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    It has just frozen again a moment ago. This time the remote went off completely and the KPA froze in tuner mode. Still connected to Mac but with RM closed but this time the Mac wasn't in screen saver/sleep mode.

    There seems to be something strange going on with the current OS as I haven't had a freeze for many months until recently. I guess it's time to email support.

    I've had a couple freezes lately, same thing - connected to my Mac via USB but withOUT Rig Manager being open.

    what is easier way for the user to tweek this inside a rig? Add a disable tap tempo soft button for the modulation effect? Is this simple or hard to build?

    I second this - most of the time I don't want my phaser, chorus, Flanger or Tremolo to sync with my tap tempo. I prefer to leave those set to a static speed but still be able to tap the tempo for my delay. Never seen a piece of gear, other than the Kemper, where this isn't possible.

    The compression control inside the Amp module provides an additional option for you.

    When I first got my KPA I tried and tried and tried to emulate what I get from a cheap little MXR Dynacomp running into my Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp. I finally gave up and, because I also couldn't get quite the right sound from the included Wah pedals, ordered a little power supply so I could have those, and my old X2 Digital Wireless out on my pedalboard along with the Remote.

    While I was waiting on that PS to arrive someone suggested I try the compressor in the Amp block and, wouldn't you know it, I was able to get extremely close to the MXR using that.

    In the end though I still put the MXR on my board, I like having it there to throw in whenever I want it there with whatever sound without having to have it programmed in....

    You don't have to delete the older rigs from the Browse Pool to do this. They have older dates than the newer Rigs you would be importing into the Browse Pool.


    When I began with the Kemper a couple months ago I made the mistake of using Rig Manager almost exclusively for setting up all my performances as well as getting around in browse mode, so most operations, other than tweaking, on the unit itself is still a little new to me. I'm trying to eschew RM as much as possible so I can better train myself, LOL. As such, looking at the datestamp, etc, didn't even occur to me. Thank you!

    Hey man, tnx i appreciate it! As i said many times before, i started profiling for my own needs and i turned out i have the same taste in sound like many guys out there.

    I wish i had more time to make video tutorials about some stuff, but lately i dont even have time to play guitar except when gigging so... :)

    Tnx again!

    One thing I noticed about your profiles right away is you're using the gear that, IMHO should be used when recording these amps. 421, 57, the occasional 160. Marshall and Boogie 4x12s. As great as some of these other profilers are, what their hard rock amp profiles seem to lack are those qualities that make the aforementioned gear so instrumental in so many guitar recordings over the decades. This is what led me to go out on a limb and buy your profiles. Well, perhaps the video and audio clips mighta helped a little ;-)

    Thank you also for pricing them so fairly.

    Really great job! I look forward to more down the road.

    You can do that already. Just drag the files you want to an USB stick and import them with your Profiler.

    Ok, so to be sure I have this right - say I've been making some changes to the rigs loaded in slots 2 and 3 of performance 1 and wanted to transfer them to my other Kemper, which isn't here with me at the moment.

    I would first export the rigs of slot 2 and 3 to the browse pool, then switch to Browse mode and, after selecting each rig, use the export option in the External Storage menu to send them to the thumb drive.

    Then once I'm at my other Kemper, first delete those rigs (with the same name but not edited) from the browse pool, then import them from the thumb drive, then switch to performance mode and switch to the edited versions of the rigs, save the performance and voila?

    I ran across your stuff last night after seeing a video you did demonstrating how you tweak one of your Mark IV profiles. Bought a few packs this afternoon & I gotta say man, these might be the best, most lifelike Marshall and Boogie tones I've heard on any Kemper - I'm seriously impressed. Great job!


    I own two KPA units, a powered rack and an unpowered toaster. I use the rack for the vast majority of my gigs so it generally lives in the band's gear truck, which is why I bought the toaster, so I'd always have one here at home with me as well for infrequent fly dates, pick up gigs, etc.

    I started with the home unit by just restoring from a backup I'd made from the powered rack (my main Kemper). What I'd like is the ability to just export select rigs, patches, etc that I've worked on on my home Kemper to a thumb drive, then when I get to my gig Kemper, just load those specific rigs/patches/slots/newperformances/ etc. I don't have a laptop, just my trusty iMac at home, so loading individual rigs that way isn't an option when the main KPA isn't here at home.

    The way it is now the only way I've found to do it is to do a full backup and restore cycle - this is a bit clumsy as a solution and seems like overkill to overwrite the entire memory when just a small change or a bunch of small changes. It would be a lot more user friendly to have a soft button to import rigs, select which slot in which performance or which performance number to create/import to.

    How common is it for Kemper users to have 2 (or more) KPAs? Because most of my time my KPA rack is at the front of the band's gear truck and hard to get to, I've been thinking about ordering another (this time the non powered toaster) to have here at the house, for pick up gigs, fly dates, etc. Last night I basically said WTF and ordered it.

    I think I'm a Kemper Junkie LOL!!!

    In case anyone's interested I just uploaded a couple of my profiled rigs up to the exchange.

    The rigs are called:

    SS Sweet Deluxe

    SS Gnarly Deluxe

    Both are based on my Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb that I've modified by swapping out the V-Type speaker with a Celestion G12-65 from 1979 (originally from a Marshall 4x12. The amp is 8ohms, the speaker is 16 (well 15ohms according to the label as old Celestions sometimes were).

    Before buying my KPA this Deluxe was my main rig. It worked great as a platform to create quite a few sounds. For drive tones I had a few different pedals. Over my time using it I found those pedals sounded better when pushing the amp a bit. The problem was when I'd kick them off the clean level of the amp (which I need A LOT with my current band) was waaaay low. To remedy this I set the output on my MXR Dynacomp all the way up with the compression a hair above 9 o'clock. This setting also served to thicken the clean sound considerably.

    I now use a Dynacomp with my KPA & the profile reacts exactly as the actual amp does. I tried to dial in the same sound and effect using the KPA's comps and got really close, but by the time I did, I'd already ordered a power supply for the pedalboard so I could run my Crybaby Classic in front, so I just run the Dynacomp as well.

    Sweet Deluxe is the amp pretty clean, on the classic channel with the volume at 3.

    Gnarly Deluxe is the exact same setting but with a Lovepedal Super Six (w/Stevie Mod), with a fairly low drive setting, in front.

    If you have a comparable comp try putting it in front of these rigs. Without that compression and boost they'll probably sound a bit anemic. For the Sweet Deluxe rig you can get close by setting the Stack compressor to around 6 (if I remember correctly). I wasn't able to get what I was looking for with the stomp comp. I'm not sure how that would work for the Gnarly Deluxe sound as it really depends on the level boost from the comp for some of its drive.

    Also both pedals have some morph settings - Sweet Deluxe gets a little louder and the tone changes a little. On Gnarly Deluxe, the amp gain is increased, perhaps some other parameters, I don't recall.

    Anyhow, I've been using these now for several weeks on my gigs and they're working great! I'm looking forward to seeing how they work for others as well.

    Noisenet, gave your profile a go and man this thing rips and sings. Awesome for 80's leads! Spent an hour ripping it up, with my Les Paul , it was great. I just adjusted the delay and reverb to taste, turned the noise gate down to 2.5.

    Great profile, thanks for sharing!

    Since uploading I also dropped down the delay and gate LOL!!!!! Had a few beers when tweaking those the other night, got a little happy with the delay hahahahaa...

    Thanks for checking it out!

    I've posted a bit about some of the profiles I've been making with my KPA & had a few people ask if I'd make 'em public. I put one of them up last night & would love to get some feedback - it's a high gain old school 80's rock lead tone that also works well for heavy rhythms by turning off the studio EQ. Additionally morphing will add even more gain for a shred friendly lead tone.

    You can find it in the Rig Exchange under the name SS JMP-1 Lead

    I'm curious what opinions are and ideas for improving it as well.