Headphone output because I like having the 'space' effect in my ears - running from the monitor outs I don't get that.

    I would like to be able to set a base output EQ for the headphone out separate from the EQ I'm sending to FOH. Seems like this'd be an easy add.