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    How common is it for Kemper users to have 2 (or more) KPAs? Because most of my time my KPA rack is at the front of the band's gear truck and hard to get to, I've been thinking about ordering another (this time the non powered toaster) to have here at the house, for pick up gigs, fly dates, etc. Last night I basically said WTF and ordered it.

    I think I'm a Kemper Junkie LOL!!!

    In case anyone's interested I just uploaded a couple of my profiled rigs up to the exchange.

    The rigs are called:

    SS Sweet Deluxe

    SS Gnarly Deluxe

    Both are based on my Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb that I've modified by swapping out the V-Type speaker with a Celestion G12-65 from 1979 (originally from a Marshall 4x12. The amp is 8ohms, the speaker is 16 (well 15ohms according to the label as old Celestions sometimes were).

    Before buying my KPA this Deluxe was my main rig. It worked great as a platform to create quite a few sounds. For drive tones I had a few different pedals. Over my time using it I found those pedals sounded better when pushing the amp a bit. The problem was when I'd kick them off the clean level of the amp (which I need A LOT with my current band) was waaaay low. To remedy this I set the output on my MXR Dynacomp all the way up with the compression a hair above 9 o'clock. This setting also served to thicken the clean sound considerably.

    I now use a Dynacomp with my KPA & the profile reacts exactly as the actual amp does. I tried to dial in the same sound and effect using the KPA's comps and got really close, but by the time I did, I'd already ordered a power supply for the pedalboard so I could run my Crybaby Classic in front, so I just run the Dynacomp as well.

    Sweet Deluxe is the amp pretty clean, on the classic channel with the volume at 3.

    Gnarly Deluxe is the exact same setting but with a Lovepedal Super Six (w/Stevie Mod), with a fairly low drive setting, in front.

    If you have a comparable comp try putting it in front of these rigs. Without that compression and boost they'll probably sound a bit anemic. For the Sweet Deluxe rig you can get close by setting the Stack compressor to around 6 (if I remember correctly). I wasn't able to get what I was looking for with the stomp comp. I'm not sure how that would work for the Gnarly Deluxe sound as it really depends on the level boost from the comp for some of its drive.

    Also both pedals have some morph settings - Sweet Deluxe gets a little louder and the tone changes a little. On Gnarly Deluxe, the amp gain is increased, perhaps some other parameters, I don't recall.

    Anyhow, I've been using these now for several weeks on my gigs and they're working great! I'm looking forward to seeing how they work for others as well.

    Noisenet, gave your profile a go and man this thing rips and sings. Awesome for 80's leads! Spent an hour ripping it up, with my Les Paul , it was great. I just adjusted the delay and reverb to taste, turned the noise gate down to 2.5.

    Great profile, thanks for sharing!

    Since uploading I also dropped down the delay and gate LOL!!!!! Had a few beers when tweaking those the other night, got a little happy with the delay hahahahaa...

    Thanks for checking it out!

    I've posted a bit about some of the profiles I've been making with my KPA & had a few people ask if I'd make 'em public. I put one of them up last night & would love to get some feedback - it's a high gain old school 80's rock lead tone that also works well for heavy rhythms by turning off the studio EQ. Additionally morphing will add even more gain for a shred friendly lead tone.

    You can find it in the Rig Exchange under the name SS JMP-1 Lead

    I'm curious what opinions are and ideas for improving it as well.

    This past Saturday I was asked to do a one off fill in with a band who'd been a big Southeastern US regional act in the 80's. They do reunion gigs once in a while - just so happens this particular gig, their guitarist couldn't do it, so I was asked. The gig was in fairly large outdoor park opening for Styx. Giant national act sized stage, killer PA and lights, the whole schmeel.

    During soundcheck, while checking my guitar I pulled out my IEMs and nearly crapped my pants - it was the biggest guitar tone I'd ever heard - I couldn't believe it was mine!

    Unfortunately it was only a 45 minute set - I say unfortunately but truth is I forgot that I'm a 49 year old outta shape dude so I was carrying on like I did when I was 22 and touring the metal circuit LOL!!! Another 45 mins and I'd prolly be dead :-o

    Gotta lay off them burgers and beer LOL!!!!!!

    Anyhow, afterwards our soundman, with whom I've worked every gig for the last 5 1/2 years, told me that was easily the best and biggest my guitar had ever sounded. That includes nearly 4 years using Marshalls modified by Voodoo Amps with my custom modifications, which are some of Voodoo's more popular mods (I ran across one at Summer NAMM, of all places, a couple years ago).

    During the brief time I was hanging around out front I had several people stop me and comment on my guitar sound, some saying it blew away what they were hearing from Tommy Shaw's Bogner Shivas. In all fairness, those Bogners sound incredible but their soundman wasn't doing them any favors. Tommy does have 2 Kempers in his rack but they're currently being used for backup :-(>

    The next night was a private party gig in a beach bar not much bigger than a large living room LOL. It's a party we play every year and soundwise, it's a nightmare. All concrete and glass. This time, for me, was different because I'm running a KPA and IEMs, I heard EXACTLY the same tones both nights. As someone who's gigged for a living for roughly the last 30 years, that's truly a revelation for me!

    I was looking for a good 2 button footswitch to add to the functionality of my KPA and Remote. I had been using a Marshall 2 button amp switch but the buttons are latching, kinda confusing trying to remember where in the '2-on then 2-off' cycle I was when in the heat of performance LOL!!!!

    I grabbed a Boss FS-6 without realizing that it requires a battery - not even an option for plugging into the power supply on my pedalboard (at least not without a kludgy workaround). Unfortunately it had already been velcroed to my board (though the non removable rubber backing on the bottom is resistant to adhesive - WTF Boss?) and used for a gig - just so happens the gig was at a tiny little bar right on the ocean so my few steps on the pedal were from sandy shoes, which caused tiny little scratches, pretty much negating my option to return it for a refund :-/

    So I was looking on Reverb for a two button option that doesn't require power and ran across this - it's a 4 button switch, the guy markets them precisely to Kemper users. 4 momentary switches, 2 trs jacks. $59. It appears the top buttons are mounted such that they're a little higher than the bottom row, lessening the chance of an errant tap on the bottom row when going for the top row.

    I ordered one, it got here today, works just as advertised. Great solution for adding more control buttons.…per-amp-and-other-effects

    I went to check this out, there doesn't seem to be a difference in speed relative to tapping tempo.

    After doing this I switched to another setting via the Remote - lo and behold, the sound switched to the one I'd switched to, but the remote kinda shut down, and the display on the KPA didn't change. I hit a few buttons, nothing. The thing dun froze up on me. I switched it off, after a few seconds it just powered down, no shut down routine. I turned it back on, seems to have booted up fine.

    I guess all the tinkerin' and tweakin' I've been doing tonight got it kinda frazzled. This has happened before, hope it's not something that'll happen live.

    Another versatile use for Morph is adding Delay Mix and Feedback, and using tap tempo so the rig will work with multiple songs.

    I do that too LOL!!! In fact, I JUST set up a morph so that when I hit the button the delay morphs to something similar to EVHs SDE3000 setting. Sorta. A one off I have coming up has one song where there's some slow whammy bar bending and diving with heavy delay going on. I don't use a whammy but can fake it well enough with enough delay LOL!!!! I don't really wanna have to switch to another performance for that one thing (all 5 slots are full) so Morph to the rescue!

    What I was getting with the really really saturated tones I was trying to profile was a situation where the mods were way off, leading it to almost sound as if there was a wah cocked somewhere in its position sweep (there wasn’t, of course). It only happened on sounds that used the JMP-1’S OD2 drive, and only when running through the cab with WHS Veteran 30s and HM75s. When I switched cabs it stopped happening...of course I also lowered the gain a little so I’m sure that had more to do with the result than the different speaker cab.


    I can confirm that I also have experienced the phenomenon that refining fucked up an otherwise great profile.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with an e906 (I'm using one myself), but why not have another go at it with your first mic combination and without refining?

    In most cases refining isn’t necessary anyway.

    Actually this time around I saved both refined and unrefined, so I could go back with fresh ears. At least for these sounds, refined won out each time. As for the ones where it just didn’t work, I’ve no real interest in those sounds through that speaker cab. The same sounds (with gain dialed back to a more sensible yet still shreddy friendly level) through the cab with the G12-65s is exactly what I’ve been looking for, so it’s a win!

    Are you using Morph for boosts as well? Gives you 5 more sounds within a performance.

    I find this really useful on top of the main sounds for added umpf.

    All I do is add a bit more volume, gain and treble for a bit of cut and allocate it to my main rhythm slots, set to instant change....I can click in to get riffs to stand out a bit more ( I'm in a dual guitar band). On my solo slot I have morph to add more reverb and delay for the slower solo sections...

    I am using morphing fairly extensively. I use it on my clean channel to go between a smooth tone for more funky scratching type stuff and a brighter, more thin ‘Sweet home Alabama’ type thing. For my lead channel I use it to go from moderate drive for lower key lead stuff to more over the top drive for that type of thing. I use it on a couple other channels for various things as well... really a super useful feature!